Barbara Stokes Achievement in Managing Disaster

Green Homes

Barbara is the Chief Executive officer of Green Structure Homes. She co-founded the company with Scott Stokes of Alabama in 2008. Green structure Homes of Alabama is a Disaster Relief contractor company based in Alabama. The company works with private and government clients to provide services in manufacturing and engineering to produce modular homes for the people affected by various natural disasters like the Hurricane Harvey. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.


Educational Background and work experience


Barbara was a student at Mercer University, and she studied biomedical engineering and physics and graduated in 2001. She also studied technical communications, Thermodynamics, properties of the material, professional communication and structures to add value to her course.


The professional and leadership skills she acquired enabled her to work with disaster and relief management at Boeing and Pisces Corporations. The experience she acquired propelled her to get contacts from the government and to lead a team of professionals at Green Structure Homes.


Green Structure Homes works with the government and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, to respond to disaster by building homes for survivors. The company uses the start of the art design to build modular homes made of wood or steel. The houses are built on-site or transported, and they have all the amenities of a regular home. That is the toilet and kitchen. Read this article at


Barbara Stokes Partners with FEMA in Disaster and Relief Management


No one knows when disaster will strike until it happens. The earth has witnessed floods for a long time because of deforestation and global warming. FEMA and the national government have partnered with Green Structure Homes to build temporary homes for disaster survivors.


Barbara Stokes Interview


What motivated stokes to come up with the idea of medical evaluation is the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. She brings her ideas to life by working with a team of professionals at Green Structures Homes who help her save lives.


Barbara Stokes managed to grow the business by staying one step ahead of the employees in the company and seeking resources from SBA, which provides financial help for small businesses.


Barbara has set a good trend for all people to believe in themselves and do what they have to do to make a difference in people’s lives.


Students Are Communicating Better Than Ever With Class Dojo


For many years there has been a growing communication problem in the schooling system. Thankfully, Class Dojo and companies like them are creating new ways to build communication for the educational system, especially for children. The early years of a child’s academic career will be the most important in shaping their entire schooling experience. Today, it is well known within the educational community that communication is very important in regards to overall education. Sam and Liam, the founders of Class Dojo, specifically went around asking school staff and various teachers what the worst aspects of their own school community, and it turns out most of them had communication on the list.

It often goes unnoticed, but communication is a very important aspect that can help improve the performance of any student. For young children especially, the interaction with the parents and involvement in their schooling goes a long way in building their confidence and motivation. With Class Dojo, parents are able to stay connected with their children more effectively than ever before. This is because it allows parents to directly contact their child’s teacher at any time and see how they are doing with their classwork. Instead of the parent-teacher conferences that are few and far between, Class Dojo keeps parents and teachers in the loop at all times.

Class Dojo has improved a great deal since it was first released, allowing teachers from classrooms around the world to connect to each other and create a new experience for their students. They can learn about different religions, cultures, and lifestyles all through the power of communication and connectivity. Class Dojo is a very simple program to use and virtually everyone is able to use the program, provided they have a smart device and an internet connection. In less than a decade, more than two-thirds of schools in the United States have adopted the Class Dojo program and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon as it spreads to more classrooms around the world.

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End Citizens United And Its Battle With Exorbitant Donors

Political Issues

The End Citizens United is a political committee based in the United States. It was founded in 2015 with the sole aim of driving money out of politics. Its goal is to elect campaign-finance reform candidates to Congress. They contribute money for the candidates and run independent expenses. End Citizens United was operating its first election in 2016.

In 2016, it raised close to 25 million dollars. It is endorsed by big names in U.S. politics. They believe in the next election cycle; they will raise close to 35 million dollars to support candidates.

In the past elections, wealthy people and special interest groups could fund the campaign money to potential candidates. It saw the rise of the political action committee to maintain the balance of democracy among the political class. End Citizens United headquarters are in Washington D.C. Tiffany Muller is the president and executive director. Matt Burgess is the executive vice president with communication director being Adam Bozzi.

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One Rick Scott found himself tangled among the webs of the organization. It came about when he tried to get funding from the New Republican Super PAC. Scott is a senator who is seeking reelection. The organization fired complaints about Scott trying to accept donations from PAC. It was illegal since the donation exceeded the contribution limits plus violation of Federal Election Commission rules. In mid-April of 2018, it was revealed that Rick Scott received gifts from private equity executives. It was after the firms of the executives benefited from Scott’s decision on ‘state pension fund investments’. However, a 2010 Securities and Exchange Commission prohibited financial firms from funding public officials as stipulated above. Scott nevertheless, received donations as he chaired PAC in May 2017. End Citizens United found a basis to charge Rick Scott for accepting money from rich sources.

After Rick announced his motive of running for Bill Nelson’s Democratic seat in Congress, the Federal Election commission charged him. It was due to a violation of election laws. Adam Bozzi, communication’s director of End Citizens United, predicted the fall of Scott’s plan. He continued to say that Scott should not expect any trust from Florida’s voters due to his shady politics. Bozzi again sheds light on both the new Republican PAC and Scott campaign used the same fundraiser, Jenny Drucker. It was so far an actionable call for investigations as there was now proof of malice on Rick Scott’s side. End Citizen United has tuned political aspirants in the United States.


Southridge Capital Is A Leader In Financial Services

Financial Consultancy Firm

Southridge Capital opened its business in 1996 with a desire to help corporations obtain funds for special projects. Their intent was to secure loans for these businesses using both traditional means and non-traditional. At the time they began, the banks and loan companies were reluctant to offer large amounts to corporations to use for upgrades and expansions. The economy was unstable at the time and lending institutes were wary of new ventures. But, since that time, the economy has improved and now there are many opportunities available to businesses. Private investors are now seeking new ways of increasing their revenue and are looking at large corporations to do this. They are willing to fund many of the projects that companies are looking to do. Southridge Capital has been successful in putting these investors together with potential borrowers. They work with both the investor and the business to get projects started and see them through to completion. They advise on any potential risks and possible blockages in the process. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The management team at Southridge has been working together since the inception of the business and brings many years of experience to the company. Each of them has an expertise in a different area of the investment process. Together they will come up with a plan of action for each of the projects that come to their office and can highly recommend them to their ever growing list of investors. They have secured loans from banks and other lending institutes for many up and coming companies who would otherwise be denied loans because of their lack of experience. Many times a new company is unable to fund their projects because of the risk involved in starting a new business. Southridge Capital’s employees are trained and educated by the company in order to serve their clients to the best of their ability. Check out their Facebook page.



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The Forgotten Lee May

baseball, player

The name Lee May may not sound familiar to the casual baseball fan. Diehard Reds fans however, are most likely very aware of the name. Currently in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame, Lee May achieved great success during his time in the Major Leagues. He is often remembered for being the guy who was traded for the great Joe Morgan. Despite the surprising trade, Lee May went on to have one of the best careers in Reds history.


Lee May’s journey with the Reds began in 1961 we he was put in their farm system. He would spend several years there before finally breaking through as a rookie in 1967. Lee had an amazing rookie campaign. With less than 500 at bats he managed to hit twelve homeruns and drive in nearly sixty runs. He was named rookie of the year by The Sporting News. His success would continue for several years. May proved to be a powerful hitter and was seen as a leader in the clubhouse. During the next few years after his rookie season, he was named team MVP, selected to an all-star game and even led the team to the playoffs.


Reds ownership had a lack of contentment despite the teams success. They were looking to make changes that could take the team to the next level. A big and surprising trade soon followed in 1971 that sent May packing. The trade was shocking for most. May would go on to play for several other teams including the Astros, Orioles and Royals. His career was very productive and in 2006, May was eventually brought back to Cincinnati. The Reds put May into their team Hall of Fame. When speaking of the honor May said the following: “I never thought I’d make it.” ” I’ve got a lot of good memories and I have a lot of good friends that I met when I played in Cincinnati.” Lee May passed away in 2017. His amazing legacy however, continues on.


Dr. Johanan Rand Fighting the Effects of Aging

anti aging, beauty

Dr. Johanan Rand is the creator of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Dr. Rand studied physical and rehabilitation medicine at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He currently specializes in anti-aging, regenerative, and functional medicine. Dr. Rand spends a lot of time researching and reviewing medical practices that are peer-reviewed; and only suggests treatment plans for his patients that can be supported with peer-reviewed information.


Dr. Rand prides himself on his ability to offer innovative treatment plans for people who are suffering the effects of aging. His first step is to educate his patients. First, he educates his patients about why they are experiencing a specific symptom. Second, he gives them specific details about their treatment plan to ensure they fully understand the process. He has found that if his patients fully understand the process, they are more likely to follow it. Dr. Johanan Rand uses dietary adjustments, physical therapy, and hormone therapy as a foundation for all of his patients. In addition, he has training in acupuncture and various injections, allowing him to customize a patient’s treatment plan as necessary.


Along with modifying daily eating habits, the HCG diet is often added to patient’s treatment. This diet uses the same hormones that are released in women who are pregnant; it is been researched and found that this hormone has a number of benefits. First, it helps prevent muscle degeneration. Second, this hormone works so suppress appetite, creating a situation where hunger isn’t felt, therefore, food isn’t indulged on. Using this diet allows the body to quickly get rid of the excess fat, which has many benefits on the body.


Many people struggle keeping their weight off over time; this is the reason why Dr. Johanan implements a physical regimen for each of his patients to follow, it helps them maintain their weight. However, this isn’t the only reason he implements a physical aspect to his treatment plans, physical activity also addresses many cardiovascular issues that people suffer. It is through his detailed, innovative treatments that many patients have found relief from their illnesses.

IC System Leading Collection Agency with a Heart of Gold

advice, debt collection

IC system is a leading company in the Collections industry. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, the company was a finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics. It was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938. IC System is an accounts receivable company. They keep a constant focus on ensuring that their practices are in compliance with all of the standards required in the industry. In order for IC System to do this, they maintain a robust Compliance Risk Management System. This includes extensive auditing, rigorous training and thorough documentation. This means that the company can confirm that all policies exist and that they are properly documented. The company can also make sure that staff is properly trained. In order to further ensure proper compliance, every policy is audited on a regular basis.


IC System has also lent a helping hand to small communities in order to amplify their ethical business guidelines. This is evident when they developed a philanthropic team within their company, known as Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO). This team was created in 1981, and the members are responsible for organizing the company’s employee charitable efforts. They achieve this goal every year by creating donation events, organizing activities that involve the community, and giving employees the opportunity to volunteer and get them involved in philanthropic outreach programs.


Throughout each year, the company will also organize multiple blood drives. During these drives, the company hosts a mobile blood drawing unit, which is provided by the American Red Cross, in order to allow employees to immediately come and donate blood. Often times, these drives often yield high dividends, as seen in 2016 alone, when staff members had donated over fifty pints of blood cumulatively. According to estimates that ECHO made, that amount of blood can be used to save over 150 lives.


Through their diligence and courageous efforts to not only provide cutting-edge service to every patient, as well as their willingness to concern themselves with the larger community, their ideas of working to help others has made a huge impact.


Randal Nardone’s Successful Career In Finance And Investment At Fortress Investment Group


In 1998, five finance and investment professionals joined hands to formally launch what until then was just an idea. A finance and investment giant with several sub-divisions, each playing into every Principle’s area of expertise, they were out to shake the investment industry. Among the five principles included Randal Nardone, a law graduate from Boston University who had spent a significant part of his career following up on the trends and performances of the financial markets and investments. This exposure saw him master the art of the investment world and land him several managerial and executive positions with different leading money market firms.

Randal’s previous engagements before joining Fortress group

Before joining Fortress investment group ad becoming the investor’s chief executive officer, Randal Nardone worked as the managing director for UBS investment group. He had also worked as a partner with the Blackrock Financial management after leaving his law career. However, before joining the world of finance, Nardone practiced law at Thatcher Proffitt and Wood.

Nardone’s career at Fortress Group

Randal Nardone classifies himself as a financial law specialist and has spent a significant part of his career with representing individuals and companies across the globe on financial affairs. Given that Fortress Group is constantly engaging partners and investors alike, Randal’s expertise in financial affairs has always come in handy in ensuring any deals and partnerships the company strikes with third parties are always in the interest of the Fortress Investment Group.

The financial law specialist played an integral role in the development of the company by representing it in most of these deal negotiations. This saw him climb up the ladder to assume the investor’s Chief executive officer position in 2013. His appointment came at a time the investment giant was recuperating from the financial losses suffered during the recession. Randal has since steered the company towards recovery and saw it regenerate into a national leader in the word of managed assets and alternative investments.

More about Randal Nardone

The recent sale of Fortress company shares to a Japanese financial company saw most of the Fortress investment principles feature on the billionaire’s list. Randal, for instance, had his net worth shoot $1.8 Billion. According to the Forbes 2017 list of billionaires, Randal also saw a jump in position to settle at position 557. Nardone’s success in finance and investment world goes on to prove what levels that passion can and proper partnerships can help you reach.


Jorge Moll Reveals How Human Brain Works


Jorge Moll is Brazilian neurologist who is highly endowed in matters of human behavior study. Recently, Jorge Moll gave his view on how human beings react to giving and receive. Mr. Moll notes that human beings find more pleasure in giving out what they have, especially to people who mean a lot to them than receiving. Mr. Jorge Moll came to this conclusion after conducting numerous studies on the topic. He also revealed that most people are happy when they are in working relationships than when not attached to someone.

He has been conducting research studies at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). Mr. Moll is the president of this institution that seeks to unearth the working of the human brain regarding various matters.


These findings resulted from a study whereby volunteers were asked questions while monitoring the behavior of their brains. The monitoring was done with a magnetic resonance device that was attached to each person. The device recorded numerous sensations of pleasures when the individuals talked about giving out. Jorge Moll believes that the findings of the study can be helpful in developing a way of increasing the lifespan of human beings by the development of positive relationships.


IDOR is the brainchild of Jorge Moll. He developed this firm with the aim of incorporating technology in the provision of healthcare services. So far the institution has effectively delivered on its objectives. The firm was in the past affiliated to the D’Or São Luiz Hospital Network. This hospital was then the primary sponsor of IDOR. However, since 2010, it has been operating as an independent entity. IDOR provides services in numerous areas such as pediatrics oncology and neuroscience.


The rapid growth of IDOR can be mainly attributed to the genius of Jorge Moll who has never run short of innovative healthcare solutions. He has supported the operations of the organization tirelessly, and that is one of the key reasons why it is the reputable firm that many people adore in Brazil. However, the input of the D’Or São Luiz Hospital Network can also not be undermined. This hospital is the largest in the country, and it fully supported the research firm until it was stable enough to operate on its own.


Graham Edwards: Taking Telereal Trillium to New Heights

Advertising, CEO, Real Estate Providers

Graham Edwards is a Telereal veteran. He has risen through the ranks of the company to become one of its senior-most leaders. The recent leadership shakeup at Telereal Trillium announced in April 2018 saw him rise to the apex of the company’s leadership. He was promoted to serve as the chairman of the company. His position as the company’s chief executive officer was taken over by Russell Gurnhill who vacated his joint managing director position with Adam Dakin. Mr. Adkin, who was also the company’s joint managing director, was also promoted. The leadership restructuring will see him serve as Telereal Trillium’s managing director.


Aimed at realigning and reprioritizing the company’s resources and goals, the announced restructuring did not affect Graeme Hunter’s role as the company’s property director. Michael Hackenbroch will also retain his finance director position. The newly appointed chairman believes that the new changes will ensure that the company cements its place as one of the leading real estate property developers and managers in the United Kingdom. He also believes that the leadership restructuring at the London-based company will ensure that it better serves the interests of stakeholders.


Work Experience and Education Background


Graham Edwards was appointed to serve as Telereal Trillium’s chief executive officer in 2009 when it was founded. Mr. Edwards previously served as the chief executive officer of the company’s parent company, Telereal following the company’s creation in 2001. Under his stewardship, Telereal was awarded the coveted Investors in People Award in 2006. The pinnacle of his successes at Telereal was the 2009 purchase of Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc and the subsequent formation of Telereal Trillium. Currently, the company boasts of over 8,000 properties and high profile partners including Royal Mail, BT, DVLA, Department for Work and Pensions, and Aviva among others.


He previously worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as the company’s chief investment officer. Graham also played an integral role in the growth of the company’s asset base. Mr. Edwards, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from Cambridge University, also worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as the company’s fund manager. He also worked at BT Group Plc.