Heal N Soothe: A Supplement that Packs a Punch

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If you are an avid follower of herbal supplements or alternative medicine, you may have heard of Heal N Soothe, a product offered by Living Well Nutraceuticals. Heal N Soothe is intended for use by adults with joint pain and is formulated with anti-inflammatory herbal extracts. Just what are these extracts? Let’s take a look at only a few of the active ingredients: bromelain, turmeric extract and Mojave yucca root.


Have you ever wondered why pineapples are sometimes used to tenderize meat? The answer lies in this component of the pineapple. Bromelain is a compound that contains enzymes that break down proteins, often thought of as “eating” the protein-rich matter, hence their usage in cooking. These little enzymes are capable of working outside of the kitchen, however. They also have a high potential for medical usage, and research has been conducted to attempt to establish a link between bromelain extract and the relief of pain from inflammation. It is thought that this compound’s enzyme action signals the body to produce pain-relieving compounds of its own.

Turmeric Extract

Another familiar ingredient found in kitchens, turmeric also has a history of usage in folk medicine and traditional medicine. This bright, sunny-hued ingredient is ubiquitous throughout Indian culture, used to flavor everything from curry to tea. In extract form, it is also known for its ability to fight inflammation. Historically, turmeric extract has been used topically, but in modern times it has found new life as a component in orally administered supplements such as Heal N Soothe.

Mojave Yucca Root

Mojave yucca root, also known as yucca, is a versatile plant that finds its way into many supplements, medicines and basic foods and beverages. If you have ever drunk soda or sparkling water, you might be surprised to learn that you may have already ingested yucca root, as it is used to produce foam in carbonated drinks. This root also shows promise in fighting inflammation and decreasing cholesterol. While the effectiveness of Mojave yucca root, as with many other herbal extracts, has yet to be conclusively determined, people who suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels have self-reported some improvement in symptoms following a regimen of yucca root extract.

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Mark Mofid Is Changing The Face Of Buttlifts

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Alarming headlines about the things that go wrong with butt lifts using implants are examples of the negativity surrounding gluteal augmentation. It doesn’t matter if it’s fat, implants or something else the news is usually bad and that is how Dr. Mark Mofid a plastic surgeon based out of San Diego knows he faces a challenge discussing the safety and anthropologic origins of button augmentation. The battle is a tough one but he is aiding in the altering of perceptions with innovations and research.

Mark Mofid attended Harvard and trained at Johns Hopkins and his practice includes more than gluteal augmentation. His way of thinking is illustrated along with his proclivity and surgical skill by the approach he takes to perfecting the procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid takes a confident, conservative and contemplative approach to using implants for butt lifts.

Mark Mofid told Plastic Surgery Practice that he only does intramuscular implants and refuses to go to large because the complication risk is higher. The largest implant Mofid will perform is 330cc and he refuses to use subfascial placement. It is easier to do fat grafts than implants and recover time is shorter though there are limitations to what can be done.

Do It Yourself Buttock Implants To Designer Implants

When he first began doing buttock implants Mark Mofid was frustrated at what was available to him because the implants were to big to perform intramuscular placement. In response he designed his own implant to solve the problems with existing implants. Mofid learned in Brazil from Raul Gonzalez. Mofid has spent years studying and researching to ensure that the techniques and materials he uses are as safe as possible. He wants his patients to have a realistic look and refuses to do anything to endanger them. Mark Mofid also performs cosmetic surgery on the eyes and reconstructive surgery on the breasts.

Todd Lubar’s Successful Career and Personal Life

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For those who know Todd Lubar, he is one of the most astute businessmen in the real estate industry. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He is also the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. As an entrepreneur and investor, Todd’s career in real estate has been flourishing over the years. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, he has helped others to own homes and commercial properties.



What most people do not know about Todd is that he has been ranked one of the 25 mortgage originators in the United States. He has maintained this ranking for several years now. Apart from his career in real estate, Todd has also tried his hand at other jobs like entertainment. In fact, he has also done a bit of mortgage banking and construction.



Todd is usually inspired by several things and people in his life. However, one of the greatest inspirations for him is to serve the community. With his passion, he has managed to work on his business acumen over the years. His businesses are usually tailored towards achieving this goal.



TDL Global Ventures



When asked by Patch about where he got the inspiration to start TDL Global Ventures, Todd remembers his career in credit and finance. He worked in finance for about 20 years before he decided to establish a business that would inspire others to fulfill their dreams. His business would help people get past the barrier of obtaining a loan to finance their mortgages.



As an entrepreneur, Todd usually lives with the mantra that where there is a will there is a way. When he comes up with ideas, he finds ways to bring them to life. He has realized over time that combining his experience, and his will to make things happen, have helped him conquer some of the big hurdles in his career.





Personal Life



When Todd is not coming up with amazing business ideas and executing them, he loves to spend his time with family. He is a father and a husband. Before he goes to work, he has breakfast with the family. He also tries to find time to squeeze in a workout. Check out his Linked In profile for more info.


The Brown Modeling Agency: Taking Texas Talent to New Heights

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These days, many modeling agencies call themself “full service,” yet it is often rare to find one that truly offers the expanse of talents and models that many high fashion brands, companies and events are looking for.

It is for that reason that the Wilhelmina agency bought the Heyman Talent South agency in 2015 and decided to re brand the new entity as The Brown Modeling Agency. Since its inception in 2015, The Brown Agency has soared to incredible heights and become a house hold name in the fashion and modeling industries. Prior to becomming The Brown Agency, Wilhelmina and Heyman Talent South were two of the South’s biggest talent agencies. By combining themselves into one group and launching The Asgency, the two agencies became an unstoppable force and a true full service agency. Additionally, by combining the two companies and launching The Brown Agency, they are now able to offer a wider depth of talent including not only models and actors, but talented people with many skillsets, including niche work.

The Brown Modeling Agency is based in Austin and has several satellite offices and hubs throughout Texas and across the country, including Los Angeles. The women and men in Texas have been well known for their attention to their looks and sense of style and The Brown Agency provides company with that unique brand of Texas look and style from its huge selection of models, actors and other talented individuals.

The Brown Agency is spearheaded by Justin Brown. Brown was previously the leader at Wilhelmina Austin and he continues his role as Chief Executive Officer of The Brown Agency. The acting division of The Brown Agency is led by Michael B. Bonnee who previously was the founder of Heyman Talent South. Bonnee is known in the industry as a gifted leader that helps actors take their craft to the next level and land roles that serve as the cornerstones for career success.

Since The Brown Agency launched in 2015 its talented models and actors have worked globally with some of the top brands that exist in today’s fashion market. The resume of brands that rely on the Brown Agency to provide top talent include Dell, L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton, amongst thousands of others that frequently work with the agency.

The Brown Agency launched in Sept. 2015. The models of The Brown Agency have strutted their stuff across Fashion Weeks throughout the world, including New York Fashion Week.

The Brown Agency prides itself on providing these brands with true talent that is born and bred in Texas, although that is not a requirement. The Brown Agency continues to rapidly grow and will be delightful to see what is in store for the agency in the future! Follow the Brown Agency on Instagram.

EOS Lip balm Often Outsells Leading Brands

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A few years ago there was limited choice when it came to lip balm. You have very few favors and very few brands. Most of the sticks tastes and felt like they came from the doctor’s office. About seven years ago a company changed the way we buy lip balm. They called this product EOS lip balm. Those letters, EOS stand for Evolution of Smooth. That is the name of the company, a company who changed the way we buy lip balm. This new lip balm with new flavors started to appear everywhere and people love it so much that they can’t seem to get enough of it. Even some of the modern celebrities of our time pulled these EOS from their makeup bags.

This company and their products are selling at a rapid pace. Currently at around one million units of product every week. You can read more about that by going to the fast company website: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick

The company is doing so well that their projected growth is going to set new records by the year 2020 and beyond. As these flavors and the design of the container continue to amaze the world, the number of people who become involved with the use of the EOS style of lip balm will continue to grow and EOS will be a household name, with a product every household can use.

Evolution of Smooth is poised for rapid growth and has no issues meeting the demands of their customers. Regardless of if you need lip balm now or in the future, EOS might be the go to company for all of your lip balm product needs. The product is high quality and the flavors are amazingly awesome. So, if you have lips, and who doesn’t? You owe it to yourself to check out the lip balm products made by EOS.

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