Where US Energy Independence is Going, and Why That Means Now is a Good Time to Buy Freedom Checks

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Many US investors have felt the rich oil and natural gas reserves within the US boundaries have gone untapped for far too long, and now companies are pushing to start getting into them. With these big oil booms and increased domestic energy supply, it’s also a good opportunity for investors who may have been worried about decreasing oil prices from 2015-2017. What investors can take advantage of now are great new stock alternatives that are based primarily in the energy sector known as freedom checks. You may have seen a video or heard rumors about these and wondered if there was anything to them. They are quite legitimate and you would be missing out by not taking advantage of them.

Freedom checks will likely not be received as checks, though you can opt to receive them in the mail in that form. But more than likely you would have them direct deposited in a brokerage account or in a regular bank account similar to paycheck direct deposit. Basically when you buy a freedom check, you’re buying it like you would most stocks on the exchange. But instead of buying into a regular corporation and becoming a shareholder, you’re becoming a unit-holder of a master limited partnership (MLP) company. These companies work a bit differently than regular corporations, and once you own a unit of an MLP, you own a freedom check that could make double, triple or ten times it’s amount in returns, and you will not pay tax on it. You might think, “Wow, how is that even possible?” MLP shares are not under the category of return on income like most stocks that are taxed are. Instead the way they’re classified is as a return on capital, a definition that makes them tax exempt to own, though the lower capital gains rate will apply if you plan to sell. To know more about the company click here.

How do you know freedom checks are legitimate? Matt Badiali, a respected geologist and investment newsletter writer has personally investigated them and been with the MLP companies who issue them, and his newsletter readers even reported that the dividends they received for them were quite high. You do want to make sure if you plan to buy them that you grab them before the price is too high or the shares have stopped being issued. To find out more about freedom checks, read the newsletters at www.BanyanHill.com.


Papa Johns Hopes To Do Better

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Papa John’s one of the largest pizza delivery chains in the United States has been going through a difficult time fighting the public battle between the founder of John Schnatter and the Board of Directors, financial loses as well as the securities class action lawsuit for not disclosing material information to its investors. John Schnatter was asked to give in his resignation after he used a racial slur in an ongoing conference call which was made public. Then there were allegations against Schnatter for inappropriate behavior which were settlitchieed confidentially. To top it all off, a former employee filed a class action lawsuit for having anti-competitive “no hire” terms which prohibited Papa John’s franchisees to hire workers from the franchises of other companies.

Steve Ritchie was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer the day John Schnatter had resigned. The new CEO has been a part of Papa John’s since 1996 and was hired as a customer service representative. Then on the basis of his dedication and hard work, he became Papa John’s franchise operator and owner in 2006. It didn’t stop till here, in 2010 he started to serve in the capacity of leadership in operations. It eventually got him the position of the Chief Operating Officer in 2014. Steve Ritchie was then finally made the President in 2015 which was the highest position in the job rank

John Schnatter hasn’t made his resignation easy on the pizza chain company, he has launched a website to gather support and even wrote a letter in the Louisville Courier-Journal asking mentioning how Papa John’s is the life’s work of him and his customers, they will get through this difficult time and he is sorry that all this happened.” Steve Ritchie, on the other hand, is on the top of his game to do damage control. In an effort to take control of the situation, Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to his employees, customers, and franchises that Papa John’s leadership team had “unconsciously completed bias training” and it’s going to be rolled out.

He further mentioned diversity efforts are under their way and expert help is being taken from respected people to guide the brand. The Papa John’s recent advertising campaign is also an effort to acknowledge their mistake and that the company has taken into account the comments of its customers on the social media very seriously and these comments are going to help the company do better.

Jacob Gottlieb Role in Healthcare Investments


The healthcare department is one of the most powerful at the moment. The industry has been fortunate to undergo some great and very exciting changes that have left many people smiling. Private investors have realized that they can earn a living and change lives when they venture into this area. One of the people who have all the reasons to smile is Jacob Gottlieb. The businessman has a great reputation for being an expert in healthcare investments. His ventures in the healthcare market have changed so many lives. Jacob is currently living in New York City, and most of his investments are found in this place.

One of the popular startups by the businessman is known as Altium Capital, and it mostly deals with investments in the healthcare industry. Jacob says that he will spend most of his career life trying to invest in the healthcare opportunities that have proven to be meaningful. Some of the firms he has chosen include the famous Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation. Both companies have a reputation of serving patients, regardless of the diseases they are dealing with.

To become a successful venture capitalist in the healthcare department, it is paramount to seek help from scientists and other professionals who are experienced in the field. These professionals always play a role in generating the kind of healthcare services required by the patients. Jacob has a special passion for supporting cardiovascular treatments, and this is why he has been working closely with Amarin, an organization that is based in Bedminster. The fast-growing company has been very innovative in introducing pharmaceutical products that can help to cure different types of cardiovascular diseases. The American based entrepreneur believes that Amarin is in a better position to introduce the treatment options many people have been looking for. The company has set several branches in the recent years too.

Find out more about Jacob Gottlieb: https://ideamensch.com/jacob-gottlieb/

Focusing on the Career of Chairman of Orthopedics, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


A recent interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum discussed some major details about his career and how he got started. First, there is a little bit of background knowledge that should be discussed before diving into his past and how he got started. To begin with, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is the Chairman of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System. The facility for Bronxcare is located in Bronx of New York City. There are a few areas of health that he specifically focuses on and those are joint and bone issues, as well as knee, hip, and shoulder replacements.

Since joining the American Orthopaedics Association in 1995, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been a big part of major research that was published on extensive joint replacement surgeries and helped in the making of some large replacement systems for joints.

Even before all his work with major projects and research, Dr. Ira Kirschebaum served as a Community Health Editor. He worked this position for WebMD. Then, in 1979, he went on to receive his undergraduate degree from Brown University, which then led him to finish his residency from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. All of this schooling is what led him to where he currently is at, working on knee replacement surgeries and reconstructive surgeries of many types.

When asked where his idea came from for his company, he stated that he was simply bringing a website into reality through the help of Medscape. Another question that was asked was how he is productive throughout his day, and what a typical day looks like for him. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum mentioned that he likes to check in with social media and gets to work bright and early.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has accomplished many great feats and continues to bring new ideas to life.

Madison Street Capital Was A Good Advisor For Sachs Capital Group

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Madison Street Capital has provided advice to Sachs Capital Group regarding the purchase of RMG Networks. The transaction was financed by Virgo Capital as well as Merion Investment Partners. RMG is a digital company, providing signage media software, hardware and service to more than half of the companies on the Fortune 100 list. Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway mentioned that Barry Petersen guided the Madison Street advisory team.


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Sachs Capital Group CEO Gregory H. Sachs said they are thrilled to have completed the transaction. Madison Street Capital reptutation proved well. The company was equipped with relationships, direction and made attempts on behalf of Sachs to locate sources for capital and sticking with Sachs through the entire transaction. Madison Street was really instrumental to the success of the deal.


Assisting Sachs Capital Group

Senior managing director Barry Petersen says the experience of supporting Mr. Sachs during the transaction was great. RMG Networks is in a good position to bring capital to its owners, especially since the launch of the new communication platform Korbyt. Following the transaction, those with RMG stocks were given $1.29 per share, all cash. After the transaction, RMG’s stock was no longer trading on the stock exchange.


About RMG

RMG’s goals are to boost efficiency, engagement, and productivity for businesses via digital messaging. RMG uses a combination of updated software, business applications, hardware, and services to provide one lane of accountability for performance management and integrated data. The headquarters of RMG is Dallas Texas, but there are offices all around the world.


About Madison Capital

Madison Capital is a global investment banking company with a commitment of excellence, leadership, service and integrity when providing financial advisory services on a corporate level. The company provides expertise in mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial opinions to businesses. The goal of these services is to place other companies in a position to be successful in the global market.


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