The Leadership And Success Story Of The American Institute Of Architects

Architectural Success

Everyone appreciates the transformations that we encounter from time to time in line with the establishment of structures. However, no achievement is realized without the implementation of individual efforts. Similarly, individual professionals contribute significantly towards such acquirements. For instance, architects are the professionals of crucial concern in this regard. The engineers are often concerned with the strength of the building by ensuring that every work done is up to the standards.

Architects, on the other hand, are responsible for the setting the designs as well as enhancing the beauty of the structures. The fact that there exist several organizations addressing such issues implies the effort that each of them has to put in place to become exemplary. The American Institute of Architects has a long success story and has been consistently improving its performance. This is what makes it stand out from the rest.

It was in the year 1857 that a total of thirteen sellers came together towards the establishment of the American Institute of Architects. It is worth acknowledging the fact that they were all visionary regarding the promotion of applied perfection as well as transforming architecture into a desirable dream. In consideration of the executive roles, Richard Upjohn then served as the organization’s president. Even though the group is headquartered at the New York Avenue, there exists a different central point located in Washington D.C.

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Usually, the individuals who bring significant efforts towards the attainment of the company goals receive a recognition via the award of the desired honor named the Fellow of the AIA. The members that receive membership are just those that offer significance countrywide.

Currently, Robert Ivy serves as the Chief Executive Officer of AIA. Worth acknowledgment is the fact that his wisdom and experience have made a significant contribution towards his elevation to the position. Even though he talks with concern to various factors affecting architects, he focuses on that its members have to share ideas associated with software programmers as a result of their innovation.

It is Robert Ivy’s believe that architecture has a significant impact on different regions of the globe. He also has the understanding the sector offers solutions during disaster moments as well as improving health through the appropriate organization of household.

Robert Ivy additionally acknowledges that the field initially enabled the drainage of swamps. Moreover, the architectural area is not entirely exploited as there exists many opportunities worth exploitation.

Architecture is, therefore, a critical field concerning the improvement of our living standards especially about the design of structures for the establishment.

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Equities First- French Tribune

Financial Advice, Financial Consultancy Firm

Equities First Holdings is a financial services company which has been in operation for the last fourteen years. Currently, the company has offices in such countries as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong. However, its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. It also has a satellite office in the New York City. The company has adopted an investment model which takes advantage of the organic and natural cycles in the financial market.

In this case, the company has served various customers from across the world to acquire cheap working capital through stocks and other publicly traded financial instrument. Since its inception, the company has transacted over $1.4 billion and this has allowed companies to meet their financial obligations. Al Christy Jr. the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Equities First Holdings Company noted that the company is committed to serving clients with integrity. As such, the company has allowed customers who do not qualify credit-based loans offered by commercial banks to access credit at the time financial crisis is deepening.

Dr. Mark McKenna Stays Active to Keep Healthy


Dr. Mark McKenna understands that health is not always about how good we feel but it is about how good we look. That is why he has created the new medical aesthetic company, OVME. He uses a technological approach to consumer facing to give his clients confidence in their own skin. This is not the first time he has ventured into the medical aesthetics industry. Dr. Mark McKenna created a company called ShapeMed, grew it, and eventually sold it to Life Time Fitness. According to a recent interview, Dr. Mark McKenna wakes up at 6:30 every morning to start his day off. He trains in Jiu Jitsu whenever he is not working or spending time with his wife Gianine and daughter Milana Elle. This constant movement keeps him young and generates great success by always innovating.

A big fan of reading, he lists the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as his favorite and Elon Musk as one of his idols. Dr. Mark McKenna has always worked for himself and never feels like he just has a job. His life’s work is to make people feel good and look good, setting a quality of life standard that they can be proud of. He takes pride in always surrounding himself with intelligent people and learning from them. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Mark McKenna is from New Orleans and is a graduate of Tulane University Medical School. He is the owner of McKenna Venture Investments in addition to his medical practice. Along with his wife and daughter he also owns a Pomeranian that is like another member of the family. He is active in philanthropy in both Georgia and New Orleans, even serving on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He is also a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization.

Securus Technologies brings changes to the law enforcement and correctional facilities

Prison Communication

The corrections industry hasn’t experienced much change in the last few years, especially not until the arrival of Securus Technologies in the industry. Securus Technologies offers a wide range of products and services that enhance inmate communications, criminal justice, and crime prevention. Securus has been in the corrections industry since the 1980s. Therefore they understand the corrections industry. The company has what the clients are looking for. Securus has developed some products and services that are essential for corrections facilities and law enforcement agencies.


Some of the most popular services offered by Securus Technologies include information management systems, inmate communication systems, monitoring and surveillance technology, and money transfer services via Jpay. These products and services have enabled law enforcement officers to monitor criminals as well as keeping watch to the community by ensuring that criminal cases are arrested when they arise. Besides, the products offered by the company have enabled prisoners to communicate with their loved ones.


The prison life has become more bearable for the incarcerated individuals thanks to the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. These products and services are extremely affordable to the clients, and therefore inmates can get in touch with their friends and relatives without the need to break the bank.


Securus Technologies has contributed in a big way in ensuring that our communities are safe by reducing the crime rate and keeping all the criminal elements in check. The services offered by Securus have become very important in a volatile world where criminals are changing their tactics every other day.


The integration of modern technologies by Securus Technologies has revolutionized the prison environment by automating most of the processes in the corrections facilities. The automatic systems help in the detection of criminal activities inside the facilities such as illegal money transfers and drug use by the prisoners.


Previously, cases of violence and harassment would happen inside corrections facilities, and the officers lacked the necessary tools to investigate these cases. Using products offered by Securus Technologies in conjunction with other law enforcement resources, officers can recover drugs, weaponry, illegal money, and many other criminal activities that wouldn’t otherwise be discovered.