Madison Street Capital Was A Good Advisor For Sachs Capital Group

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Madison Street Capital has provided advice to Sachs Capital Group regarding the purchase of RMG Networks. The transaction was financed by Virgo Capital as well as Merion Investment Partners. RMG is a digital company, providing signage media software, hardware and service to more than half of the companies on the Fortune 100 list. Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway mentioned that Barry Petersen guided the Madison Street advisory team.


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Sachs Capital Group CEO Gregory H. Sachs said they are thrilled to have completed the transaction. Madison Street Capital reptutation proved well. The company was equipped with relationships, direction and made attempts on behalf of Sachs to locate sources for capital and sticking with Sachs through the entire transaction. Madison Street was really instrumental to the success of the deal.


Assisting Sachs Capital Group

Senior managing director Barry Petersen says the experience of supporting Mr. Sachs during the transaction was great. RMG Networks is in a good position to bring capital to its owners, especially since the launch of the new communication platform Korbyt. Following the transaction, those with RMG stocks were given $1.29 per share, all cash. After the transaction, RMG’s stock was no longer trading on the stock exchange.


About RMG

RMG’s goals are to boost efficiency, engagement, and productivity for businesses via digital messaging. RMG uses a combination of updated software, business applications, hardware, and services to provide one lane of accountability for performance management and integrated data. The headquarters of RMG is Dallas Texas, but there are offices all around the world.


About Madison Capital

Madison Capital is a global investment banking company with a commitment of excellence, leadership, service and integrity when providing financial advisory services on a corporate level. The company provides expertise in mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial opinions to businesses. The goal of these services is to place other companies in a position to be successful in the global market.


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James Dondero and His Long Record of Achievements in the Field of Business

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James Dondero follows a”puzzle solving” philosophy, an approach that has served him well in his more than 30 years of work in the credit and equity market fields. He today serves as the president and CEO of Highland Capital Management (HCM), an alternative investment management firm.

Born 54 years ago in Hoboken, N.J., Dondero originally set his sights on investing in real estate. Majoring in both accounting and finance, he would graduate with the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He began his career in 1984, working as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company training program, and would over the next five years serve as a corporate bond analyst and then a portfolio manager at the financial giant American Express. He would later create GIC, eventually turning the firm into a $2 billion subsidiary of the insurance company Protective Life. Read this article at

Working with business partner Mark Okada, Dondero created HCM in 1993. Moving from Los Angeles to Dallas, HCM would subsequently purchase its parent company. Providing opportunities in such areas as hedge and mutual funds, HCM is considered a pioneer when it comes to developing credit plans for investors throughout the world.

In addition to his leadership role at HCM, Dondero serves as the chairman of NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank Capital, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding and CCS Medical, and is on the boards of both Jernigan Capital and MGM Holdings. James Dondero is qualified as a certified public accountant, a certified management accountant and a chartered financial analyst. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Outside his financial career, Dondero serves on the executive board of the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, and is known for his philanthropic activities. His dedication to education includes his financial support of Reasoning Minds, an organization that employs the latest technology to develop math programs for children living in remote or impoverished areas. HCM is a big supporter of Family Place, an organization dedicated to reducing violence in the home, and recently provided a $10 million endowment to help initiate an educational program that will be conducted at the Dallas-based Bush Presidential Center.


Equities First- French Tribune

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Equities First Holdings is a financial services company which has been in operation for the last fourteen years. Currently, the company has offices in such countries as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Hong Kong. However, its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. It also has a satellite office in the New York City. The company has adopted an investment model which takes advantage of the organic and natural cycles in the financial market.

In this case, the company has served various customers from across the world to acquire cheap working capital through stocks and other publicly traded financial instrument. Since its inception, the company has transacted over $1.4 billion and this has allowed companies to meet their financial obligations. Al Christy Jr. the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Equities First Holdings Company noted that the company is committed to serving clients with integrity. As such, the company has allowed customers who do not qualify credit-based loans offered by commercial banks to access credit at the time financial crisis is deepening.

Madison Street Capital Researches Capitalization Every Day

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The Madison Street Capital reputation is in how they are helping people who wish to invest their money in other companies. There are many firms that will use the company for their valuation reports, and they may trust this company to ensure that they have the finest customer service for a business deal. This article explains how Madison Street helps customers who are in need of assistance.


#1: What Does A Report Look Like?


The reports that are created by Madison Street Capital list all the value that they have discovered from a firm they are researching. They dig quite deep to find what they need to know, and they will not stop looking until they have found the information they need. The correct value of a company is quite easy to find once they have researched the information, and they will create a report that helps them provide the client with the proper amount of information.


#2: How Are These Reports Used?


Reports are used often when a merger or sale is proposed, and the valuation report shows how much the firm is worth. This will help someone learn what their stake in the company is, and it will help the company figure out how much to sell stakes for. Reports may be kept for future reference when someone wishes to look into a company again, and they will know what they need to know about the firm.


#3: Contacting Madison Street For Help With Sales


The sales that are completed with help from Madison Street Capital will be done in their office, and there will be an agent from the company in the room when the contract is signed. The contract is signed, and all cash is distributed as part of the sale. Someone who wishes to have a safe place to complete their deal may ask Madison Street for help. Madison Street is easy to contact, and they are pleased to help the customer learn what they need for the business deal.


There are quite a few people who are using Madison Street Capital to learn about valuation and capitalization. They will offer information to the customer that shows them how to manage a basic business deal, and they will learn many different things during the process. Reports are completed in a short period of time for each client, and they are forwarded to the customer when needed.


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