What’s New With Lime Crime?

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Lime Crime is by far one of the most popular makeup brands out there today mainly because of their edgy and aspiring color schemes that bring out the expressive inside all of us. The brand strives to come up with ways to intricately provide fans with reliable and unique opportunities that could improve their makeup and overall looks. Launching new things whenever they can, their new hair care line is going to blow your mind and improve everything with their brand.


Lime Crime is going to launch a brand new product line for hair design. The beautiful Unicorn Hair Dye section is going to provide girls with the chance to color their hair and dye it in an instant. They have so many varying of colors to give you that extra shine and really have countless options. Their mix and match possibilities is unlimited and can be quite exciting. They are completely vegan and healthy for you and can help provide you with what you need for more colors. With just a cheap price of only $16 for each hair dye, you can use a single bottle for awhile and have plenty to spare.


The second thing exciting coming from Lime Crime is their new and latest colors in their Diamond Crushers line. Their three new shades being added to the lineup are Cleopatra, Black Unicorn, and Acid Fairy. All three give that special tone of color and can provide you with that genuine makeup shades. This addition to the collection is beyond interesting and the perfect way to give lovers of this collection more to work with makeup-wise.


Lime Crime started many years ago back in LA when Doe Deere was just getting her career started. She’s a wonderful woman who just loves makeup and helping women find that way to express themselves in a unique way. Her makeup gives women that expressive color, and they have been enjoying the way she always comes up with new colors and ways to provide vegan and organic makeup. Watch out for these new options and join the Lime Crime club looking amazing and fresh.

Take Care of Your Hair With Wen by Chaz

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You may be someone who is into hair care, but hasn’t tried Wen by Chaz. The good news is that it’s a fantastic hair care system to use and you may be surprised at what comes from trying it for a short time.


There are a lot of changes you may find from using Wen hair by Chaz hair care for your hair needs. The biggest is you may find your hair getting thicker. This is because your hair will absorb the conditioner and it will help build the hair back up even through the damage.

Another thing you will notice is that the hair feels better. This is because your hair has been rebuilt and now feels better and is thicker. You will also notice how it feels on your head. It will be lighter and feel bouncy when you have used the products long enough and repairs the hair.

There are a lot of reasons you should use this kind of Total Beauty products, but when you see what Wen by Chaz can do for you and your hair, then you may want to stay with it.  You may want to do some research in order to know what one is going to help your hair to look and feel good for a long time to come. Sephora. com is a good place to start.

Wen hair FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html