Barbara Stokes Achievement in Managing Disaster

Green Homes

Barbara is the Chief Executive officer of Green Structure Homes. She co-founded the company with Scott Stokes of Alabama in 2008. Green structure Homes of Alabama is a Disaster Relief contractor company based in Alabama. The company works with private and government clients to provide services in manufacturing and engineering to produce modular homes for the people affected by various natural disasters like the Hurricane Harvey. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.


Educational Background and work experience


Barbara was a student at Mercer University, and she studied biomedical engineering and physics and graduated in 2001. She also studied technical communications, Thermodynamics, properties of the material, professional communication and structures to add value to her course.


The professional and leadership skills she acquired enabled her to work with disaster and relief management at Boeing and Pisces Corporations. The experience she acquired propelled her to get contacts from the government and to lead a team of professionals at Green Structure Homes.


Green Structure Homes works with the government and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, to respond to disaster by building homes for survivors. The company uses the start of the art design to build modular homes made of wood or steel. The houses are built on-site or transported, and they have all the amenities of a regular home. That is the toilet and kitchen. Read this article at


Barbara Stokes Partners with FEMA in Disaster and Relief Management


No one knows when disaster will strike until it happens. The earth has witnessed floods for a long time because of deforestation and global warming. FEMA and the national government have partnered with Green Structure Homes to build temporary homes for disaster survivors.


Barbara Stokes Interview


What motivated stokes to come up with the idea of medical evaluation is the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. She brings her ideas to life by working with a team of professionals at Green Structures Homes who help her save lives.


Barbara Stokes managed to grow the business by staying one step ahead of the employees in the company and seeking resources from SBA, which provides financial help for small businesses.


Barbara has set a good trend for all people to believe in themselves and do what they have to do to make a difference in people’s lives.