OSI Industries Builds Its Presence Into The UK With Flagship Europe Buyout

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Flagship Europe was a former branch of the American-based Flagship Food Group that serves most of the UK and has customers in France and Spain, and its products have consisted of breakfast meats, roasted chicken and chicken nuggets, baked pies and various sauces. In the years leading up to 2016, it started undergoing financial difficulties and was preparing to shutter several locations. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Industries decided to buy Flagship Europe but decided to keep its brand name and welcomed Flagship Europe CEO Russell Maddock to the executive team as well as the rest of the company’s employees. Flagship Europe is now receiving funding to reach even more customers in its European territories.

OSI Industries was originally owned by Otto Kolschowsky and his family, but it was only a butcher shop in a Chicago suburb when it started in 1909. But the family impressed many local food service merchants that it continued running for more than 40 years in the Chicago area, and it became a well-known market store known as Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons made headlines when McDonald’s restaurant corporation asked them to become its meat supply merchant. This new partnership meant that Otto & Sons was going to need to grow at a tremendous rate in order to meet the supply capabilities of McDonald’s, and that’s when they began seeking funding for new high-technology processing plants. Sheldon Lavin, a former banker turned consultant offered his input to the company and helped them open a suburban operating plant and later more plants in Iowa, Wisconsin and California. As their holdings increased, Otto & Sons was renamed OSI Industries and Lavin was nominated CEO and Chairman as the Kolschowsky’s started retiring and exiting the company.

Since the mid-1970s, OSI Industries has invested in high quality production plants stationed in 17 different countries, and along with employees on the assembly lines most of these plants have advanced food research centers on their premises. They also have invested in clean production technology in their refrigeration and heating equipment, and it led to their receiving the Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council around the same time that Flagship Europe was acquired. OSI Industries currently ranks at number 10 in the world’s largest meat processing companies and according to ProvisionerOnline.com also ranks at number 54 in total food production. OSI Industries has philanthropic initiatives as a supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and a donor to the Chicago Inner City Foundation.

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Knowing the World is Crucial To Advertising Success That Lori Senecal Enjoys


Business owners need to know the world when it comes to advertising. As a matter of fact, the idea of the business owner being out of touch is not as true as one would believe, especially when it comes to successful businesses. These days, people are starting all kinds of businesses. Many of them are very small, and yet they are some of the most successful businesses that one can be a part of. The most important aspect of their business is in the marketing, claims Bloomberg. When people market, they have to make sure that they are reaching their audience in a way that they want to be reached.


One person that can help people reach their audience is Lori Senecal. She is very much in touch with the world and what people want. Therefore, she is able to advertise effectively. She is also able to share her insights on what people respond to. For instance, she notices that people in general are interested in more of a neighborly image. For instance, they are likely to respond positively to playful images as well as spontaneous images. Therefore, she urges people who want to advertise to be a little playful.


One of the best ways to know the world is be involved with it. Lori Senecal reaches out and connects with people when it comes to business so that she can be known throughout the world. This attracts clients to her so that she can advertise to the right people for her clients. Given that people are using mobile devices and are also constantly on social media, she is able to reach people at various times during the day with her advertising campaigns. Given that she has turned one of her businesses into global enterprises, she has expanded her reach and has shown that she can make businesses grow.



Heal N Soothe: A Supplement that Packs a Punch

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If you are an avid follower of herbal supplements or alternative medicine, you may have heard of Heal N Soothe, a product offered by Living Well Nutraceuticals. Heal N Soothe is intended for use by adults with joint pain and is formulated with anti-inflammatory herbal extracts. Just what are these extracts? Let’s take a look at only a few of the active ingredients: bromelain, turmeric extract and Mojave yucca root.


Have you ever wondered why pineapples are sometimes used to tenderize meat? The answer lies in this component of the pineapple. Bromelain is a compound that contains enzymes that break down proteins, often thought of as “eating” the protein-rich matter, hence their usage in cooking. These little enzymes are capable of working outside of the kitchen, however. They also have a high potential for medical usage, and research has been conducted to attempt to establish a link between bromelain extract and the relief of pain from inflammation. It is thought that this compound’s enzyme action signals the body to produce pain-relieving compounds of its own.

Turmeric Extract

Another familiar ingredient found in kitchens, turmeric also has a history of usage in folk medicine and traditional medicine. This bright, sunny-hued ingredient is ubiquitous throughout Indian culture, used to flavor everything from curry to tea. In extract form, it is also known for its ability to fight inflammation. Historically, turmeric extract has been used topically, but in modern times it has found new life as a component in orally administered supplements such as Heal N Soothe.

Mojave Yucca Root

Mojave yucca root, also known as yucca, is a versatile plant that finds its way into many supplements, medicines and basic foods and beverages. If you have ever drunk soda or sparkling water, you might be surprised to learn that you may have already ingested yucca root, as it is used to produce foam in carbonated drinks. This root also shows promise in fighting inflammation and decreasing cholesterol. While the effectiveness of Mojave yucca root, as with many other herbal extracts, has yet to be conclusively determined, people who suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels have self-reported some improvement in symptoms following a regimen of yucca root extract.

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Selfless Work of Jeff Herman in Supporting the Child Victims Act

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As a nationally recognized lawyer and founder of Herman Law, Jeff Herman has dedicated his life to taking a stand for children who have been sexually abused. He does so by representing them in court, and urging legislation to be mindful of the benefits certain bills may have in store for children that become victims of sexual abuse. The Child Victims Act is currently one of the bills that holds the spotlight. If passed, the Child Victims Act would eliminate both criminal and civil statutes of limitations in child sexual abuse cases that take place in New York State.

Individuals who recognize the benefits of this bill are part of a coalition called “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators,” and the cause that they are constantly fighting for is now being endorsed by stars such as actor Corey Feldman and Team USA volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard. Just like Herman, these are people fighting for the vital growth of community advocacy in attempt to harness the prevention of these crimes that too often ruin children’s lives.

As the law stands now, after the age of 23 the court will no longer hear cases against the perpetrator brought by those individuals who survived child sexual abuse. With the Child Victims Act, individuals wishing to press charges would now have 50 years in civil cases to bring the case against their abuser to the courts. Overall, supporters of the Child Victims Act truly understand that the effects of sexual abuse are often a life-long battle for many who fall victim to this heinous crime.

Time is of the essence in cases of child sexual abuse; cases that Herman works hard to not only defend, but also prevent. If Republican Senate passes the Child Victims Act it would allot for significantly more time for the cases to be heard, and therefore more time for Jeff Herman to do his job.

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