Wes Edens Bringing New Hope To Aston Villa Football Club

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Wes Edens believes in the potential of the Aston Villa Club. Together with Nsaaef Sawiris, the pair is bringing capital to the troubled football team in hopes to help them get back their competitive edge. This purchase was completed through their company NSWE.

The former owner of Aston Villa, Tony Xia, purchased the team about 2 years ago and ist still remaining on the board as well as taking the position of co-chairman. While he was highly humbled to not have seen the promotion of the team in the previous season, he believes that with the help of Wes Edens and his expert business partner they may be soon able to achieve this goal. They all believe that the team deserves success and are willing to invest in the fight.

While Aston Villa had earned championship 7 times, they were discluded in 2016 from the premier league. They had been in the Premier League for the previous 29 years and took a considerable hit due to the demotion. In 2016, they showed a loss of around $80.7 million compared to the year before. This continued the next year with a loss of $14.5 million.

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris both have high hopes and big plans for the struggling soccer club and believe that they will be able to bring them back from the loss. While it may be a lot of hard work and capital, they both believe in the team and their potential in the future and even now. They will be working closely with Tony Xia in order to achieve these goals for the team to rejoin Premier League and get back to winning more championships for their many fans.

In order to help the team, Wes Edens has plans for a complete evaluation to be performed. They are working to strengthen the team in many different ways and are creating a plan that will last for many seasons. They want to provide the structures that the team needs to be a success in their league. As an investment and as a team, Wes Edens has a lot of faith in Aston Villa.

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It’s Blue Skies Ahead for FinTech Company GreenSky

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Since its founding in 2006, GreenSky’s proprietary technology platform has enabled its bank partners to provide loans to nearly two million consumers nationwide, while more than 12,000 home improvement and healthcare merchants have used the platform to offer frictionless credit and payment options to their customers. The fintech company completed an Initial Public Offering in May of 2018, and its next step forward is the recent announcement of a strategic alliance with global services company American Express.

Reaching for the Sky with American Express

The partnership will result in boundless benefits for the two companies, their merchant partners and consumers nationwide.

  • U.S. merchants in the American Express network, and their customers, will now have access to GreenSky’s point-of-sale financing solutions. Merchants will be able to increase sales by offering credit options, while consumers will be able to apply to finance a large purchase via mobile app (as simple as scanning a driver’s license), online or over the phone and receive a decision within 60 seconds.
  • Existing American Express cardholders in five U.S. cities will be able to apply for direct-to-consumer home improvement loans through the GreenSky platform. At the successful conclusion of this pilot test, the capability will be rolled out nationwide and in additional categories.
  • GreenSky will gain access to American Express’s virtual payment solution, vPayment, which provides customers with virtual account numbers in order to complete faster, safer transactions. The company will also realize significant growth in a number of areas, including number of active merchants (estimated to reach 30,000 by 2020), number of customer accounts (forecasted to exceed 3.2 million, also by 2020), and stock price per share (expected to increase by 30%).

The Sky’s the Limit

GreenSky’s collaboration with American Express will take the fintech firm to the next level. According to CEO David Zalik, “Combining our industry-leading technology platform with the security and backing of American Express will allow us to continue innovating to meet evolving customer needs.” As a mobile-first company, and with more than 225 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone, the sky is indeed the limit for GreenSky.https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/greensky

The Houston Chronicle deems Talos Energy Inc. Top workplace from 2013 – 2017

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The Houston Chronicle Deems Talos Energy Inc. The top workplace ranging from the year 2013 to the present 2017. For the last 6 years, Talos Energy Inc. employee count has climbed to over 266 employees. The company’s main office is in Houston Texas. However, Talos Energy Inc maintains offices in five states. The offices are in Texas, Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi. Other locations exist in countries such as Venezuela South America.

The company provides employees with special perks like fun Fridays, On-site daycare for mothers and fathers who must work. Talos offers competitive hourly pay rates and competitive monthly salaries to the corporate office employees. Benefits such as health care, insurance, and shareholdings in the company are also valued perks of working for Talos Energy Inc. The company offers schedules that allow its employees time for family and other activities. There are also opportunities for the employees to advance to greater positions throughout the company.

Each office owned by Talos Energy Inc. uses the same staff and positions. Here are examples of the positions held within the company. The President and CEO of Talos Energy Inc. are Tim Duncan. The president rules all decisions for the overall company.

Next, the Vice President of the company’s’ duty is. In case the President is unavailable or unable to make critical decisions the task falls to the Vice President. The Executive Vice President decides over an assigned or specific area of the company. Like someone appoints him or her to exploration, health, safety or environmental departments of the company.

Managers are important to a company like Talos. For instance, managers control the HR Department (Human Resources), This part of management hires new staff, integrates the employees into the company.

HR managers also deal with employee compensation, salaries, bonuses or benefits for the employees. From the management inside the company to the geologists, drilling crew, maintenance, IT Department even the receptionist who answers the phones when someone calls. Talos Energy Inc is considered the top company to work for. As long as the employees preform his or her job without constant supervision Talos does not interfere. Having to interfere cost precious time and delays productivity.

Stream energy’s Philanthropic Activities

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Despite the looming number of companies in the country, a few of them are willing to provide philanthropic activities. One such company that has defied all the odds and set up an example among its peers for having a helping hand is Stream Energy. As the old saying goes, “Today at my place and tomorrow at your,” I believe that Stream Energy is a big fan of the proverb.

Article Recap

Recently, there was the Hurricane Harvey that caused havoc among the residents of Dallas. Most of them were rendered homeless as well as lacking the basic needs. But as the old saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” Stream Energy indeed decided to be the friend in need for many who were the victims of the harsh times.

The company opted to use their hard earned cash to help rescue the lives of men, women, and children as other organizations watched helplessly.

The support that came quickly and faster showed how caring is part of the company policy. They recently launched a philanthropic platform for helping during disasters, and already the fruits of the effort and dedication towards supporting humanity under various capacities are being witnessed even after about a dozen years since its launch.

The Dallas based corporation, “Stream Energy” is an excellent example of how organizations ought to behave during disasters. The business venture showed that there is more than just money that a company should give out to the society. Therefore, as a company, it is very advantageous to have two arms, the philanthropic arm as well as the business arm. It helps the venture to not only give back to the community when the need arises without affecting the normal operation of the business. It helps the company to earn the much-needed respect from the community as well as the government.


Reaching for Success through NewsWatch TV


NewsWatch TV interviewed Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, a CMO (chief marketing officer) for Avanca, again; for the second time, to promote a new product: the Ockel Sirius A, a pocket sized Windows 10 PC, launched recently. She is no stranger to NewsWatch TV, and the Avanca representative seems to enjoy the time that she is being interviewed. Her first interview was during the Avanca Indiegogo campain to raise money for the technology company to produce it’s fist pocket sized Windows 10 PC. The first interview by this award winning television program, was a success for the Avanca group. It reached over 90 million households, and drew in more funds than they had expected.

The success of the first interview with the Avanca group’s CMO, was soo great that the company did not need to launch another crowd funding campaign to raise money for it’s next project. It yielded over 2,900% of the company’s goal, and not only was it viewed by millions of people on television, but millions of viewers online; as well. More recently, when NewsWatch TV caught up with Nathalie Van Wijkvliet for the second interview, it was obvious that the mini PC production company; Avanca, is dong well, and NewsWatch TV may be what it has to thank for that.

It only took one interview to raise all of the funds needed to launch a company’s product, which goes to show: you could become more of a successful Entrepreneur or conduct a successful fundraiser, if you would utilize NewsWatch TV to advertise; or promote, your company or your cause.