Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and Author Sean Penn


The award winning actor Sean Penn released the intentionally trippy book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” on March 27, 2018 and was originally released as an audio book. On the front cover of the book, you can see the name of the author of the book defined as “Pappy Pariah”. Under that, it reads, “read by Sean Penn”. The interesting part about this is that he told Stephen Colbert that he was not the original author of the book while on his first appearance on the Late Show.


However, he appeared on the Late Show once again to promote the release of the actual paper back cover of the book. This time, it was made clear that Sean Penn was, in fact, the original author. So, why the lie? Sean told Stephen that lying was a continuous characteristic of the fictional character from “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. “Pappy Pariah” is also a character in the book and seems to be one of Sean Penn’s alter ego’s.


The book is trippy, to say the least and seems to be a sort of vent session for Sean. The famous actor turned writer decided to leave his acting career because he could no longer play well with others. Sean also admitted that the movie industry was no longer challenging or interesting enough for him. For Sean, the movie industry is flooded and saturated with too much content to be able to find something truly special and unique. It’s why he decided to turn to writing. Sean says that he has had much fun writing his book and was able to share many laughs with himself.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” touches up on many sensitive and controversial issues that are being seen throughout the American culture. One of the issues mentioned in the book is the #metoo movement, which he describes as “infantilizing” and a “toddler’s crusade”. “Bob Honey” does not stop there, however, he also calls for the assassination of the “fictional” president who shares eerie similarities with the current POTUS. In the book, the president is even described as a “seventy year old boy man with money and french vanilla cotton candy hair”.