Matthew Fleeger Found Business Success In His Own Right Before Returning To Guide His Family Firm:


With Matthew Fleeger as its CEO and President, Gulf Coast Western has become one of the leading venture oil company’s in the business today. The company currently holds the distinction of being the Managing Venture of Oil and Gas General Partnerships. This puts the company is a prime position to continue its role as one of the leading domestic oil and gas firms operating in the United States today. This also puts Matthew Fleeger’s firm in an outstanding position to work with other leading firms in the industry and to combine knowledge and resources in order for a significant mutual benefit.

Matthew Fleeger is an individual who takes great pride in the relationships of a transparent nature that Gulf Coast Western has cultivated over the years. This fact has allowed the firm to build and maintain a high level of success in its industry. The company stakes a large percentage of its success on the fact that there is a tremendous amount of mutual respect and mutual trust that has been developed between Gulf Coast Western and its critical partners. This success has been consistently building up since 1970 when Gulf Coast Western was first founded by none other than the father of Matthew Fleeger.

Though he lived a life that was immersed in the oil and gas industry during his youth, Matthew Fleeger went off and followed his own path in founding some highly successful businesses of his own before he came back to the oil industry and his family’s firm. He gained a huge amount of success as a businessman in his own right with his founding and subsequent success with MedSolutions Inc. This was a holding company of a diversified nature that dealt with the area of disposing medical waste. After selling this company, Matthew Fleeger felt the pull of his family business calling as he returned to take the reigns at Gulf Coast Western.

Jacob Gottlieb Role in Healthcare Investments


The healthcare department is one of the most powerful at the moment. The industry has been fortunate to undergo some great and very exciting changes that have left many people smiling. Private investors have realized that they can earn a living and change lives when they venture into this area. One of the people who have all the reasons to smile is Jacob Gottlieb. The businessman has a great reputation for being an expert in healthcare investments. His ventures in the healthcare market have changed so many lives. Jacob is currently living in New York City, and most of his investments are found in this place.

One of the popular startups by the businessman is known as Altium Capital, and it mostly deals with investments in the healthcare industry. Jacob says that he will spend most of his career life trying to invest in the healthcare opportunities that have proven to be meaningful. Some of the firms he has chosen include the famous Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Amarin Corporation. Both companies have a reputation of serving patients, regardless of the diseases they are dealing with.

To become a successful venture capitalist in the healthcare department, it is paramount to seek help from scientists and other professionals who are experienced in the field. These professionals always play a role in generating the kind of healthcare services required by the patients. Jacob has a special passion for supporting cardiovascular treatments, and this is why he has been working closely with Amarin, an organization that is based in Bedminster. The fast-growing company has been very innovative in introducing pharmaceutical products that can help to cure different types of cardiovascular diseases. The American based entrepreneur believes that Amarin is in a better position to introduce the treatment options many people have been looking for. The company has set several branches in the recent years too.

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Shervin Pishevar Predicted a Slow Crash in 2018

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The world beyond the tech industry may not know Shervin Pishevar’s name, but its people use technology he has helped explode. A crucial early player at Uber, AirBnB and PillPack, Pishevar has worked as an executive or angel investor for darling startups for 20 years.

In February 2018’s first week, events on Wall Street caused Pishevar to end a long Twitter hiatus. He released 50 thought-provoking tweets over 21 hours.

An Ominous Beginning

Pishevar was responding to a tantrum by the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In one week, it lost about 10 percent of its point value, so Pishevar commenced his tweet storm with a shocking statement.

“I expect 6000 (sic) point drop in aggregate in months (sic) ahead,” he tweeted. Then, Pishevar presented his case.

Widespread Blame

To Shervin Pishevar, modern investing is a morass of flawed financial tools. In a series of tweets, he placed responsibility for the market’s troubles at the feet of interest rates, credit deficits, tax giveaways, CDs, volatility indices and exchange-traded funds. He also derided loopholes that allow the type of risk-taking and unchecked leverage that created 2008’s Great Recession.

Silicon Valley’s American Impermanence

Further, Shervin Pishevar repeated a decade-old belief. Rather than existing within California’s boundaries, Silicon Valley, per Pishevar, is a viral idea. “Entrepreneurship is a movement,” he proclaimed.

China’s Rise and America’s Decline

Next, Pishevar shared a link to a news story that detailed a Chinese construction team’s exceptional accomplishment. According to the story, a team of 1,500 laborers built a train station in one night.

“Meanwhile,” he then tweeted, “our infrastructure is in tatters, decrypt (sic) and decaying. Our government and companies are are (sic) trapped in short term (sic) thinking.”

Unicorns’ Infrequency

Pishevar also bemoaned the behavior of 2018’s tech giants, which are Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. In the storm’s final tweet, Pishevar warned that those monopolistic entities might prevent the next Uber from reaching its potential and that the world might not see a new tech unicorn for more than a decade.

Shervin Pishevar’s forecasts could be incorrect. Still, leaders should consider them and adjust accordingly.

Lori Senecal’s Professional achievements


Lori Senecal was nominated as the CEO of MDC partner agency in the year 2015. She was the first person to undertake the role at that particular time. Lori is a great entrepreneur who has contributed to the growth and development of CP+ B Company, which is an agency company operating worldwide. Under her leadership, she was able to pick up American Airlines from TM advertising. Also, she has significantly contributed to an effective and healthy running of the business.

Lori brought new experiences to CP+B Company, with more creativity, innovations and conception of new ideas. Through her leadership, she was able to bring forth an entirely new structure with flexible entrepreneurial ideas to run the business. Even after her decision to exit the company, Lori took the time to mentor other employees to take CP+B forward to improve the leadership of the company.

Lori pursued her undergraduate studies in McGill University. She has strong advertising skills, and this made her become an ambassador for various major brands such as Coca-Cola Company. She is highly talented, determined, and can work under extremely challenging environment.

Lori developed a passion for business while she was still a high school student. This passion for joining business made her acquire leadership skills, which she has been practicing to date. She has been striving for excellence since she was a small girl and this shaped her into a leader other than a follower. Check out


In her interview, Lori Senecal confirms that people motivate her to acquire money. When you work with different people under various circumstances, you automatically become an achiever. It is through her performance and perseverance that makes her more productive. Lori Senecal is passionate, creative, a team worker and also possess motivational skills that help her achieve in her role.

Lori’s strategy in running a business has helped her yield positive results. When working on an idea, she must ensure that she has a deeper understanding of the concept of the business. Having a more profound knowledge of the internal and external layout of a business contributes to its growth. She is a focused woman who is always ready to gain more knowledge from other successful people.


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Graham Edwards: Taking Telereal Trillium to New Heights

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Graham Edwards is a Telereal veteran. He has risen through the ranks of the company to become one of its senior-most leaders. The recent leadership shakeup at Telereal Trillium announced in April 2018 saw him rise to the apex of the company’s leadership. He was promoted to serve as the chairman of the company. His position as the company’s chief executive officer was taken over by Russell Gurnhill who vacated his joint managing director position with Adam Dakin. Mr. Adkin, who was also the company’s joint managing director, was also promoted. The leadership restructuring will see him serve as Telereal Trillium’s managing director.


Aimed at realigning and reprioritizing the company’s resources and goals, the announced restructuring did not affect Graeme Hunter’s role as the company’s property director. Michael Hackenbroch will also retain his finance director position. The newly appointed chairman believes that the new changes will ensure that the company cements its place as one of the leading real estate property developers and managers in the United Kingdom. He also believes that the leadership restructuring at the London-based company will ensure that it better serves the interests of stakeholders.


Work Experience and Education Background


Graham Edwards was appointed to serve as Telereal Trillium’s chief executive officer in 2009 when it was founded. Mr. Edwards previously served as the chief executive officer of the company’s parent company, Telereal following the company’s creation in 2001. Under his stewardship, Telereal was awarded the coveted Investors in People Award in 2006. The pinnacle of his successes at Telereal was the 2009 purchase of Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc and the subsequent formation of Telereal Trillium. Currently, the company boasts of over 8,000 properties and high profile partners including Royal Mail, BT, DVLA, Department for Work and Pensions, and Aviva among others.


He previously worked at Talisman Global Asset Management as the company’s chief investment officer. Graham also played an integral role in the growth of the company’s asset base. Mr. Edwards, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from Cambridge University, also worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as the company’s fund manager. He also worked at BT Group Plc.

Tough Negotiations Put Desiree Perez on the Global Entertainment Map


The global entertainment industry has always been dominated by men but the changing times have recently been reflected in the creation of a list of the most influential female executives in the sector. One name listed which was completely expected was that of multisector executive, Desiree Perez who has grown into her position at Roc Nation after spending two decades leading the business side of the career of rapper, Jay-Z; it is impossible to discuss the success achieved by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter without giving a large amount of credit to Desiree Perez.

As a business leader, Desiree Perez has become the go-to executive for Roc Nation when they are looking to develop new products or negotiate contracts. Perez has built a career on her reputation for being a tough negotiator responsible for deals at Roc Nation totaling more than $500 million with various well-known partners. Among the major deals negotiated by Desiree Perez is the $100 million contract signed with Live Nation to form the label in 2008 and the renegotiated contract signed between the two parties in 2017 for a reported $200 million.

The many responsibilities undertaken by Desiree Perez have allowed her to become one of the leading figures in the unique management model employed at Roc Nation where different executives can work across a range of projects within the business. Not only has the executive become the President and strategy head at the newly formed talent agency, Roc Nation Sports but she has also been working to relaunch the Tidal streaming platform through a $200 million partnership with Sprint. Perez even provides her own playlists featuring up and coming Roc Nation artists for Tidal designed to showcase the next level of talent coming through the ranks of this much-respected record label and entertainment giant.