Todd Lubar’s Successful Career and Personal Life

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For those who know Todd Lubar, he is one of the most astute businessmen in the real estate industry. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He is also the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. As an entrepreneur and investor, Todd’s career in real estate has been flourishing over the years. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, he has helped others to own homes and commercial properties.



What most people do not know about Todd is that he has been ranked one of the 25 mortgage originators in the United States. He has maintained this ranking for several years now. Apart from his career in real estate, Todd has also tried his hand at other jobs like entertainment. In fact, he has also done a bit of mortgage banking and construction.



Todd is usually inspired by several things and people in his life. However, one of the greatest inspirations for him is to serve the community. With his passion, he has managed to work on his business acumen over the years. His businesses are usually tailored towards achieving this goal.



TDL Global Ventures



When asked by Patch about where he got the inspiration to start TDL Global Ventures, Todd remembers his career in credit and finance. He worked in finance for about 20 years before he decided to establish a business that would inspire others to fulfill their dreams. His business would help people get past the barrier of obtaining a loan to finance their mortgages.



As an entrepreneur, Todd usually lives with the mantra that where there is a will there is a way. When he comes up with ideas, he finds ways to bring them to life. He has realized over time that combining his experience, and his will to make things happen, have helped him conquer some of the big hurdles in his career.



Personal Life



When Todd is not coming up with amazing business ideas and executing them, he loves to spend his time with family. He is a father and a husband. Before he goes to work, he has breakfast with the family. He also tries to find time to squeeze in a workout. Check out his Linked In profile for more info.


Desiree Perez Pushes Roc Nation to New Heights

Business Executives, Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a Roc Nation leader that is helping mogul Jay-Z get a lot of things done. Jay-Z is busy with his hands in a multitude of different endeavors. He needs someone like Desiree Perez that can close in on deals. She is getting some deals finalized with Live Nation, and this gives Jay-Z time to do other things.

Desiree Perez has been a great resource for Roc Nation because Jay-Z is picking up a lot of different talent. There are so many artists that are on the label, and he does not have time to oversee projects for all of the different people that are coming into place.

Desiree Perez is the one that is holding things down and making sure the order of operations continue to run smoothly. Desiree Perez does a lot of negotiating with Live Nation and the concert tours. Desiree Perez has helped artists like Rihanna get great contracts together for the tours that Rihanna is a part of. This is what does Desiree Perez does. She is a stern contract negotiator that can help any artist maximize their value.

Artists that know of Desiree Perez look to her for guidance when it comes to getting a deal finalized. She knows her stuff when it comes to making deals, and people can appreciate a leader like Desiree Perez. They know that she is going to give them a fair deal, and she is going to fight for her artists to get what she thinks that they deserve.

Desiree Perez has always been someone that has been able to work her way out of tight situations. She doesn’t believe in getting boxed in when it comes to any type of negotiation deal. Desiree Perez is willing to battle for what she believes is rightfully hers.

Logan Stout; the businessman and the motivational speaker

Businessman, Entrepreneur

Logan stout is the founder of IDlife, a company whose main aim is to provide nutritional based health supplements. Many people across America tend to be overweight from eating junk food, and these have led to many complications such cardiovascular disease and also obesity. People have tried various supplements with many being disappointed. IDlife tends to offer nutritional supplements based on the targets of the customer. Louis stout himself takes IDlife shake everyday morning. Logan stout started his business because he already knew the requirements of the body and spirit. This made it easier for him to start IDlife Company when he came into contact with an individual who had created a vitamin formulation.

Logan stout experience as a star baseball player has enabled him to launch and operate a business company. Most of the supplements he offers are taken even by celebrities as they are also organic. His driving factor is to assist others in helping individuals improve their health. Through the leadership of Logan stout, the IDlife has managed to be one of the best-ranked businesses globally.

Apart from taking charge and building IDlife, Logan stout has also written a book called stout advice with an objective to empower and be a source of encouragement to readers and giving them determinations to take their businesses to the next level. Logan stout himself is a motivational speaker. He uses his experience as CEO to advise others who want to take their businesses to the next level.

Logan’s stout motivation comes from seeing young entrepreneurs businesses become successful and therefore he is always ready to give knowledge that will impact on young entrepreneurs’ ventures. Loius stout has also managed to bring others in his motivational trip to assist in taking motivational inspirational globally. Logan stout always appears on television talk show and radio show to provide advice and motivation to a wider audience.

Logan stout and his wife are also renowned philanthropists as they are always willing to donate to charity and be there to defend these organizations when needed. He partnered with john Maxwell and together they have taken motivational speaking worldwide. Logan stout also owns the Dallas patriots whose main focus is to develop young talent in baseball together with world class coaches and training instructors.

Logan stout mentions that what has contributed to his bossiness success is fulfilling his customers’ needs and not just shoving any product down customers thought. Logan stout hopes to continue inspiring young entrepreneurs and also take his business to the next level in the coming years.

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Bettering the Immigrants Life with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin


Sometimes the minority have no one to listen to them. They do not get a chance to air their opinions and see that they get what they deserve. This is what has triggered the foundation of humanitarian groups. These groups fight to achieve and implement these rights at local, regional, national or international standard depending on their ability. Some of these groups include;

Lacey and Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund was formed by the co-founders of ”The New Times”, Lacey and Larkin. They had fought many battles and won, long before they established the Frontera Fund.

They formed the Frontera Fund using the cash that they received as compensation in the case of the sheriff.

The two journalists did the unthinkable. They published the evil deeds of the sheriff on the first page of the New Times. Being a respected man of the society, this was a big step to take that needed confidence.

The sheriff arrested them and took them to an unknown location at midnight. They were however released in less than 24 hours due to the public protests.

The Frontera Fund offers financial help to the Arizona Humanitarian groups that share a common goal with them. The Frontera Fund is currently fighting to dismiss the closing down of the DACA foundation.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights group were formed in 1983.The organization is in the forefront of fighting for human rights globally. It aims to solve the problem permanently. This is by achieving a universal standard for human rights globally and ensure it’s implemented.

It actively investigates the abuse of human rights. They don’t leave it here, they also report and represent the victims. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

It also supports the groups that fight for human, immigration and civil rights. It also advocates for legal changes and encourages better policies.

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The CHIRLA grouped was formed as a response to the 1986 Act. This Act illegalized the employment of undocumented citizens. This was going to give room for labor abuse and exploitation.

The CHIRLA group works using the leverage of the crowd. This means educating the public and changing their opinion. Later they use the public to change the policies of the human, civil and immigrant’s right.

They are in the lead of fighting for immigrants’ rights in California. Through their organization, the lives of women, children, and immigrant families have greatly improved.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) holds many roles in fighting for immigrant rights. They aim at implementing and expanding the portfolio of immigrants. They also fight for their liberty.

ACLU also fights to eliminate the private and public discrimination that immigrants face.

The group has been in existence for 25 years. It has been on the front line in fighting the immigrant battles. It has fought to eliminate policies that are created and not in favor of the immigrants. They also fight to ensure that the immigrants are let in the justice and democracy system.

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David McDonald Talks about His Success Plans for OSI Group

Business Leader, OSI Group

David McDonald has done a lot for OSI Group since he joined it about 30 years ago. He is the company’s president and chief operating officer. David has achieved success with the Group under various aspects of the firm. David had worked in other food companies before joining OSI Group. He knows the importance of growing OSI Group and making it as sustainable as possible since he has experience working with different food companies. David wants to do everything possible to make OSI Group successful and grow it so that it can offer an array of food options for its customers.

David McDonald works hard to show consumers what they miss and the benefits they can reap from getting food products and services from OSI Group. That has increased the market niche for OSI Group in several parts of the globe. David was among the first people to suggest that OSI Group gets a new location in China. David knew that the Group had a lot of business in China, so they needed a sustainable source for those firms. He noted that it was not viable to keep shipping food products from other locations. David is confident that he will offer everything the restaurants in the country need because he has a distribution factory in China.

OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It has facilities in several other countries around the globe such as China, United States, and Europe. It operates in 17 countries with more than 50 institutions. It has a rich history, having been established in 1909. OSI Group currently has more than 20,000 employees, which has been a tremendous growth under the tenure of its president and chief operating officer, David McDonald. David notes that the Group has diversified its menu as a way of satisfying the different tastes of its consumers. That explains why David has created an array of foods for selection. Some of the products it manufacturers include fish, vegetable products, meat patties, hot dogs, bacon, a wide variety of fruits, poultry, and pizza.

David McDonald is committed to expanding its markets not only in China but also in Europe. On that note, David led the acquisition of Baho Foods, Dutch Food Company, which deals with snacks and deli meats. During the purchase, McDonald noted that Baho’s menu complimented OSI Group’s menu, which is an excellent way of diversifying its opportunity to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. The acquisition move, according to David McDonald, will boost the presence of OSI Group in the European market.

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