Premium Dog Food


The idea of flavoring dog foods has been received with much controversy. Dog food processing companies have argued that dogs need to eat flavored, and this has been the main reason for the new trend in dog food processing firms. This idea of feeding dogs with foods that are flavored and respect all the procedures of manufacturing human food has been seen as a move that will put the dog in a position above man when it comes to dieting. However, this move is likely to have its way without getting any challenge. Dog owners are in support of this idea basing on their willingness to pay extra amounts of cash just to make sure that dogs get good food.

Some companies have stood above the others in manufacturing the most impressive foods for the dog. These companies are just producing food that would have otherwise been given a top grading in the human food sector but sell them for dog feeding purposes. Two sectors are now competing to outdo each other. They are Dog food manufacturing sector and the human food sector. They are both struggling to come up with the most innovative diets whereby none of them wants to be defeated by the other. Purina Beneful is taking an innovative turn whereby the foods it produces serve more than one purpose in the dog’s body. Beneful includes using weight cutting foods which help those dog owners wishing to control their pets’ body weight.

This industry is becoming diverse since pet food production is no longer restricted to manufacturing the kind of food that will only fill a dog’s stomach. Just like in the human dieting sector, recipes are now designed and made to cater for many health needs. Beneful holds the belief that dieting can be used to remedy many health problems in dogs. The healthier the dog eats, the less often it suffers health complications.



The Queens of Drama Realty TV Show


Queens of Drama is a reality tv series. A group of former daytime soap opera stars get together and try to create a solution to the problem of the decline in soap opera roles. They create a production company and embark on a mission to create a pilot. They are trying to build a show that gives women strong roles on television. the stars of this show are Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Vanessa Marcil, and Hunter Tylo.

Queens of Drama is lightly scripted and you’re getting a fictionalized version of the stars as themselves, with a sprinkling of the soap opera stars they portrayed in the past. Like all reality tv shows, there’s all the same controversy, not everyone gets along, there is drama surrounding who is more supportive of whom, or who may be more selfish than the others. And these portrayals are very real when it comes to the business end of things.

One Life to Live star Crystal Hunt plays herself with a touch of her iconic and villainous character Stacy Morasco. Her creative abilities and exceptional business sense really shine through on Queens of Drama. Her amazing talent as an actress brings a lot to the show. We also get a look at how she’s been a business success with her pet boutique.

Crystal Hunt started her career early as a two-year-old competing in beauty pageants. She later received a Daytime Emmy Nomination for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the soap opera Guiding Light.  Crystal has a great acting reel as an example of her talents on YouTube.

Donna Mills has made herself the kind of front and center of the show. She has an uncanny ability to direct and lead the movement of a situation without anyone asking her to do this. This creates a lot of conflict in the show. Make sure to follow Crystal on Metacritic for new film information, but also on her photography website.