Try Out the New Android Navigation App: Here Maps

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Every time you use your existing navigation app to explore mysterious and unfamiliar places across the earth, you probably use Wikipedia and Google to retrieve more information about those places or a sum up of all the fascinating things associated with these places. This is while you’re in the periphery of your destination. However, if you’re using the newly published HERE Maps, an android-based navigation and information app, you may not have to switch apps just to be informed about your place of destination. HERE Maps integrates Wikipedia Sights as an additional feature to the formerly available Eat $ Drink HERE and Guide tours utilities.

Wikipedia is among the few sites that attract the greatest amount of web traffic in the world. By integrating Wikipedia Sights into the Nearby feature of HERE Maps, all you need to do is check out the Nearby button, choose the Wikipedia option and you can explore whichever unfamiliar location that you intend to visit. The app will display your preferential location and a summarized article describing the unique aspects of that location. In case you need additional information about the place, the app host a link to redirect you to the actual Wikipedia page.

Benefits of creating a Wikipedia page

For starters, Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the web. Secondly, when Google – the leading search engine – are indexing or ranking sites on the web, they use data from Wiki to catalogue their Google Knowledge Graphs.

Therefore, if you need to create a Wikipedia article, or have one edited or re-edited, Wikipedia’s expert and veteran editors are always available to help you. Whether you’re a business, an individual or an entity, your articles will be written in your style of preference, formatted carefully and properly as well as supported by reliable and informative references. Experts from companies like Get Your Wiki are there to make sure that your page is not only created properly, but they will also make updates and any Wikipedia revisions necessary.

Similarly, considering that the site is an open source community, your article will most likely be improved by serious volunteers and editors while Wikipedia editors keep an eye just to make sure that the edits are beneficial and accurate. Finally, if you need your article translated to the language of presence, Get Your Wiki’s team of professional translators will be there to help you.