Trolls Unwittingly Support Women Scientists On Wikipedia

Revise Wiki Pages

When Emily Temple-Wood gets hatefully “trolled” online, she does not get mad, she gets even. She has invented an innovative and most-creative way to deal with ignorant, negative, hate mongering people who abuse her over the world wide web: she will create a Wiki page for a fellow woman scientist. She has been doing this practice for four years and is now at Loyola University studying in the field of biology. Since the age of 12 Emily has received sexist, inappropriate, and abusive messages. Quite often these messages come from males via Wikipedia.

Temple-Wood simply ignore such trolls at first, until one day she decided to use her deep anger caused by the pain of hurtful comments, to drive her to write original articles about noteworthy females in science history. Her project grew into a special Wiki page: WikiProject Women Scientists. She has promoted Lorna Casselton, a famous biologist, and Caroline Herschel, who was a woman astronomer way back in the 1700s. Neither woman’s accomplishments were mentioned at all on Wikipedia before she added them.

Emily Temple-Wood Explained that she does not hold it against anyone who might disagree with something she has posted, only hateful comments. Of her early days transforming trolling into feminist progress, Emily says, “I literally sat in the hallway in the dorm until 2am writing the first women in science (Wikipedia) article… It’s specifically being sexist and gross. If it makes me want to cry, it definitely goes on the list, or if it would make my mom uncomfortable.”

A former Wikimedia Foundation member, Siko Bouterse, has said of Emily’s work, “The emotional labor of weathering this kind of harassment is huge. Amazingly, rather than deciding this particular public space must not be for her, Emily has been able to channel every instance of harassment into more fuel for her focus, so it’s backfiring against those who hope to silence women online. That takes courage.”

It has been noted in several news articles and blogs that the 15 year old Wikipedia web site has mostly been developed by male Wikipedia writers. Their male sexual bias comes through in their articles about women. Most of their wording revolves around the subject being female and on the history of their families and personal lives, instead of the details of their scientific accomplishments. This definitely constitutes gender bias, although many men find it difficult to fully understand or acknowledge.

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Mizzou Professor Seeks to Repair Reputation

Internet, Online Reputation

The internet has become something of the great equalizer in life. The utility can give a voice to the quietest person in the world but it can also tear them down just the same. Missouri Professor Melissa Click quickly came to realize just how powerful a tool the internet can be when she watched her career get destroyed before her very eyes. Her sin? Having a bad day on campus and having it captured on camera. Melissa Click came under fire this past year when a video showing her call ‘for muscle’ to remove student journalists from a protest went viral. Nothing has been the same for her since.

When the video went viral the University of Missouri was forced to take action thanks to pressure from over 100 different lawmakers. Click was quickly put on suspension pending an investigation and the common thought seems to be that she will be terminated. Student protests can be tremulous events, especially when tempers are high, and Click allegedly did not show the sort of constraint and level head that the Missouri board wanted to see.

At this point in time what is Click supposed to do? Simply set herself back and allow the internet to destroy a reputation that she carefully curated for the past 12 years? Click had been a well liked professor at the University for over a decade when the event happened. The faculty at UoM stood behind her which prompted even more to come out in support of Click. So, instead of letting the court of public opinion destroy her career the embattled professor turned to a company called Status Labs.

Status Labs is an online public relations company based out of Texas. Status Labs became popular on a whole new level thanks to CEO Darius Fisher and his very public, very vocal, support of privacy rights. The company has been focusing on a public relations campaign for Click and the tide finally seems to be turning back in her favor.

Ross Abelow is running a GoFundMe Campaign to Improve Care Services for Homeless Animals

Fundraising, Lawyer

Being a champion of fair treatment of animals, senior Attorney, Ross Abelow publicized the inauguration of a GoFUNDME campaign to assist the animal shelters across New York City to offer support to homeless animals. The campaign was started on January 13, 2015, and aims at raising $5000 to fund expansion of various shelter in the New York City.

The winter is a tough duration for the homeless animals due to icy temperatures. The health of such animals is compromised due to the lack of comfortable place for resting as well as healthy food.

The fundraiser goals

The money collected through the campaign will be used to finance medical care, modern vaccines, food, and blankets for the escalating number of troubled animals. The funds will be used to modernize shelters and improve space. Other additional funds will be used to ensure all distressed animals are living a healthy and comfortable life.

Ross encourages all the animal lovers to support him in the course of bettering the lives of homeless animals. The fund raised will be used to minimize animal mortality rates. In addition, more shelters will be renovated.

Background information on Ross Abelow

Rose Abelow is a certified lawyer registered to practice in New York City. He handles cases in the field of family, commercial, matrimonial, and litigation law. He graduated from NYU with a law degree and joined Brooklyn College of Law for specialization. His abilities to specialize in multiple disciplines make Abelow one of the most decorated lawyers in New York City. Attorney Abelow represents a broad client base consisting of individuals, government, companies, and other non-profit entities.

Abelow ensures his discussions with customers are confidential by signing a confidentiality policy in their presence. He offers advice that is geared towards assisting clients to win cases without having any hidden agenda. Abelow has a reputation of assisting couples to terminate their marital obligations honorably. He uses his excellent negotiation skills to help clients secure a better deal in case an out of court settlement is opted for when dealing with a court case. He is connected to judges, juries, prosecutors, and other lawyers in New York City.

Philanthropic activities

Mr. Albelow will be running the GoFundMe campaign has one of his efforts of bettering the community by ensuring animals are treated fairly, and their needs addressed.


Premium Dog Food


The idea of flavoring dog foods has been received with much controversy. Dog food processing companies have argued that dogs need to eat flavored, and this has been the main reason for the new trend in dog food processing firms. This idea of feeding dogs with foods that are flavored and respect all the procedures of manufacturing human food has been seen as a move that will put the dog in a position above man when it comes to dieting. However, this move is likely to have its way without getting any challenge. Dog owners are in support of this idea basing on their willingness to pay extra amounts of cash just to make sure that dogs get good food.

Some companies have stood above the others in manufacturing the most impressive foods for the dog. These companies are just producing food that would have otherwise been given a top grading in the human food sector but sell them for dog feeding purposes. Two sectors are now competing to outdo each other. They are Dog food manufacturing sector and the human food sector. They are both struggling to come up with the most innovative diets whereby none of them wants to be defeated by the other. Purina Beneful is taking an innovative turn whereby the foods it produces serve more than one purpose in the dog’s body. Beneful includes using weight cutting foods which help those dog owners wishing to control their pets’ body weight.

This industry is becoming diverse since pet food production is no longer restricted to manufacturing the kind of food that will only fill a dog’s stomach. Just like in the human dieting sector, recipes are now designed and made to cater for many health needs. Beneful holds the belief that dieting can be used to remedy many health problems in dogs. The healthier the dog eats, the less often it suffers health complications.



The Queens of Drama Realty TV Show


Queens of Drama is a reality tv series. A group of former daytime soap opera stars get together and try to create a solution to the problem of the decline in soap opera roles. They create a production company and embark on a mission to create a pilot. They are trying to build a show that gives women strong roles on television. the stars of this show are Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Vanessa Marcil, and Hunter Tylo.

Queens of Drama is lightly scripted and you’re getting a fictionalized version of the stars as themselves, with a sprinkling of the soap opera stars they portrayed in the past. Like all reality tv shows, there’s all the same controversy, not everyone gets along, there is drama surrounding who is more supportive of whom, or who may be more selfish than the others. And these portrayals are very real when it comes to the business end of things.

One Life to Live star Crystal Hunt plays herself with a touch of her iconic and villainous character Stacy Morasco. Her creative abilities and exceptional business sense really shine through on Queens of Drama. Her amazing talent as an actress brings a lot to the show. We also get a look at how she’s been a business success with her pet boutique.

Crystal Hunt started her career early as a two-year-old competing in beauty pageants. She later received a Daytime Emmy Nomination for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the soap opera Guiding Light.  Crystal has a great acting reel as an example of her talents on YouTube.

Donna Mills has made herself the kind of front and center of the show. She has an uncanny ability to direct and lead the movement of a situation without anyone asking her to do this. This creates a lot of conflict in the show. Make sure to follow Crystal on Metacritic for new film information, but also on her photography website.