Jacob Gottlieb Role in Healthcare Investments


The healthcare department is one of the most powerful at the moment. The industry has been fortunate to undergo some great and very exciting changes that have left many people smiling. Private investors have realized that they can earn a living and change lives when they venture into this area. One of the people who have all the reasons to smile is Jacob Gottlieb. The businessman has a great reputation for being an expert in healthcare investments. His ventures in the healthcare market have changed so many lives. Jacob is currently living in New York City, and most of his investments are found in this place.

One of the popular startups by the businessman is known as Altium Capital, and it mostly deals with investments in the healthcare industry. Jacob says that he will spend most of his career life trying to invest in the healthcare opportunities that have proven to be meaningful. Some of the firms he has chosen include the famous Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation. Both companies have a reputation of serving patients, regardless of the diseases they are dealing with.

To become a successful venture capitalist in the healthcare department, it is paramount to seek help from scientists and other professionals who are experienced in the field. These professionals always play a role in generating the kind of healthcare services required by the patients. Jacob has a special passion for supporting cardiovascular treatments, and this is why he has been working closely with Amarin, an organization that is based in Bedminster. The fast-growing company has been very innovative in introducing pharmaceutical products that can help to cure different types of cardiovascular diseases. The American based entrepreneur believes that Amarin is in a better position to introduce the treatment options many people have been looking for. The company has set several branches in the recent years too.

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Focusing on the Career of Chairman of Orthopedics, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


A recent interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum discussed some major details about his career and how he got started. First, there is a little bit of background knowledge that should be discussed before diving into his past and how he got started. To begin with, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System. The facility for Bronxcare is located in Bronx of New York City. There are a few areas of health that he specifically focuses on and those are joint and bone issues, as well as knee, hip, and shoulder replacements.

Since joining the American Orthopaedics Association in 1995, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been a big part of major research that was published on extensive joint replacement surgeries and helped in the making of some large replacement systems for joints.

Even before all his work with major projects and research, Dr. Ira Kirschebaum served as a Community Health Editor. He worked this position for WebMD. Then, in 1979, he went on to receive his undergraduate degree from Brown University, which then led him to finish his residency from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. All of this schooling is what led him to where he currently is at, working on knee replacement surgeries and reconstructive surgeries of many types.

When asked where his idea came from for his company, he stated that he was simply bringing a website into reality through the help of Medscape. Another question that was asked was how he is productive throughout his day, and what a typical day looks like for him. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum mentioned that he likes to check in with social media and gets to work bright and early.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has accomplished many great feats and continues to bring new ideas to life.

Madison Street Capital Was A Good Advisor For Sachs Capital Group

Financial Advice

Madison Street Capital has provided advice to Sachs Capital Group regarding the purchase of RMG Networks. The transaction was financed by Virgo Capital as well as Merion Investment Partners. RMG is a digital company, providing signage media software, hardware and service to more than half of the companies on the Fortune 100 list. Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway mentioned that Barry Petersen guided the Madison Street advisory team.


Ready To Help

Sachs Capital Group CEO Gregory H. Sachs said they are thrilled to have completed the transaction. Madison Street Capital reptutation proved well. The company was equipped with relationships, direction and made attempts on behalf of Sachs to locate sources for capital and sticking with Sachs through the entire transaction. Madison Street was really instrumental to the success of the deal.


Assisting Sachs Capital Group

Senior managing director Barry Petersen says the experience of supporting Mr. Sachs during the transaction was great. RMG Networks is in a good position to bring capital to its owners, especially since the launch of the new communication platform Korbyt. Following the transaction, those with RMG stocks were given $1.29 per share, all cash. After the transaction, RMG’s stock was no longer trading on the stock exchange.


About RMG

RMG’s goals are to boost efficiency, engagement, and productivity for businesses via digital messaging. RMG uses a combination of updated software, business applications, hardware, and services to provide one lane of accountability for performance management and integrated data. The headquarters of RMG is Dallas Texas, but there are offices all around the world.


About Madison Capital

Madison Capital is a global investment banking company with a commitment of excellence, leadership, service and integrity when providing financial advisory services on a corporate level. The company provides expertise in mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial opinions to businesses. The goal of these services is to place other companies in a position to be successful in the global market.


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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Most Innovative Plastic Surgeon of Dallas, TX


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is characterized as being the type of individual who takes great satisfaction in lending a hand to help others. Everyday within his plastic surgeon profession, he incorporates this caring attitude in his relationship with his patients and as a result of this he has received several awards for being one the most compassionate and highly skilled plastic surgeons in the nation. According to surveys taken by Dr. Jejurikar’s patients, extremely positive feedback has been given for his ability to provide thorough examinations, answer questions, and clarify instructions before and after receiving his services.

Before establishing his practice in Dallas, TX, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar attended the University of Michigan Medical School to earn his medical degree. Upon receiving his degree and completing his residency, Dr. Jejurikar moved back to Texas where he has since practiced as a board-certified plastic surgeon for 11-20 years at the Dallas Medical Center and the Pine Creek Medical Center. Within the mastery of his profession, Dr. Jejurikar has learned how to surgically reconstruct the face and body of patients via minimally invasive, yet innovative surgical techniques. Dr. Jejurikar provides patients with the opportunity to use the 3-D imaging system at his office so that they can have realistic expectations of their surgical results post operation—providing patients with comfort and assurance in the receipt of their surgical services. Moreover, within his services, Dr. Saad has also launched a line of medical-quality skin care products to further aid patients in the preservation of their skin by combating wrinkles, poor elasticity, and fine lines.

As an innately compassionate medical professional, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has also extended his services to help underprivileged children outside of the country. He has been actively involved as a member of the organization Smile Bangladesh whereby he has participated within several medical missions to the region to help provide aid to the children there. Indeed, with his genuine activism in both his professional services and philanthropic contributions, it is no wonder why Dr. Jejurikar has acquired a reputation for being one the most trusted and renowned plastic surgeons both inside and outside of Texas.

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Todd Levine- A Revered Commercial Litigator


Todd Levine is a renowned lawyer who specializes in commercial real estate litigation. Throughout the twenty-five years that he has been in the industry, Levine has handled multiple cases in the sports and entertainment sector. His services are usually procured by property sellers, buyers, contractors, property managers, and other professionals who work in the real estate sector. As a commercial litigator, Levine has also handled cases that revolve around financial investment partnerships and finance agreement disputes. After taking up a client’s case, Levine formulates a strategy depending on his client’s expectations. He deploys his expertise and experience as a lawyer to create legal arguments. He also gathers a substantial amount of evidence that helps him to win cases.

Todd Levine enrolled at the University of Florida where he graduated in 1991. Over the years, he has received countless awards. He has also been recognized by renowned publications such as Super Lawyers Business Edition, Super Lawyers, Florida Trend Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, Martindale-Hubbell, the Daily Business Review, and the South Florida Legal Guide.

Levine understands the importance of innovation, which is why he incorporates innovation while handling a case. By doing so, Levine can come up with new ideas and crucial information that other litigators may fail to notice. He also reiterates that in business, people encounter various challenges and the most advisable way to solve such issues is through procuring the services of a commercial litigator.

Since business owners may not be conversant with the services offered by commercial litigators, Todd Levine gave some insight about what his career entails. Levine stated that before appearing in a court of law, it’s his duty as a commercial litigator to go through the claims and defenses of his clients. After that, he comes up with a plan on how to win the case. If you are a commercial litigator, you may have a hard time handling a commercial litigation case that falls under the multi-district or class action litigation. To maneuver such cases, you need a suitable strategy prior to taking up a case. Todd Levine also highlighted the importance of proper planning and research. He also works with other commercial litigators, and he preserves any information that may come in handy when handling a commercial litigation case.

Aloha Construction Strives to Meet the Needs of Their Customers


The construction industry is a booming business, and Aloha Construction is on an upward trend. They stand out form many other construction companies because they offer specialized services such as siding, gutter works, and roofing. They also offer many different options when it comes to their roofing solutions such as metal, asphalt, steep, and a variety of other materials.


They have become known as one of the main contracting companies because they strive to go above and beyond what the average company offers. They offer many different types of siding such as aluminum, Hardee board, vinyl, and wood to meet the needs of all their customers. They even offer gutter works which are a very important part of the roof. They even offer many different options when it comes to gutter designs and choices. Aloha Construction caters to their customers because they realize that their success is built upon the loyalty of their customers. Without them, they would not have a business.


Aloha Construction has completed over 17,000 roofing contracts in Illinois and in the Southern Wisconsin region. They have done many projects as well as have constructed many roofs and other projects. The company was founded by Mr. Dave Farbaky, and it is located in Lake Zurich.


Aloha Construction is trusted and bonded. They also offer screen replacement, window installation and pretty much anything else that a homeowner could need. They are a family-owned company, and although they started out small they have really expanded, and they also offer a ten-year craftmanship warranty to their customers.


They have received many recognitions for their dedication and hard work such as the Better Business Bureau Torch Award. They have also gotten a coveted A rating from the Better Business Bureau. They were founded in 2008 and has 51 to 200 employees.

Marc Beer Helps People Connect with a Better Business

Biotechnology, Entrepreneurs, Finance, People

Since Marc Beer started doing things the right way with Renovia, he knew he could make the company better. Even when he first started, he had to try helping people with issues they might have that could cause problems for the business. He had a lot of goals for Renovia and made sure he took the steps he needed to make them possible. The idea he had for the business gave him a chance to grow the company, offer new products for his clients, give people a better chance at health and make the right choices for the business.


Company growth is important to Marc Beer and that’s why he worked so hard to make sure things would get better for Renovia. He always knew people needed someone who could help them with these issues and that’s why he pushed to make everything better for his clients. The company needed someone who knew how to do the hard things and they got that with Marc Beer.


No matter what people look for, they can get help from Renovia. Now that the company has new products and new options for all the people who need it, they can try different things that allow them to show others they can help. Even though they focus on incontinence and making a difference for people who have it, they also have other products they offer that can be helpful to people who don’t have these same issues. Marc Beer made sure the company could help everyone who needed it.


Health is such an important part of everyone’s lives. Marc Beer knew this and knew his company could make a big difference for people who needed it. Renovia is a chance for people to have healthy lives and to get more from the healthy options they have. It’s also a way for Marc Beer to reach out and help other people no matter what issues they’re suffering from or what they’re doing to make the most out of these situations. Thanks to Marc Beer, things for Renovia continue getting better and people continue seeing the positive experiences that could help them. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


As long as Marc Beer makes the right choices for Renovia, he can help others. He also knows what it means to give back to the people who need it. In addition to helping the company grow and helping people in that way, he also works on philanthropic ventures. He tries helping people in every way through philanthropy. Marc Beer knows what it’s like to be able to help and that’s what gives him the chance to keep showing people they can get help. He does everything he can to promote a positive experience for people in the world around him. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


The Success of Upwork’s IPO


Upwork is a company and website that connects freelancers and employers connect to remotely work together. The company came to be in 2014 due to a merger of the companies Elance and oDesk. Since then, it has been one of the best and most reliable way for freelancers to find work and for employers to get in contact with potential employees. Upwork makes its money through a small percentage fee taken from the employer’s and consultant’s transaction. The success of the website has already attracted multiple investors with the company reportidly raising over $100 million since the merger.

In October 2018, Upwork inc. debuted on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker UPWK. The company started with an original estimate of $10 to $12 a share for its 12.5 million available shares but ended up pricing the shares at $15 a share. The company had a surprisingly well first trading day. Upwork can boast 53% gain as the shares opened the day at $23. The price would continue to flucuate throughout the day before settling at the price of $21.18 at the end of the day, still a gain of 41% on the day. The company saw great success, and for good reason. Estimates point to a very large percent of the net job growth over the past decade coming from alternative work and consultant labor. In fact, according to McKinsey Global Institute, the freelance economy could grow to generate around $2.7 trillion annually by 2025. The success of Upwork’s first day on the public market points to good things for them and for the freelancing market in general. It is clear that investors are interested in what Upwork has to offer. This could see to a potential rise in the freelancing and consultant sector. If more companies and investors continure to follow suit there could be some exciting results.

Wes Edens Bringing New Hope To Aston Villa Football Club

Business, Company

Wes Edens believes in the potential of the Aston Villa Club. Together with Nsaaef Sawiris, the pair is bringing capital to the troubled football team in hopes to help them get back their competitive edge. This purchase was completed through their company NSWE.

The former owner of Aston Villa, Tony Xia, purchased the team about 2 years ago and ist still remaining on the board as well as taking the position of co-chairman. While he was highly humbled to not have seen the promotion of the team in the previous season, he believes that with the help of Wes Edens and his expert business partner they may be soon able to achieve this goal. They all believe that the team deserves success and are willing to invest in the fight.

While Aston Villa had earned championship 7 times, they were discluded in 2016 from the premier league. They had been in the Premier League for the previous 29 years and took a considerable hit due to the demotion. In 2016, they showed a loss of around $80.7 million compared to the year before. This continued the next year with a loss of $14.5 million.

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris both have high hopes and big plans for the struggling soccer club and believe that they will be able to bring them back from the loss. While it may be a lot of hard work and capital, they both believe in the team and their potential in the future and even now. They will be working closely with Tony Xia in order to achieve these goals for the team to rejoin Premier League and get back to winning more championships for their many fans.

In order to help the team, Wes Edens has plans for a complete evaluation to be performed. They are working to strengthen the team in many different ways and are creating a plan that will last for many seasons. They want to provide the structures that the team needs to be a success in their league. As an investment and as a team, Wes Edens has a lot of faith in Aston Villa.

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Recruitment-Not an easy task. It takes a lot of skill to be able to find qualified, competent people to complete a task, it can be even more challenging to find a company that can do the same thing.

Happily, it isn’t all that hard to find such a company; in fact, it’s right at your very fingertips if you have a computer or a device. And for your information the name of the company is GoBuyside. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

For the past seven years GoBuyside has been doing just that. Helping investment firms all over the world find top corporate professionals that are helping such firms to get the job done. It can help your firm go get their job done, too. All you have to do to get started is sign up and you’ll be a bona fide member of the website. You’ll be able to touch base with top recruitment consultants who will

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As the saying goes, it’s easy when you know how, and GoBuyside has demonstrated that indeed knows how to run a business, it also knows ho to help other companies run theirs, they know what it takes to find truly professional individuals who can and will help your company to make more money they could have ever imagined

GoBuyside, the place to go when your firm needs people who know how to run a business.

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