Mark Mofid Is Changing The Face Of Buttlifts

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Alarming headlines about the things that go wrong with butt lifts using implants are examples of the negativity surrounding gluteal augmentation. It doesn’t matter if it’s fat, implants or something else the news is usually bad and that is how Dr. Mark Mofid a plastic surgeon based out of San Diego knows he faces a challenge discussing the safety and anthropologic origins of button augmentation. The battle is a tough one but he is aiding in the altering of perceptions with innovations and research.

Mark Mofid attended Harvard and trained at Johns Hopkins and his practice includes more than gluteal augmentation. His way of thinking is illustrated along with his proclivity and surgical skill by the approach he takes to perfecting the procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid takes a confident, conservative and contemplative approach to using implants for butt lifts.

Mark Mofid told Plastic Surgery Practice that he only does intramuscular implants and refuses to go to large because the complication risk is higher. The largest implant Mofid will perform is 330cc and he refuses to use subfascial placement. It is easier to do fat grafts than implants and recover time is shorter though there are limitations to what can be done.

Do It Yourself Buttock Implants To Designer Implants

When he first began doing buttock implants Mark Mofid was frustrated at what was available to him because the implants were to big to perform intramuscular placement. In response he designed his own implant to solve the problems with existing implants. Mofid learned in Brazil from Raul Gonzalez. Mofid has spent years studying and researching to ensure that the techniques and materials he uses are as safe as possible. He wants his patients to have a realistic look and refuses to do anything to endanger them. Mark Mofid also performs cosmetic surgery on the eyes and reconstructive surgery on the breasts.

James Dondero and His Long Record of Achievements in the Field of Business

Financial Advice

James Dondero follows a”puzzle solving” philosophy, an approach that has served him well in his more than 30 years of work in the credit and equity market fields. He today serves as the president and CEO of Highland Capital Management (HCM), an alternative investment management firm.

Born 54 years ago in Hoboken, N.J., Dondero originally set his sights on investing in real estate. Majoring in both accounting and finance, he would graduate with the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He began his career in 1984, working as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company training program, and would over the next five years serve as a corporate bond analyst and then a portfolio manager at the financial giant American Express. He would later create GIC, eventually turning the firm into a $2 billion subsidiary of the insurance company Protective Life. Read this article at

Working with business partner Mark Okada, Dondero created HCM in 1993. Moving from Los Angeles to Dallas, HCM would subsequently purchase its parent company. Providing opportunities in such areas as hedge and mutual funds, HCM is considered a pioneer when it comes to developing credit plans for investors throughout the world.

In addition to his leadership role at HCM, Dondero serves as the chairman of NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank Capital, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding and CCS Medical, and is on the boards of both Jernigan Capital and MGM Holdings. James Dondero is qualified as a certified public accountant, a certified management accountant and a chartered financial analyst. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Outside his financial career, Dondero serves on the executive board of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, and is known for his philanthropic activities. His dedication to education includes his financial support of Reasoning Minds, an organization that employs the latest technology to develop math programs for children living in remote or impoverished areas. HCM is a big supporter of Family Place, an organization dedicated to reducing violence in the home, and recently provided a $10 million endowment to help initiate an educational program that will be conducted at the Dallas-based Bush Presidential Center.


Rocketship Education Makes A Tremendous Difference

Individualized Learning Plans

Rocketship Education is an innovative and dynamic non-profit public school system. The focus is on elementary schools so that in those formative years, a solid foundation of learning is set so that middle school and high school are successful.

Rocketship specializes in the placement of their special elementary education and training centers in economically challenged areas of the country. It is in these areas where the tax base has been badly eroded and the public schools in the area just do not have the funding to be first class.

Rocketship Education emphasizes the partnership between parents, teachers, and the students for the total development of the student’s education. Parents are not as active in most public schools as they are allowed to be with Rocketship. The teachers meet with the parents in their homes in order to get to know the family and their aspirations for their children when it comes to their education.

The emphasis of the child’s education is in what is called STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math. Rocketship Education that every child has potential and talents that deserve to be uncovered and nurtured. In addition to these core subjects, responsible traits are also emphasized, such as persistence, empathy, responsibility, and respect. This pattern of social responsibility helps children to be aware of their surroundings and help to look out for one another.

The goal and mission of Rocketship Education is to eliminate the educational gap that occurs in disadvantaged areas in our lifetime. This gap occurs when there is not enough funding in poorer for quality schools when the tax base erodes. This is not an uncommon situation in many urban areas today, and Rocketship has achieved marvelous results in such situations.

The team of parents, teachers, and students is a dynamic system that gives everyone a stake in the outcome of a students process with Rocketship. When parents take an active interest in their children’s education, the students are energized and want to do better. The skills and excitement that the students receive is a tangible and exciting experience for everyone. This is why Rocketship students graduate a full year ahead of their peers in the public schools.