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Online Accounts

The internet has a powerful impact on the way the world is perceived. It has taken the place of previous forms information gathering. The first thing someone does is an online search when they are looking to gain knowledge of another person, product or organization. Employers who seek to fill important positions typically do an internet search on potential hires. Social media pages speak volumes about an individual and their history. It is important for people to understand the impression they are making when they sign on to their personal online accounts. Any piece of available information can be used in a vicious manner by someone who is wants to do harm to someone else.

Online reputation management has become an important skill set in the business world today. Many people live their lives on social media. It’s how they keep track of current events and loved ones. However, a harmless post from years ago could send the wrong message and cast a shadow over present circumstances. An online reputation management specialist like – acts much like an anti-virus program. It takes supreme expertise for a technician to modify available information and ensure that their client has the image that they desire on the internet. The trick is to bury unwanted material while promoting the positive content that is available. This is easier said than done.

It is better to be proactive than reactive. Firms specializing in online reputation management state that the prices for their services significantly increase when they are called in to fix a problem. Preventing issues is easier and more cost-effective. Big Blue Robot is an organization that specializes in online reputation management. They share 10 effective ways to manage an online profile at

Material published on the internet is considered public domain. At this point someone is able to take the available content and create whatever image of a person they choose. It is a scenario that has plagued many professionals and businesses. Bad reviews from one angry customer could always cast a shadow over satisfied patrons. Former employees with an axe to grind can do a number on a former company’s reputation. It is up to each person to manage and safeguard the image that is being built with their name and likeness. If you are looking to use social media to enhance your professional profile do not overshare personal information.