Talkspace is the Future of Therapy

Conventional Therapy

A staggering amount of people in the U.S. suffer from some sort of stress including money, work, and the way the country is headed. In fact, stress levels are on the uprise and stress is bad. Stress can actually cause health problems not to mention decreasing the quality of life for those suffering from it.

Stress is the body’s way of dealing with things that are less-than-pleasant, and when the body perceives stress, it produces a hormone such as dopamine, adrenaline, and cortisol which helps us to function and to overcome the stress-causing situation. This state of feeling or “high” is addictive to some folks and actually causes them to seek out stress and just like any addictive substance; the brain needs more and more over time in order to achieve that same euphoric feeling.

People who are considered to be mentally fit follow a few habits such as focusing on one thing at a time rather than taking on too much. Exercise, breaks, downtime, setting limits and not being afraid to ask for help are also ways to combat stress.

Talkspace is a new way to get therapy and is perfect for today’s busy lifestyles. It is available over the phone or online and only costs around $128 a month. Talkspace makes it easy to get connected to a licensed therapist pretty much around the clock, and you can easily communicate with your therapist through texting and on the go.

Many people just do not have the time to visit with a therapist one-on-one but could really benefit from their services. Talkspace makes it very convenient to “meet” with a therapist, and you can switch therapists easily as well. If you do decide to switch, all of your info is transferred, so you are not starting at square one.