The Kabbalah Centre’s Charitable Endeavors

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Once an esoteric study for Orthodox Jewish scholars, the Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalistic wisdom instead, which is about turning one’s self into a better person and helping to make the world better as well. Naturally, charity is a major component of the Kabbalah Centre’s spiritual tools they offer to students.

Kabbalah teaches that the world’s pain and suffering will end when enough people understand the secret wisdom contained in the Zohar, the books on which Kabbalah is based. To facilitate this goal, volunteers of the Zohar Project print and distribute the book to individuals and organizations in all countries. The Zohar Project has donated books to hospitals, shelters, military personal and world leaders in hopes of bringing about world peace. Scholarships are also available for people who want to attend Kabbalah classes online or in person at one of the worldwide Kabbalah Centres.

Humanitarian aid through financial donations to recognized charities is one of the Kabbalah Centre’s charitable endeavors as well. After natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, the Kabbalah Centre donated to the Red Cross to support their efforts to provide food and shelter to people in the affected communities. The Kabbalah Centre also donates to charities such as Habitat for Humanity and community-based organizations that are fighting poverty and gender inequality. Since the Kabbalah Centre was founded to teach Kabbalah to all, but primarily to women, the issue of gender equality is likely close to Karen Berg’s heart. It was she who convinced her husband, Kabbalah Centre founder Philip Berg, to allow women to study Kabbalah.

Members of the Kabbalah Centre community support the independent charity, Spirituality for Kids, which offers free online classes for children. Containing the universal principles of Kabbalah, the classes are designed to give children around the world a sense of self-worth and the ability to view challenges as opportunities.

As the Kabbalah Centre teaches sharing, humility and responsibility for poverty and wars in the world as the key principles of Kabbalah, members are encouraged to leave their comfort zone to help others. Members of Kabbalah Centres are encouraged to find ways to serve in their community, which helps them become better people.

Introspective from the Kabbalah Centre

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There are many life lessons which are taught at the Kabbalah Centre. Many of them are life lessons intertwined with a spiritual message. Spiritual messages come to us in many forms, many of which are life lessons. To that end, we have another life lesson for you guys today. This life lesson is all brought to you by the Kabbalah Centre. If you are interested in finding out more about this and others, you can easily go the official site. Now, let’s get on with today’s life lesson.

It’s about sharing without selfishness and loving unconditionally. Many of through around the word love a little to quickly these days. We love this. We love that. We love when it’s convenient for us. What about when it’s inconvenient? How many of us give love when it’s inconvenient for us to do so? How many of us give and show love only when there’s something in it for us? There are probably many of us who do so. This sort of love is shallow and devoid of any meaning.

Let’s touch on this concept some more with two prime examples.


How many of you have ever done something, done something in the hopes of getting something in return? Most of us have. At the Kabbalah Centre this life lesson touches on something a bit out of the ordinary. This is where the selfless act comes into play. Kind of frightening, isn’t it?


Loving someone who might be getting on your nerves. Loving someone who might not even like you. These two concepts definitely involved going out of “the comfort zone.” Loving a person no matter what takes a lot of discipline. It means looking passed their faults, maybe even recognizing a few of them in you. Visit their website to learn more about the Kabbalah Centre.