Dogs, Babies, and Beneful

Animal Care, Dog Food

Purina has found an appealing and fun way to advertise Beneful dog food. They put the spot light on the dogs, so to speak, giving the dogs a voice as they ‘chow down’ on a bowl of Beneful. There are two commercials in particular that reach out to a modern audience. Learn more about Beneful:

The first one shows a cute light brown Lab eating his dinner on his owner’s porch while he comments on how delicious and healthy it is. Then the voice adds “I feel good, lean and strong, you’re going to find out just how strong when we wrestle later.”

The second commercial shows a woman and her dog Einstien, talking about the newest recipe of Beneful, and how it is healthier than ever. Whether the first ingredient is beef or chicken there is plenty of it for your pet to enjoy a wholesome meal. The dog is wearing a pink tie which he calls his ‘power tie,’ and remarks; “The beef is fantastic!”