Soaring to a Better Future with Rocketship Education

Non-profit Network

The fact of the matter is that for low-income and English-learning families in San Jose, life is rough. And when one starts with a rough life, rarely does it become any easier. However, thanks to Rocketship Education, the future may just be brighter for those who were in a previously awful situation.

A non-profit network of public charter schools, Rocketship Education is all about giving better chances to those most in need. Children who would not have been likely to see high school graduation are now on their way to graduating from four year colleges, as the first of their families, and beyond!

How is this possible? The schools come together to create an ecosystem of support and education for the students who are in need. These students see more than an extra month of learning, which helps them greatly on the road to success. In addition, as an attempt to boost college readiness and improve student achievement, districts such as Alum Rock Union Elementary and Franklin-McKinley are also joining the system.

One may ask, “Why should I care?”

Well, here is the answer:

Everyone deserves the chance to better their situation and reach their full potential and this is only possible via education. Without a sturdy education platform, such a thing that is provided by Rocketship Education, a child cannot grow into an adult who can reach their best, and perhaps change the world for what could be better. If given the chance to thrive instead of simply survive, people go on to do amazing things. With more educated people in the world, or even just the country, a major shift for positive change would be seen.

With a program beginning like Rocketship Education in San Jose, there will be much success to be reaped and more opportunities for the youth and future adults of the world. Ideally, the program will spread across the states, across the world even, and eventually the planet will find itself in a much happier situation than the dire circumstances at present.

Thanks to Rocketship Education, a step is taken to better the world.