Explore All The Services That FreedomPop Is Offering

Mobile Phone Service

How is it that in the midst of cell phone companies raising their rates, FreedomPop was able to introduce lower rates and keep them low? Many cell phone companies are only making excuses when they say they cannot lower their prices anymore because it’s possible to lower prices if the company really wants to. It’s not only cheap cell phone plans that people are looking for but good coverage too. No one wants a cell phone service that doesn’t work when it’s needed, so it’s a good choice for those looking for low-priced cell phone coverage to look at a FreedomPop review.

It may seem as if FreedomPop’s network is like all the other ones out there, but they are not. The company is continuing to gain steam with their low-priced cell phone plans, especially since they have a plan that’s completely free of cost. The free cell phone plan that FreedomPop introduced when they opened in 2011 is still available today with 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. Any phone that can work on FreedomPop’s network can be used with the free cell phone service.

Speaking of phones, the company has all kinds of phones and sells new and used devices, and they also sell different kinds of tablets that can be used on their network, and it’s possible for a user to bring their tablet to FreedomPop too. The company has such great cell phone coverage that many are praising it as an excellent network, and it’s not just because they’re under Sprint’s network either. FreedomPop is working diligently to make their customers happy by continuing to bring low prices as well as great service to its customers.

FreedomPop’s introduction of a Wi-Fi service some years back has become incredibly popular now. The Wi-Fi service is a great way to maximize the usage of a cell phone that’s on FreedomPop’s network by allowing the cell phone to connect to the Wi-Fi service to have continuous 4G LTE Wi-Fi. An application from FreedomPop is available in app stores free of cost, but the Wi-Fi service itself is five dollars monthly for unlimited usage. Portable hotspots are offered as well, which can be very useful for those who want access to 4G LTE data but want to use it when and how they want.

Reference Link: https://techcrunch.com/2015/01/21/freedompop-wifi/

One Writers Experience Using Wen by Chaz Dean Hair Products

Hair Products

Wen by Chaz Dean [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] has a great line of hair care products. One writer on Bustle.com decided to use this wonderful brand for her hair. Here is Emily Mcclure’s experience with Wen.
The first day she arrived home after a full day of using different types of transportation. Her hair was very frizzy and greasy so she was hoping this product would work. What she found interesting about this product is the amount of product you should be using, which is 10-16 pumps of product for short hair. After using the product her hair looked really shiny and clean.

Over the next few days she continued to use this product. Her hair continued to look very healthy and shiny. She also noticed that her hair was softer. She even had people comment on how shiny her hair looked when she went out with friends. This article was originally published on Bustle. You can read her whole story here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Wen by Chaz Dean is a great company that sells many different hair products on Amazon. They pride themselves in not using any harsh chemicals, such as sulfates, that can damage your hair. Wen’s products contain extracts and herbs that clean and add moisture to your hair. This in turn keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

Wen By Chaz Dean offers a wide variety of products on their site. They have a cleansing conditioner that cleans your hair without harsh chemicals. They have a mousse that nourishes your hair to keep it soft and looking great. They sell an anti-frizz styling cream that protects hair from breaking, when it’s exposed to heat. Lastly, they sell a hair treatment that softens hair, adds shine, and body. If you are looking for a great hair product then look no further than Wen by Chaz Dean. Check out the Wen channel on youTube for more info.


Protect Your Pockets And Your Property

Financial Consultancy Firm

With the ever changing economy and increase on the cost of living yearly, consumers all over are trying to find ways to bring in some extra cash. Bills can pile up at any moment, and finances are always tight at the wrong time. For some people, renting out their entire home or parts of their home is a quick way to bring in a few extra bucks. Airbnb is a popular online platform, designed to allow users to interact with Host in their destination city. Host post photos and descriptions of their property, along with the daily rate and contact information. All booking and payment information is processed on Airbnb’s website. The process is quick and easy for both the host and the renter, and can potentially be a form of uncapped income for those who rent out their space frequently.


While Airbnb offers a quick and easy way to bring in extra cash, it may not be the safest option in terms of protection of your property. If you happen to live in the home that you are renting out, it is even more important that it goes undamaged. Because most insurance companies do not offer policies to cover temporary rentals, you property is extremely vulnerable when renting. If your property is damaged, fixing the issues can end up costing you much more than you actually made from renting.


It is better to be safe than sorry, covering all of your bases as a host will help protect you if any damage should occur. Speaking with a wealth and investment specialist is the first step in protecting your property. Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, an investment company that offers advisory services and assistance with financial planning for business and wealthy individuals.


Wealth Solutions is dedicated to providing their clients with the tools and knowledge they need to protect their assets and avoid loss of income. Richard Blair is an experienced Estate and Trust Specialist as well as an Investment Advisor. He uses his knowledge and experience to help develop innovative and strategic solutions for Investment and wealth protection for his clients.


Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been widely known and trusted by business and individuals all over since 1994. Because of his true passion for educating and helping others, Richard Blair has dedicated nearly his entire life to teaching others about about their own financial endeavors.

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Doe Deere Lays Out Her Guiding Principles In An Interview With Galore Magazine


In life today, people all strive to meet certain goals. Many people follow a dream that helps them make sense of the world in front of them. A certain lucky few have been able to translate this dream into something greater, something that is all about being able to do what they love and help others at the same time. Such is the case for Lime Crime founder Doe Deere. Deere is in love with her life and her career, as she tells Galore Magazine. She has been gifted with the amazing ability to pursue her passions in life that allow her to earn a good living and be part of something she loves.

Lime Crime

As the founder of the hugely popular makeup website Lime Crime, Deere has been able to demonstrate her devotion to duty at every level. She founded Lime Crime with the intention of offering unique products that cannot be found in any other place. Much to her pleasure and delight, her company has taken off in recent years and seen enormous growth. What was once just a small store on eBay has become so much more for her and for all of many delighted followers.

A Pioneer

In many ways, Deere is very much a modern day pioneer. She is one of a handful of people who have been able to take a basic idea and use it to come her advantage. That idea was one in which she could show off her devotion to the world of fashionable makeup. Her life has always been about using makeup on her own skin in new and fascinating ways. She was able to translate that vision into a company today that is thriving on the net and allows her to sell products that she knows really work.

Her Own Vision

Her own vision of the world is one that is evident to all those who look at her posts on social media as well as her website. The vision is all about the use of makeup in ways that are elegant, new and amazingly beautiful all at the same time. She has shown how it is possible to take colors like blue and green and make them part of any woman’s makeup style. So many of her fans have found a home with her as she helps them figure out how to do the same with color.Learn more: http://thestoryexchange.org/doe-deere/

Shaygan Kheradpir Promotes Innovation


Coriant is a network solutions company that has recently been hitting the news due to the fact that the company is currently making a comeback in offering some of the most innovative network solutions in the world. With hundreds of thousands of networks being sold each and every year, Coriant has clients in over 100 different countries around the world that have all praised Coriant for the innovative solutions that the company provides. In recent news, a new CEO has been appointed to lead the company even further into the future with many plans for innovation that will soon take off.

This individual is Shaygan Kheradpir who has over 30 years of experience in innovation as well as creative technological solutions that are not only creative, but also are fully functioning and long lasting for any consumer. Mr. Kheradpir not only holds a degree in engineering, but has also spent the last 30 years of his career working in executive positions at international and innovative companies such as Verizon Communications as well as GTE.

Shaygan Kheradpir will be a great asset to this network solutions company that provides fast-working and efficient products and services that are tailored to the fast pace that businesses in the 21st century constantly move at. The solutions that Coriant offers to the customers not only reduce the overall complexity of using the network, but also makes the utilization of a multi-layer network faster and more efficient than ever before. Coriant hopes to continue providing clients with some of the most innovative technologies and hopes to continue getting positive reviews from clients for being a company that is truly ahead of its time.

Coriant, though a branch off company to Marlin Equity Partners, speaks for itself in the successful transactions and partnerships that the company has made within the few years that the company has been in business. Though Mr. Kheradpir will be officially leading Coriant for the first time, Mr. Kheradpir has worked with the company before during his time as an operating partner at the Marlin Equity Partners firm. Mr. Kheradpir had contributed to the company by helping the senior partners with the plans as well as the networking solutions for the future.

Learn more: http://www.lightwaveonline.com/articles/2015/09/shaygan-kheradpir-new-coriant-chairman-and-ceo.html



Need a Party Planner? Lauren Conrad is here to the Rescue

Event Planning

If Lauren Conrad is going to plan your next party, then you are in for a treat. By applying some of her famous entertainment rules then your guaranteed to have an awesome and stress-free event. Mrs. Conrad has made her mark in the fashion world, especially with her two collections namely Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. Let us not forget her publishing endeavors, that includes nine books, eight of which are New York Time’s best sellers, and her well-established social media presence with over ten million followers combined for her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Despite all her successful endeavors, Lauren is still settled on making her presence known in a much cozier locale- your home. She has recently launched her online fair-trade retailer, The Little Market, and also has a book out, called ‘Celebrate.’ In spite of being referred to as the millennia Martha Stewart, Lauren still maintains that those might be quite the big shoes to fill.

Nevertheless, Lauren party tips are just what you need to make you a good hostess. Her secret, as is revealed in an article from the Redbook, is not to worry yourself with perfection. (http://www.redbookmag.com/food-recipes/entertaining/news/a44678/lauren-conrad-party-planning-entertaining).

Lauren reveals that putting a party together doesn’t always have to be perfect, as something that appears to be too put together is just fussy for her, and thus people might not be comfortable. In making the right party setting, one has to ensure that the guests experience utmost comfort and feel welcomed.

A company that mutually shares Lauren’s opinions is Twenty Three Layers. The company is based in New York City and offers full-service event planning. The company is also a design firm that employs the most creative and brilliant minds in the industry. The company aims to impress with their demand for perfection and unsurpassed attention to detail in order to meet the satisfaction of their clients. (http://twentythreelayers.com/about).

The company also upholds amicable relations with top establishments and the most sought-after vendors to make the event planning process fun and worry-free for its clientele. The company offers its unbiased expertise and services in venue selection, floral design, catering, photography, entertainment, lighting, branding and production, just to mention a few. (http://twentythreelayers.com/services).

IAP Worldwide Lands a Contract Worth $15.6 Million in Maryland

Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a contracting firm established in 1990 and located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The company offers a spectrum of services and solutions through four of its divisions. The first division provides engineering, administrative, scientific, and health solutions to private and public healthcare institution in the United States.

The second division provides power services, which entail both permanent and temporary power sources and operations, renewable energy, and power plant operations and management services.

The third division oversees the provision of professional and technical services, facilities management, disaster management, and logistics to commercial clients and governments in the United States and across the world.

The last division provides services for government sectors including emergency responses, network and communication, aviation support services, facilities engineering operations, expeditionary infrastructure services, and logistics and supply chain.

Under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer Douglas Kitani, and the Chief Financial Officer Terrence DeRosa, IAP Worldwide has been a major defense and aerospace contract partner.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

The terms of the contract include operations to support the Naval Air Station located in Patuxent River, Md. The operations to be involved entail training, management supervision, supplying of equipment and machinery necessary to perform base operation support services such as facility investment, waste water management, construction of utilities such as swimming pools, solid waste management, and environmental conservation.

This contract has a June 2017 closing date and is expected to expand up to $45 million. The contract will see hundreds if not thousands of people hired as project managers, medical personnel, engineers, IT specialists, property specialists, and disaster management professionals.

News about the contract was released a year after the United States Veteran Magazine (USVM) recognized IAP Worldwide Services as a member of the top Veteran-Friendly Companies and Top Suppliers Diversity Programs in the United States. The company was honored as part of a list of companies with a track record of hiring employees with military backgrounds.

IAP Worldwide has offices in the United Kingdom, Oklahoma City, Panama City, the Middle East, and Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md, among other locations. The company’s mission is to solve extremely challenging and sophisticated problems using ingenuity, proven technology and expertise to meet the needs of its diverse customers.

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Introspective from the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah, Spirituality

There are many life lessons which are taught at the Kabbalah Centre. Many of them are life lessons intertwined with a spiritual message. Spiritual messages come to us in many forms, many of which are life lessons. To that end, we have another life lesson for you guys today. This life lesson is all brought to you by the Kabbalah Centre. If you are interested in finding out more about this and others, you can easily go the official site. Now, let’s get on with today’s life lesson.

It’s about sharing without selfishness and loving unconditionally. Many of through around the word love a little to quickly these days. We love this. We love that. We love when it’s convenient for us. What about when it’s inconvenient? How many of us give love when it’s inconvenient for us to do so? How many of us give and show love only when there’s something in it for us? There are probably many of us who do so. This sort of love is shallow and devoid of any meaning.

Let’s touch on this concept some more with two prime examples.


How many of you have ever done something, done something in the hopes of getting something in return? Most of us have. At the Kabbalah Centre this life lesson touches on something a bit out of the ordinary. This is where the selfless act comes into play. Kind of frightening, isn’t it?


Loving someone who might be getting on your nerves. Loving someone who might not even like you. These two concepts definitely involved going out of “the comfort zone.” Loving a person no matter what takes a lot of discipline. It means looking passed their faults, maybe even recognizing a few of them in you. Visit their website to learn more about the Kabbalah Centre.

Try Out the New Android Navigation App: Here Maps

Create a Wiki Page, Digital Marketing

Every time you use your existing navigation app to explore mysterious and unfamiliar places across the earth, you probably use Wikipedia and Google to retrieve more information about those places or a sum up of all the fascinating things associated with these places. This is while you’re in the periphery of your destination. However, if you’re using the newly published HERE Maps, an android-based navigation and information app, you may not have to switch apps just to be informed about your place of destination. HERE Maps integrates Wikipedia Sights as an additional feature to the formerly available Eat $ Drink HERE and Guide tours utilities.

Wikipedia is among the few sites that attract the greatest amount of web traffic in the world. By integrating Wikipedia Sights into the Nearby feature of HERE Maps, all you need to do is check out the Nearby button, choose the Wikipedia option and you can explore whichever unfamiliar location that you intend to visit. The app will display your preferential location and a summarized article describing the unique aspects of that location. In case you need additional information about the place, the app host a link to redirect you to the actual Wikipedia page.

Benefits of creating a Wikipedia page

For starters, Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the web. Secondly, when Google – the leading search engine – are indexing or ranking sites on the web, they use data from Wiki to catalogue their Google Knowledge Graphs.

Therefore, if you need to create a Wikipedia article, or have one edited or re-edited, Wikipedia’s expert and veteran editors are always available to help you. Whether you’re a business, an individual or an entity, your articles will be written in your style of preference, formatted carefully and properly as well as supported by reliable and informative references. Experts from companies like Get Your Wiki are there to make sure that your page is not only created properly, but they will also make updates and any Wikipedia revisions necessary.

Similarly, considering that the site is an open source community, your article will most likely be improved by serious volunteers and editors while Wikipedia editors keep an eye just to make sure that the edits are beneficial and accurate. Finally, if you need your article translated to the language of presence, Get Your Wiki’s team of professional translators will be there to help you.

How Class Dojo is Benefitting Learning Institutions

Educational Tool

A learning app is causing excitement due to its ability to create a communication platform between teachers, parents and students. Class Dojo, as it is popularly known, is already grounding up change in the education sector. Despite being relatively new, it has received mainstream acceptance and is currently the learning app of choice in two out of every three learning institutions in the United States. To make the app more user friendly, Class Dojo recently raised 21 million dollars from investors in the second series of venture funding crusade.

The funds will be used to improve the application’s interface, and also to add more features to it. This will enable educators to communicate consistently and easily with parents concerning the activities of their kids while they are in school. This continuous flow of information will enable parents and guardians to keep track of the learning and co-curricular activities of their kids. This will ultimately create a unique learning community encompassing learners, educators and parents.

The addition of new content to the app promises to make its use exciting all the more. The app’s founders are hoping to expand its use beyond the school context. In line with this, plans are in the pipeline to extent its use to households. All in all the idea behind the development of the app was to help parents support the educational and social development of their kids regardless of where they are. Class Dojo provides a platform where teachers can send real-time videos and pictures to parents throughout the day. The pictures and videos show how the learners are faring on within and outside classrooms.

Important Notes About Class Dojo

The San Francisco based upstart was co-founded in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The duo wanted to create a positive learning culture in schools, which would also incorporate parents. Despite facing fierce competition from more established developers, Class Dojo’s popularity has grown not only in the United States, but also other regions.

Since its formation, Class Dojo has mainly focused on pushing its products in the market. Of particular concern to the founders and the 25 members of staff has been the protection of users’ confidentiality. The app’s popularity is largely owed to the team of investors, who have always been at hand to offer financial backing.


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