Organo Gold Jumps From Magical Coffee To Marvelous Weight Loss Shakes

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Knowing the right foods to eat, and supplements to compliment a diet can be confusing during a weight loss journey, that’s why Organo Gold has developed a body management product line. OGX Fenix not only keeps the body nourished with high performance supplements, but also helps burn fat and lose weight while remaining energized. There’s a scientific basis for supplementation, and Organo Gold’s new product line fuels the body to keep it at optimal levels. Read more at about Organo Gold.

The Benefits of OGX Fenix

One of the ingredients in Organo Gold’s new fitness shake is pre-biotic fiber. It contains no dyes or chemical additives, and most importantly, fiber helps to reduce blood sugar. Sugar is an important source of energy for your body, but excessively high blood sugar levels quickly turn into annoying fat deposits. By lowering your blood glucose levels, you can help you get rid of the extra pounds.

Why Do High Blood Glucose Levels Make You Fat?

Foods with a high sugar content have the disadvantage that the body produces more insulin after being consumed. Insulin is an endogenous hormone that helps cells absorb the glucose from the blood and convert it into energy for metabolism. Unfortunately, insulin simultaneously promotes the conversion of sugar reserves into fat deposits, and increases the appetite. But these new shakes by Organo Gold can reduce high blood sugar levels through targeted food intake. Their combined program has ingredients that can effectively help lose weight. Follow Organo Gold on

The fitness shakes also include another exotic ingredient: Ganoderma Mushroom. Grown in Asia, this mushroom is high in a number of elements including amino acids, Beta glucan, and a myriad of minerals, but the beta-glucans have many remarkable biological effects.

Beta-glucans have a beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism, glucose levels and insulin response. Soluble in water they give the feeling of fullness, suppress hunger and contribute to the success of diets. Besides helping with weight loss, beta-glucans improve the immune and digestive systems. Organo Gold recognizes the health benefits of Asian-grown ingredients, and by fortifying these new shakes, fitness enthusiasts have an advantage.

The OGX Fenix Product Line

Organo Gold’s OGX body management products are a timely addition with obesity still a major conversation. In January 2018, the company debuted the fitness shakes and weight loss system. Statistics show almost 41 percent of middle-aged adults are obese, and close to 20 percent of youth. Organo Gold has formulated their new body management products with ingredients to promote weight loss while boosting the immune system.