Dr. Clay Siegall Posts about Terrelle and Medical Breakthroughs on His Official Blog

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Clay Siegall is the present Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. Recently, he blogged about Terrelle Pryor, a wide receiver (American Football). His March 7, 2017, post states that football giants like Eagles, Forty-Niners, Titans, and Steelers were portraying interest in the player. This is because Terrelle had impressive scores in his first year as a wide receiver with 77 catches (1,007 yards).

Siegall’s post on the National Public Radio reported that Medical Breakthroughs usually do not prove out. Besides, the study found out that just approximately 50% of the medical findings, which were drafted in the 199 English-language newspapers, held up when they were tested in further studies. This problem is partly brought about by journalists who usually focus on the unexpected and new findings, which medical journals happily promote.

Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, PhD., co-founded Seattle Genetics Company in 1998. Today, he serves as the company’s President and CEO. As a prominent scientist on besieged cancer therapies, he constructed Seattle Genetics taking into account rigorous research, drug development practices, and scientific innovation. Moreover, he has led the company to its current position in advancing ADCs for the treatment of cancer.

Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has engaged in various strategic licenses including AbbVie, Roche, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline for its ADC research. These licenses have generated over 350 million US dollars to date. He has also led the company in capital-raising activities, which made over 1.2 billion US dollars through private and public financings.

Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years from 1991. Moreover, he is helping on the Boards of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Siegall studied his degree in Bachelor of Science (Zoology) at the University of Maryland. After his first degree, he joined The George Washington University to study for his Ph.D. in Genetics.

In January 2013, Mirna Technologies announced on their blog that Dr. Siegall is the newest member of their Board of Directors. Dr. Siegall is well known in the field of science, because of the significant advancements he and his Seattle Genetics team have made in their research on cancer treatment. As a result, Mirna Technologies said that they looked forward to collaborating with Dr. Siegall.


Tammy Mazzocco Has Her Story To Tell

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Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate agent in Central Ohio who has done very well. Her story is not that remarkable in that she has not done anything particularly unusual except that she loves what she does and works hard at it.


She did not receive any favors particularly, except she did have some very good mentors along the way. She did take advantage of the knowledge and helpful advice that she was given and worked diligently at her craft. Tammy loves people and gives them the benefit of the doubt while she educates them about the real estate they are considering buying.


Tammy Mazzocco is smart and genuine. You will not find a more caring person when it comes to working with her clients. She sets aside all selfish motives such as how much commissions she will receive for sale, as she is too busy accommodating the needs and wishes of her clients. Because of this attitude she has, she can sell lots of real estate.


This is the real story that many people have the opportunity to excel by simply working hard and sticking with it, but we live in an age where many are walking around wanting a handout. Not so with Tammy Mazzocco, as she realized early on that working hard every day and staying with her passion for what she does is the secret to her success.


One of her traits that she likes to point to when asked how she does this every day is “Don’t take yourself so seriously, live without fear of failure, and don’t settle.” Another gem is that she will block out things that she doesn’t like to do, like cold calling prospects, for a certain time of day, then gets them done and moves on. That leaves the rest of the day for what she likes – working with people on appointments to show them houses.


This is great advice for all of us. Don’t get bored, get busy. http://www.tammymazz.com/featured-searches/rentals/

George Street Photo and Video: Experts in Art

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George Street Photo and Video are experts in their trade, providing wedding shoots at a lower cost than many competitors and founded by artists with a passion for creativity. With over 10 years of experience, George Street Photo and Video has grown into large business model stretching over 40 U.S. cities. In major cities such as Philadelphia and New York, George Street Photo and Video is the ideal group of experts to go to for all of your visual needs. New York is the most iconic city in the United States, providing wedding goers a truly unique and aesthetically pleasing experience. Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the country, giving those interested a wedding that alines with the American tradition of having their dreams fulfilled. Weddings are one of the most important events of a lifetime, George Street is able to make even more special.

Whitney Wolfe Is Not Afraid Of Taking The Risk

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Whitney Wolfe is young and creative. She has proclaimed herself to be a feminist that is trying to give women a better dating experience through apps. She has shown people that she has the desire to do something different, and this was a big step to take.

Many people that were in her shoes may not have done what Whitney Wolfe decided to do. She left Tinder, an app that she co-founded, and moved away from the technology mecca of New York. California was also a distant memory. She almost put herself completely off the radar by starting a company in Texas called Bumble.

Read more on Forbes.

This was a risky thing to do because she departed from what was the norm for companies that were designed for dating apps. Geographically, Bumble was on a dating app island. Whitney Wolfe went to college in Texas, and she loved the time she spent there. She felt like this would be a natural place for her to realign herself with her goals to create the ideal dating app for women.

When she created Bumble, an app that puts women in place to start conversations, it was evident that she was someone that was not afraid to fail. This app could have gone sour if men decided that they did not want to participate. Fortunately, this was something that men took enjoyment in. Men know that when the women respond to messages that they are actually interested. It is like a rite of passage because he has made it past the screening round of the dating process.

Whitney Wolfe could have pitched this idea earlier in life, but it appears that this was a secret weapon that she held onto. She decided to take the solo route and create her own company from her own perspective.

Visit http://austin.culturemap.com/news/innovation/09-27-16-top-texans-under-30-whitney-wolfe-bumble-profile/.

Omar Boraie Helping Put Smile to Cancer Patients

Cancer Research Institute

Cancer is becoming one of the most common diseases that is affecting people from all walks of life. Everybody is affected, and its effects are devastating especially to the friends and family of the individual suffering from it. Hospitals and research centers are working their socks off to come up with a cancer cure.

The research for getting cancer treatment is overly expensive and mainly relies on donors to assist in the funding. Many donors are setting up cancer foundations to help research or offer care to cancer patients. Philanthropy has been vital in helping the cancer patients who cannot afford the expensive cancer treatment like chemotherapy.

Omar Boraie is a philanthropist who is all about humanity. He has been at the forefront of funding cancer research in educational institutions. It’s hard to come by people who are in charity work like Omar. Mr Boraie has been one of the major funders of groundbreaking cancer research being carried out by Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

According to Patch.com, the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science got recently established. These chairs represent the person commitment to an academic discipline by spurring it to the highest level. Mr Boraie, a New Brunswick developer, made a pledge of $1.5 as part of 18 chair challenge aimed at getting funding from donors.

The field of Genomic Science is working on transforming the medical professional’s approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Research is done to come up with the best analysis and treatment of cancer to get the best outcome when treating it. The government has been of full support to similar approach a sentiment that was taken up by President Obama during the launch of a national precision medicine initiative. The initiative is all about getting a cure for cancer and other diseases.

Several facilities have been researching on next-generation gene sequencing on cancer research. However, Rutgers Cancer Institute was one of the Pioneer centers to dwell into genomic sequencing. The study allows the physician to diagnose the cancer type precisely.

Genomic sequencing approach to cancer treatment has been very helpful for patients with rare cancer type, those who had a poor prognosis and those whose treatment options had been limited or ineffective.

The sky will be the limit for the organization with more funding from people like Omar Boraie. Contributing to a good cause is always a welcome especially helping people with terminal illness.


Jason Halpern’s Exciting Topping Off Project of the Aloft South Beach


On 15th September 2014, the Principal of JMH Development, Jason Halpern, announced the Aloft South Beach topping-off project. He expressed not only his excitement about the project but also everyone else’s, stating that topping off of the 235 room hotel marks a significant milestone for the construction process. He further said that this juncture signaled the launch of the next phase of the project leading to its completion.


Aloft South Beach hotel, situated in the center of Miami Beach, will comprise of 235 rooms. It is scheduled to open its doors early in the year 2015. The project involves the remolding of the old Motel Ankara, and it will be inclusive of an eight-story tower. It would be handled by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development. The construction part of the project is under Plaza Construction who will work, hand in hand, with the project’s architect, ADD, Inc.


A New Hotel Experience

Aloft South Beach will have a competitive advantage over its competitors since it will offer larger rooms compared to other neighboring hotels. Built just a block away from the Miami Beach itself, the hotel has a waterfront access point to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast which wraps around it. The Aloft South Beach has been strategically placed, just minutes away from numerous restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

The features offered by the Aloft Miami Beach hotel include a 24-hour fitness center, an outdoor pool, a roof deck, and 2,349 square feet designated for social gatherings and meetings. The hotel will offer live entertainment; this will be facilitated by the W XYZ bars, a feature of the Aloft Hotels Programming.

About JMH Development

JMH Development focuses solely on providing real estate options. It owns vast commercial and residential assets across the United States. The JMH family prides themselves on their experience with real estate development and their modern style approach in creating distinct luxury properties. The real estate company has a professional team who make sure that the development process – strategy, building design, construction process, and marketing – is done to achieve top-notch standards in both hospitality and residential property segments.


Jason Halpern

Halpern is the current Managing Partner and Founder of JMH Development. His competitive edge lies not only in his passion but also the strategic niche in which he identifies and specializes. He specializes in developing and restoring historic structures to preserve their magnificence. Halpern is a passionate leader who inspires everybody on his team to give their best in every project. His philanthropic endeavors have seen him allot his time towards the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center situated in Westchester. The trauma center is well equipped and offers emergency neurosurgery, open-heart surgery as well as orthopedic surgery.


Adam Milstein: How To Succeed In Real Estate


Do not let anything fall between the cracks – that is what Adam Milstein would tell you. These and among other wise epithets are the things that have shaped him in a career in real estate and a life of philanthropy and love.

Who is Adam Milstein?

Adam Milstein was born in Israel where he spent his formative years. He served as a soldier and later on joined his father in the business of real estate and construction development. He was married in 1974 and got his degree in Bachelors of Science in 1978. He arrived in the U.S.A in 1981 and he earned an MBA from the University of South Californiain 1983. He is currently the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties.

In an exclusive interview with Ideamensch, Adams Milstein opened up about the values that have shaped him so far. Top of these is the ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude that he has based his work ethics. When he wanted to start out, he realized that the people who gave him opportunities in life did not really appreciate what he had to offer them. He decided to go at it himself and became a sales agent. After just three successful years as a broker, he decided it was time to become an investor in real estate ad he has not looked back since.

Milstein denies there being any routine to the business of real estate, there is only what is possible. Business is a day to day activity, and while it is fulfilling, it requires a person to do more to be truly satisfied. Milstein derives his satisfaction from philanthropy. In fact, most of the values that have made him such a successful real estate investor have driven him in his works of philanthropy. He is a co-founder and the national chairman of Israeli- American foundation among other charity foundations.

Adam Milstein inspires many and he is a true beacon of our society. He is proof that economic fulfilment is not enough. You also has to give back and care for those that surround them.

The Service of Helane Morrison as a SEC District Chief

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Helane Morrison is a well-known attorney in San Francisco. She has spent her entire career in the city and has served the government as well as the private sector. Morrison acquired her higher education at the Northwestern University and the University of California, where she was awarded degrees in journalism and law respectively. She spent most of her career working with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Helane joined the organization in 1996 and was posted to serve the San Francisco District. She is a confident, diligent, and brilliant individual, and therefore, she managed to hold top positions at the SEC. One of them is being San Francisco’s enforcement director. She ensured that companies were compliant and enforced the law against corrupt officials of New York’s Republic Securities, NextCard, Inc, Hewlett-Packard, and Dean Witter. Her work was outstanding, and the SEC appointed her as head of the San Francisco District.


Morrison’s positions offered her authority over the examination and enforcement actions that the SEC conducted in the North Western States. The jurisdiction of her office covered North California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Nevada, and Alaska. The San Francisco District Office is in the Pacific Region, which is headquartered in Los Angeles. Helane succeeded the office from David Bayles who moved to the Morrison & Foerster law company to serve as a partner.


Very few female attorneys can match Helane Morrison’s accomplishments. Other women who have served the SEC as chiefs of various districts are Valerie Capron, Carmen Lawrence, and Mary Keefe. Morrison had a successful tenure in office since she ensured that people were well-informed on securities and regulatory observance it San Francisco companies. She also acted as the SEC’s representative in different occasions such as business transactions, legal subjects, government institutions, and financial communities.


Morrison built an excellent career as a lawyer in the private sector. She kicked off her practice in 1986 was an attorney at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became the company’s associate in 1991 and quit in 1996. Her primary responsibilities included serving as an attorney in internal company investigation, corporate lawsuits, private securities, and representing firms that were litigated by the SEC. Helane’s services were also hired by middlemen and stock trading enterprises during arbitrations. She presently works as a compliance officer of the Hall Capital Partners. Her work has been essential in restoring trust in the United States’ finance sector.


The Movement To End Citizens United

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In 2010 The United States Supreme Court completely upturned the future of American elections. It’s ruling, by a 5 to 4 vote, said that corporate spending on elections is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment. In the ruling government cannot keep unions or corporations from spending on or against political candidates for office. Justice Kennedy wrote the majority opinion and was joined by Justice’s Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Chief Justice Roberts. The dissent against this ruling was written by Justice Stevens and joined by Justice’s Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor.

Today there is no accountability and no transparency is who is giving money and to whom. The ruling opened the doorway for corporations and billionaires, such as the Koch Brothers, who seek to control political discourse in America through the vast sums of money that they have acquired. The Supreme Court ruling established the notion that corporations are people and as a person have a right to free speech.

In March 2015 a Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed to fight back against this ruling; End Citizens United. This PAC, which is supported by grassroots donors, seeks to reform the United States campaign finance system and counter terrible effects that the ruling has had on the country. Through their efforts End Citizen United is forming an opposition to the ruling and pressuring lawmakers to address the situation and through legislation return the political process to the people. The three-fold mission of the PAC are to elect pro-reform candidates, to raise the issue of money in political to the level of a national discussion on it, and to use their membership to show political power on this issue.

The main group that End Citizens United supports are Democrats. The reason for this is that, even if some rank and file Republicans don’t support the ruling, the Republican Leadership does because they are major recipients of the inflow of money from billionaires and corporations. As such Republican Leadership is preventing any type of reform from proceeding due to their own selfish interests. As such End Citizens United is supporting Democrats, especially Democratic leaders, who are seeking to produce legislation that will produce meaningful change in how money influences elections.

The Executive Director of End Citizens United is Tiffany Muller, who has had a long history of being involved in politics. She as been a member of the Topeka, Kansas City Council, having a position on the staff of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, serving as Cheif of Staff on Capitol Hill, and other political positions. Another member of the leadership is Political Director Jody Murphy who has worked for the last 10 years with legislative caucuses at the state level.

Learn more about End Citizens United on their LinkedIn page.

Easing Traffic in Williamson County


Transport experts came together during the 18th Williamson County Growth Summit so as to offer their views on how to combat traffic which is said to be the biggest challenge in the Austin region. The Summit saw people come together at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. The experts who represented the panel discussion included Leandre Johns who is External Affairs at the Uber Technologies Inc, Mike Heiligenstein who is the Executive Director at the CTRMA, Jared Ficklin who is the product designer at ArgoDesigns, and Joseph Kosper who is the Founder of the RideScout LLC. The experts also discussed the role that technology has played in transportation in Austin and across the world.


Mike Heiligenstein noted that innovative technologies like vehicles without drivers and applications for sharing rides could convert the face of transportation. Mike said that there is a significant need for the Austin region to invest in developing its capacity for transportation by creating more and smarter roads. Mike added that this is the one and only method that will ensure the mobility demands of the fast expanding population are served. He commented on the amazing work done by the county of structuring the infrastructure in the last 15 years and said that there is still more to be done since more people will be coming in.


Jared Ficklin said that the policymakers should ensure that land-use and building codes remain flexible in preparation for the future transportation needs. He added that there would be a need for this when there is the introduction of autonomous vehicles. Ficklin talked about the future’s parking garage and stated that it would be built differently from the current parking garage. He said that the parking garage would have many levels with different levels having a charging station and service station. Leandre Johns from Uber Technologies stated that ridesharing firms like Uber would significantly change the face of transportation in Williamson County.


The CTRMA was created in 2002 as an independent government agency so as to improve the system of transportation in Williamson County. The agency is committed to implementing new solutions that minimize congestion and form transportation choices that enhance life quality and also economy vitality. Mike Heiligenstein is the CTRMA’s Executive Director. He has served the people of Central Texas for more than 23 years. He is a member of the WTS Heart of Texas Chapter Advisory Board. Mike offers his advice on transportation in Texas and also nationally. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Government which he earned from the University of Texas.


About Mike Heiligenstein