DACA IS Soon To Be Expiring


In the past couple months, president Trump has decided himself rip apart DACA. This has caused many hassle and confusion among people brought here illegally as children protected by DACA as to rather they will be able to stay here or not. Congress has so far punted the issue but said that they will deal with it to provide a fix before DACA expires and thousands of people across the country will be eligible for deportation, even though they know nothing else but the United States. These people own business, go to university, and work together in the community to make a better United States.

DACA is an executive program put into place by previous president Obama to give people that were brought here illegally as children a way to gain residency here so that they are not eventually deported because technically they are illegally residing here. Because of president Trumps canceling of the program, now these people are worried that if Congress does not act they will not be deported back to their original country – one many do not even remember a life there.

The Frontera Fund is now calling for mass protests and organized action to prompt Congress to make a clean fix and to provide these people with certainty and hope that they will not be deported because of this president that we have now. They provide legal funding and support for dreamers protected by DACA so that they do not have to fight the current administration alone. This is a very polarizing and sensitive issue, but an issue that needs to be fought so that these people do not have to worry anymore.

With Congress, not acting, now is the time for organized action. We need to demand that the current Congress and administration get together a provide a legalization fix for DACA so that these people can have hope for their future in the United States. The Frontera Fund is fighting every day to give these people a voice and to provide solutions for immigration that are here illegally across the country. Contact congress today and tell them to create a fix for DACA.