Dr. David Samadi Shines the Light on Mitt Romney’s Prostate Cancer Surgery

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Not long ago, Mitt Romney revealed to the world that he had undergone prostate surgery. Reliable sources state that Mitt had been diagnosed with a slow-growing neoplasm earlier in the year. Giving away his health record to the public is an indication that Mitt Romney is eyeing for a senate seat.

The former presidential nominee was treated in California at UC Irvine Hospital by Dr. Thomas Ahlering, a respected physician. Mitt’s prospect is listed among the 161,360 men diagnosed with prostate cancer over the last year. Estimates indicate that in this year, 164,690 new cases of prostate cancer are expected.

According to research, prostate cancer is common among older men aged 65 and above. Henceforth, Mitt’s case is no way different as he should turn 71 come next month. Mitt was not the first politician to undergo prostate surgery successfully. Back in 2003, Colin Powell made it to the headlines after going through a prostate gland removal. Also in 2002, John Kerry underwent the treatment.

The cancer tumors can either be removed via surgery or radiation, a decision that the patients must be involved in picking. According to Dr. David Samadi, every physician is expected to discuss with the patients the pros and cons of each process to allow an eloquent decision making.

However, Dr. Samadi insists on surgery in case the tumor appear to have not spread beyond the prostate. Reports also indicate that patients treated via radiation are more likely to die from prostate cancer as compared to those who undergo surgery. Also, via radiation, patients are exposed to the risk of secondary cancer, a situation that makes Dr. Samadi advocate for the surgical treatment.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a celebrated doctor owing to his continued contribution to the health industry. Professionally, Dr. Samadi is an authorized urologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of urological conditions, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. However, Samadi’s interest in the field sees him dive deeply into the area hence winning a decent reputation.

Samadi was born in Iran and spend most of his childhood there. However, in 1979, Samadi was forced to flee the country for Belgium together with his brothers. Dr. Samadi pursued his education both in Belgium and London before winning the grand chance of studying in the US. Samadi joined Stony Broke University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Later, Dr. Samadi enrolled at S.U.N.Y for his master degree and graduated in 1994. Samadi joined the Montefiore Medical Center to pursue his postgraduate training in Urology. Today, Dr. Samadi is a celebrated prostate cancer practitioner and has performed over 7,000 robotic surgeries.

Dr. Mark McKenna has Spent His Days Working As His Own Boss


There are some who complain about the work that they have to get done as they are tired of being told what they need to do. There are people who dread working each day because they are working for someone else and they do not appreciate having a boss. Dr. Mark McKenna has shared that he feels that he has never really had a job because he has always been working for himself. He is not one of those people who complains about the work that he has to do each day because he is his own boss and he gets to decide what he will be doing.

Dr. Mark McKenna wishes that he had not rushed things while he was on the journey to get to the place he is at today. He believes that there were times when he pushed forward in a hurried way, and he wishes that he had done things a little differently. He also wishes that he would have found his passion when he was a bit younger so that he could have followed after it sooner.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a regular guy with a wife and a child. He has a home that he has to take care of and he has things that he has to get done. When he was given the chance to share about money that he has spent recently, he talked about how he spent money to have his garbage disposal repaired. He feels that the money that he spent was worth it when it comes to the work that was completed for him.

There are different people who influence the lives of others, and Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who has been influenced by some great people. He has always been his own boss, yet he has looked up to people such as Barack Obama and Elon Musk and he has learned from them.


Imran Haque Continues To Be A Top Choice For Patients Who Look To Internal Medicine In North Carolina

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Imran Haque is a passionate medical professional who takes care of patients in North Carolina. He has offices in Ramseur and Asheboro, and his opening of Horizon Internal Medicine has given his patients the kind of healthcare they have been needing for years. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of internal medicine, he now offers his patients a variety of services. His ability to recognize an illness, for what it is, and then either find a solution or recommend another specialist who can gives his patients great confidence in him. Many people who come to seek treatment from him show up mainly because of his outstanding bedside manner.

At Horizon Internal Medicine, Imran Haque offers a range of services that include laser hair repair, diabetes management, body contouring, weight management, and 360 resurfacing. Patients continue to trust him with their own well-being, and he doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with the latest technology in his industry, he ensures that specific needed treatments are employed when dealing with each of his different patients. While some doctors may blur the lines, a bit, when it comes to diagnosing their patients, Imran Haque doesn’t mess around. He makes sure that he has the correct diagnosis, and if he can’t do that, he will send his cared-for patients to another specialist who can.

Imran Haque earned his medical degree while studying at the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), which is in Santo Domingo. He went on to study in the United States at the University of Virginia’s Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. It is here that he received his masters degree in Internal Medicine as well as the license to practice in North Carolina. The good doctor always keeps up with the latest advances in internal medicine, and one way he is doing is by enrolling himself in the Certification Program for Internal Medicine. This will add to what he already knows and make him aware of any changes or discoveries that are happening in his chosen field. When it comes to the true attributes of what a doctor should be, Imran Haque checks all of the boxes off, because he is knowledgeable, caring, and very aware of the needs of his patients.

Dr. Mark McKenna Stays Active to Keep Healthy


Dr. Mark McKenna understands that health is not always about how good we feel but it is about how good we look. That is why he has created the new medical aesthetic company, OVME. He uses a technological approach to consumer facing to give his clients confidence in their own skin. This is not the first time he has ventured into the medical aesthetics industry. Dr. Mark McKenna created a company called ShapeMed, grew it, and eventually sold it to Life Time Fitness. According to a recent interview, Dr. Mark McKenna wakes up at 6:30 every morning to start his day off. He trains in Jiu Jitsu whenever he is not working or spending time with his wife Gianine and daughter Milana Elle. This constant movement keeps him young and generates great success by always innovating.

A big fan of reading, he lists the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill as his favorite and Elon Musk as one of his idols. Dr. Mark McKenna has always worked for himself and never feels like he just has a job. His life’s work is to make people feel good and look good, setting a quality of life standard that they can be proud of. He takes pride in always surrounding himself with intelligent people and learning from them. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Mark McKenna is from New Orleans and is a graduate of Tulane University Medical School. He is the owner of McKenna Venture Investments in addition to his medical practice. Along with his wife and daughter he also owns a Pomeranian that is like another member of the family. He is active in philanthropy in both Georgia and New Orleans, even serving on the board of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. He is also a member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization.