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Oncotarget is an informational journal which can be accessed free of charge. Oncotarget publishes papers on a weekly basis, the papers can be accessed and printed by request.Oncotarget makes information relating to scientific research studies available to other scientists as well as those involved with specific cancer research studies. The journal articles mainly refer to Biomedical science as well as its applications. The majority of articles published through Oncotarget discuss techniques and new breakthroughs in fighting various diseases.Oncotarget articles help all those within the scientific field to gain new insight and knowledge as well as helping these professionals contribute something that can help cure and treat life threatening diseases. Life without disease is what Oncotarget continually brings to the forefront.

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The articles published by Oncotarget are of particular use to those devoted to Oncology research. Cancer research and treatment has advanced to a significant degree over the past four decades. However, until a cure for cancer is discovered researchers feel they still have a great deal more work to do.Recent journal articles published by Oncotarget include “Genes & Cancer, “The Aging Process”, as well as “Issues Concerning Oncoscience”. Genes & Cancer is an informational article which discusses in depth the link between certain genes and the development of cancer. We have known for decades that hereditary factors contribute to many cancers.

The article “The Aging Process” discusses how our bodies age and the effect that the aging process has on our external and internal bodies. Discussion about how our internal organs begin to slow down as the years go by. Also, how older individuals are more susceptible to disease and infection.Articles soon to be published on Oncotarget include “Lung Cancer & Tumor Growth”. Lung Cancer and growth of lug tumors will be discussed within this article. In addition, new cancer drugs that do resist lung tumors will also be a topic of discussion.Finally, Oncotarget is quite informational and it can serve as a research and study source for scientists. All information is updated weekly and reference guides can be obtained upon request.

Dr. Clay Siegall Posts about Terrelle and Medical Breakthroughs on His Official Blog

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Clay Siegall is the present Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics. Recently, he blogged about Terrelle Pryor, a wide receiver (American Football). His March 7, 2017, post states that football giants like Eagles, Forty-Niners, Titans, and Steelers were portraying interest in the player. This is because Terrelle had impressive scores in his first year as a wide receiver with 77 catches (1,007 yards).

Siegall’s post on the National Public Radio reported that Medical Breakthroughs usually do not prove out. Besides, the study found out that just approximately 50% of the medical findings, which were drafted in the 199 English-language newspapers, held up when they were tested in further studies. This problem is partly brought about by journalists who usually focus on the unexpected and new findings, which medical journals happily promote.

Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, PhD., co-founded Seattle Genetics Company in 1998. Today, he serves as the company’s President and CEO. As a prominent scientist on besieged cancer therapies, he constructed Seattle Genetics taking into account rigorous research, drug development practices, and scientific innovation. Moreover, he has led the company to its current position in advancing ADCs for the treatment of cancer.

Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has engaged in various strategic licenses including AbbVie, Roche, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline for its ADC research. These licenses have generated over 350 million US dollars to date. He has also led the company in capital-raising activities, which made over 1.2 billion US dollars through private and public financings.

Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years from 1991. Moreover, he is helping on the Boards of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Siegall studied his degree in Bachelor of Science (Zoology) at the University of Maryland. After his first degree, he joined The George Washington University to study for his Ph.D. in Genetics.

In January 2013, Mirna Technologies announced on their blog that Dr. Siegall is the newest member of their Board of Directors. Dr. Siegall is well known in the field of science, because of the significant advancements he and his Seattle Genetics team have made in their research on cancer treatment. As a result, Mirna Technologies said that they looked forward to collaborating with Dr. Siegall.