IC System Leading Collection Agency with a Heart of Gold

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IC system is a leading company in the Collections industry. In 2013, 2014, and 2015, the company was a finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics. It was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson in 1938. IC System is an accounts receivable company. They keep a constant focus on ensuring that their practices are in compliance with all of the standards required in the industry. In order for IC System to do this, they maintain a robust Compliance Risk Management System. This includes extensive auditing, rigorous training and thorough documentation. This means that the company can confirm that all policies exist and that they are properly documented. The company can also make sure that staff is properly trained. In order to further ensure proper compliance, every policy is audited on a regular basis.


IC System has also lent a helping hand to small communities in order to amplify their ethical business guidelines. This is evident when they developed a philanthropic team within their company, known as Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO). This team was created in 1981, and the members are responsible for organizing the company’s employee charitable efforts. They achieve this goal every year by creating donation events, organizing activities that involve the community, and giving employees the opportunity to volunteer and get them involved in philanthropic outreach programs.


Throughout each year, the company will also organize multiple blood drives. During these drives, the company hosts a mobile blood drawing unit, which is provided by the American Red Cross, in order to allow employees to immediately come and donate blood. Often times, these drives often yield high dividends, as seen in 2016 alone, when staff members had donated over fifty pints of blood cumulatively. According to estimates that ECHO made, that amount of blood can be used to save over 150 lives.


Through their diligence and courageous efforts to not only provide cutting-edge service to every patient, as well as their willingness to concern themselves with the larger community, their ideas of working to help others has made a huge impact.


Christopher Linkas knowledge on investment

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The talk regarding early investments by millennials is surely a serious matter. This has been well backed by the advice of most investment experts, including Christopher Linkas, managing director at a UK-based company. The moment young adults will realize that using the time to their advantage while investing is the simplest gateway to get rich while still young, the easier it will get for them. Christopher Linkas uses a scenario of three men of different ages willing to invest and achieve a given amount by a certain age, say 60. For them to achieve the goal of achieving a certain amount, say $1 million by the age of 60, the oldest of them will have to save almost five time what the youngest has to save per month.


Speaking from twenty-five years of experience in the finance world, Linkas admits that in matters investment, starting at a young age probably makes all the difference. Through the principle of compound interest, small deposits per month can result in handsome returns years later and when it is time to retire. Christopher Linkas zeal to talk to and motivate the millennials in this subject of investing while young is special. The European Head of Credit promises the millennials that even the smallest of savings will count by the time one retires.


Through their familiarity with modern technology, Christopher Linkas believes that millennials should conduct their research on investment through the many online platforms. Here, they get to drink from the cup of experience and knowledge of experienced professionals and even connect with them on a personal basis. Millennials will also get to learn about the challenges of investing. The vastly experienced financial expert believes that trying is the only way young people can stride towards reaching great financial heights. Learning from mistakes and picking yourself up finally gives a person a strategy for investing. With time on their side, millennials can recuperate any losses and also learn about the ups and downs of venturing into risky investments.