Michel Terpin the Racer.


Michel Terpin is a famous car racer. He began car racing in 2002 through his hard work and endurance as well as aid from his brother, Rodrigo, Michael became a successful car racer. Before joining car racing, he used to compete in motorbike racing until he finally quitted joining car racing. His brother advised him to try the T1 car racing category.


In his early days in the car racing, it was never easy for him as he had gotten used to bike racing, training for long hours is something he did not find pleasing, alongside driving on rough terrain with a poor car shape.


Finally, Michel joined the Bull Sertoes Team, a car racing team where he teamed with Swem Von Borrier, who became his co-driver. Their partnership was a successful one as they won several racing awards for finishing in the top flight. In 2014, they won the Rallies Dos Sections. This was the longest race had ever taken place in. with poor conditions and a bad terrain which got their racing car break down, it took them hours to repair it and pick up their journey back. Despite the challenges, they finished fifth, and guaranteed them a slot in the next Brazilian Cross Country Championship. For more details visit marketresearchtech.com



Rodrigo Terpins is a creative and innovative dude; he always invented new driving methods and worked hard to perfect them. Being a businessman, he used his carrier to help attract attention to the racing industry. He strived to make car racing and independent industry which gave drivers a chance to participate in. Michael incorporated his driving skills to meet the industry changes.


Besides, Rodrigo Terpins developed a mobile web in Brazil, using php and mobile building applications. He is known for designing websites for businesses, both big and small.


Michael has built broad fan base in his racing occupation and through his outstanding skills. His target is to appear as one of the Brazilian rally legends on the road. Michael finally teamed up with his brother, Rodrigo and together won many awards including the T1Prototype, T-Rex and the Sertoes Rally 22nd Edition among other championships.