Why ClassDojo’s Popularity will be a Key Determinant to its Monetization Plans

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ClassDojo is a 21st-century tool that seeks to link up the parent, the teacher, and the students. The app is currently available to educators and parents. It can be downloaded for free in various app stores.

Recent developments within the company are set to see the app become even more sophisticated featuring more educational materials. While some of the content will still be accessed for free, the company’s founders have revealed that they may introduce an option for users to subscribe to a premium service.

Because of the economic activities, most parents in USA work for long hours or work several jobs. Some parents can only be able to give up their daily activities a few days per year to attend school meetings.

During the few days when a parent takes time off, he or she is expected to follow up on all his or her children’s performance at school or attend a parents meeting. There are many things that take center stage. Parents and teachers have to minimize the time they engage with each other to ensure that each parent gets his or her time with the teachers. This is no longer the case.

When Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don realized this problem, the idea of ClassDojo was born. They ensured that their product addressed the main areas of concern. They wanted to create an online community of teachers, parents, and students that would be up-to-date with the growth and development of the children.

Through the ClassDojo app, the teacher can make a schedule that the parent ensures is implemented by their kids while at home. Parents credit the app with enabling them to know exactly what their children have been doing at school.

The app also helps teachers to ensure that the parents take an active role in the learning process of the child. The teacher or the parent can use the app to show off the progress of the child either academically or in other activities through photos that can be shared.

The developers of Class dojo stated that their inspiration came from the need to address the vacuum that was created by the absence of a free app that created a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

The startup company has received confidence from investors who have helped it raise over $31 million in venture funding. Two in every 3 schools in USA enjoy the services of the app.

How Class Dojo is Benefitting Learning Institutions

Educational Tool

A learning app is causing excitement due to its ability to create a communication platform between teachers, parents and students. Class Dojo, as it is popularly known, is already grounding up change in the education sector. Despite being relatively new, it has received mainstream acceptance and is currently the learning app of choice in two out of every three learning institutions in the United States. To make the app more user friendly, Class Dojo recently raised 21 million dollars from investors in the second series of venture funding crusade.

The funds will be used to improve the application’s interface, and also to add more features to it. This will enable educators to communicate consistently and easily with parents concerning the activities of their kids while they are in school. This continuous flow of information will enable parents and guardians to keep track of the learning and co-curricular activities of their kids. This will ultimately create a unique learning community encompassing learners, educators and parents.

The addition of new content to the app promises to make its use exciting all the more. The app’s founders are hoping to expand its use beyond the school context. In line with this, plans are in the pipeline to extent its use to households. All in all the idea behind the development of the app was to help parents support the educational and social development of their kids regardless of where they are. Class Dojo provides a platform where teachers can send real-time videos and pictures to parents throughout the day. The pictures and videos show how the learners are faring on within and outside classrooms.

Important Notes About Class Dojo

The San Francisco based upstart was co-founded in 2011 by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The duo wanted to create a positive learning culture in schools, which would also incorporate parents. Despite facing fierce competition from more established developers, Class Dojo’s popularity has grown not only in the United States, but also other regions.

Since its formation, Class Dojo has mainly focused on pushing its products in the market. Of particular concern to the founders and the 25 members of staff has been the protection of users’ confidentiality. The app’s popularity is largely owed to the team of investors, who have always been at hand to offer financial backing.


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Classdojo: Using Apps to Make Teacher-Parent Meetings Obsolete

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ClassDojo is a new form of technological development in the classroom, a behavior management tool that seeks to help teachers and parents engage hard to reach students and monitor their behaviors. ClassDojo as a behavior tool in such a way that each student creates a profile that has all their information and photo, then teachers post positive or negative points throughout their period in school. A teacher can thus operate the app from a computer, tablet or smartphone and whenever they update any information, a sound plays to alert the class.
The biggest advantage of the ClassDojo behavior management tool is the effect it has on students. Since students do not want negative points on their profile, they work hard to secure positive points in such a way; it helps them to improve their performance in school by being more focused. Parents are also noting a lot of improvements from their children because most of them are competing to secure positive points from their teachers. Another advantage of the tool is that parents can monitor the progress of their children without necessarily having to come to school and meet the teacher. This means that parents can follow the progress of their children any time of the day.
In a move that analysts say will change how parents and teachers conduct their meetings, ClassDojo raised more than $21 million of funding to create apps that connect teachers and parents. Teachers use such a platform as a way of communicating on the performance of the students to their parents, whether positive or negative.
ClassDojo is one of the many applications in the tech market that seek to keep schools and students’ parents connected. The connection between teachers and parents is significant since it helps the parents to determine how to discipline their children whenever they come on holidays. The collaboration that is enabled by the Class Dojo app has made many teachers include it in school programs. The application is free, and the company management points out that it does not intend to use it to make revenue out of its users shortly. The company also points out that any monetization for the company will be driven by the needs and wants of parents or teachers and not the interests of the company.


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