Waiakea’s Amazing Charitable Donations

Pump Aid, Volcanic Water

Waiakea is a company located in Hawaii, that manufactures Volcanic Water. On the big island, there is a volcano known as Waiākea. The local melt from snow combined with rain is filtered through the rock of the volcano. This filtration goes through thousands of feet and makes an incredible natural water.

This water is high in both alkaline and electrolytes. Shop Gouarmet reported that Waiakea water began in 2012, by producing the very first volcanic water available. This special water is healthy, sustainable and delicious.

According to Forbes, Waiakea water has sponsored six brand new pumps in Malawi. This was accomplished through their excellent relationship with Pump Aid. These pumps are capable of giving this fresh water to communities suffering with severe disadvantages. They have already made a drastic difference in hundreds of lives, in just this year. There are now more children able to attend school, less disease, food with more nutritious value, and better employment ratios.

Since it’s beginning in 2012, Waiakea water has made unbelievable ethnic changes in the industry. The projects Waiakea sponsors have made enormous differences in the communities. Their affiliation with Pump Aid has been the main factor in the donation of five-hundred million liters of water being donated.

Their goal has always been providing water that is good for the body, with a delicious taste. At the same time, they strive towards giving clean water to those who need it the most. The creator of Waiakea is Ryan Emmons, he believes hard work will allow the company to reach all of their humanitarian goals.

The Waiakea water is being used to get clean and sanitary water throughout rural Africa. Elephant Pumps are installed and the villagers are then taught the correct way to use and maintain these pumps. This means these communities will have safe, clean water for the rest of their lives. Every time Waiakea sells a liter of water, the equivalent amount is then donated.

The water coming from the Waiakea spring has made quite an impact upon the community. Many of the villages they help are so small, they have been previously missed. In the end, it does not really matter if the village was small or if it was quite large. What matters is that to the people who live there, this is home. People everywhere have a right to pure, clean water to drink and Waiakea is doing their best to make that happen.