Oncotarget; a remarkable open access peer-reviewed medical Journal

Oncology Reports

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal that is published by Impact Journals. The open access journal which is also peer-reviewed was established in 2010. This journal that covers all the aspects of oncology was established by Editors-in –chief Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. These are two personalities who are renowned for their remarkable contributions in the fight against cancer as well as the development of the ingenious anti-aging drug. Mikhail Blagosklonny is also the editor-in-chief of other open access peer-reviewed medical journals such as Cell Cycle.

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The Journal has a remarkably comprehensive site that shows in details the various issues that the journal has covered over the years. According to its official website, Oncotarget has started offering Free Altmetric Article reports as a part of their journal platform. This has been provided to assist in real- time tracking of article coverage in both the digital and the traditional media channels. This journal has skilled medical personnel on their Editorial Board. Two of its members, Gregg L. Semenza and William G. Kaelin, Jr won the 2016 Lasker Award for discovering the oxygen-sensing pathway.

Since the establishment of Oncotarget, the journal has published over 300 papers on topics that are Oxygen-related. The journal is an international journal and focuses on the pathological basis of all types of cancers. Oncotarget also focus finding potential targets for therapy and developing protocols to be employed in improving the management of cancer. It also emphasizes on the effects of management programs, as well as new therapeutic protocols and agents on perspectives associated with the patient such as quality of life, satisfaction, and adherence. Oncotarget also explores the evidence supporting new as well as existing therapies through improving outcomes. This also includes the important role of seeking to define the therapies’ usage regarding acceptance by the patient and health care professional, and the therapies’ ultimate uptake. See: https://pubpeer.com/journals/Oncotarget

Oncotarget has a Journal Impact Factor of 2.222 (5-year impact 2.235). It is also a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics and abides by their principles. Oncotarget’s archives can be found on NCBI. Oncotarget has quite a profound presence on social media. They have active accounts on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Oncotarget is also known for their contribution to the study that found e-cigarettes contains flavors in its fumes that may cause damages to the gum tissues. This study was also published in the Oncotarget Journal.

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