Jason Hope Lives Up To His Optimistic Surname

Internet of Things, Jason Hope

Deep in the Arizona section of the Four Corner states, Jason Hope continues to advance philanthropic initiatives which align with his mindset as well as places optimism in various ideas and businesses which seem to be set for success. His surname seems to be a divine synchronicity which foretold his goodwill future. Jason Hope works hard within the Grand Canyon state doing things such as mentoring high school students as well as organizing grants for various entrepreneurs there and nationally.

It is there that the Arizona State University prepared him well for his role of advancing various technology initiatives in order to impact the welfare of those around him. He considers himself one of the greatest believers in the Internet of Things (IoT) which consists of the growing network of devices and items which have embedded sensors and other related electronics which allow them to communicate with each other more than ever before. The world is already seeing a myriad of new inventions and functionality that was previously unimagined, and there are surely going to be even more great things to come according to Mr. Hope.

He is giving talks and papers in regards to this IoT because it is seen by many as one of the greatest investments that the world’s larger corporations are going to take on in this generation’s lifetime. Medical organizations and healthcare companies are pushing this type of innovation with things such as “smart beds” that are able to determine when they are occupied or if someone might have gotten up unintentionally through sleepwalking or some other cause. The living spaces of many people are now becoming outfitted with even more sensors to help monitor their well-being even without the person having to sit down and perform the tests on their own. Security and ambient intelligence are a couple of other trends that the IoT is leveraging.

Jason Hope is a big believer in helping others to realize their ideas, and that is why he takes submissions via his website and chooses those which have potential that he believes in. As a well-educated and experienced futurist, he can really understand ideas which have the chance to make an impact, and some of his grants have been as small as a mere $500. Even these contributions which may seem small to many can be invaluable to those who receive them and go on to transform some area of society.