Jason Hope sees Internet of Things ushering in new era of automation

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Ever since the mathematician John Von Neumann began talking about the General Theory of Automata back in the 1940s, the ability of computational systems to create levels of automation that would transform society into something out of a science fiction novel has long captured the attention of the public. Today, that reality is on the brink of taking shape, with many different areas that were once solely in the realm of human labor being quickly automated, leading to ability of humans to largely become free of menial work.

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most prolific and highly lauded entrepreneurs. Over a career spanning 20 years, Hope has created dozens of startups, operating highly successful businesses in industries ranging from search engine optimization to b2b platforms. One of Hope’s most famous accomplishments was his early creation of the premium mobile content streaming business model. In the late 1990s, Hope saw huge potential in the ability of people to download their favorite media onto their cellular devices. At a time when barely 50 percent of the American public had a mobile device or cellular telephone, this was a remarkable example of perspicacity. Ultimately, Hope would beat the iTunes store and Apple to the mobile content provision business model by over one full decade, leading him to be the real founder of a business model that has given Steve Jobs and others like him the title of unqualified genius.

But today, Hope is humble about his past accomplishments. His main goal, over the last few years, has been to blog and write about the coming technologies that are encompassed in Internet of Things, a set of technologies that Hope believes will so radically transform the way in which everyday Americans live their lives that it will be the biggest thing since the Industrial Revolution.

Hope believes that one of the first ways that people will begin to notice the dramatic effects that internet-of-things technologies will have on the everyday lives of Americans will be through the increasingly widespread adoption of high automation to take over tasks that were once only performed by humans. Hope believes that one of these areas that will be almost completely replaced by automated processes is grocery shopping.

Hope notes that Amazon has been able to successfully displace a vast portion of all retail sales in the United States, particularly those that formerly took place at department stores and other on-site location. Hope believes a similar process will soon play out with grocery stores, with automated order fulfillment technology being able to not only fulfill orders, but to deliver those orders automatically to the homes of those who have ordered the groceries. This will be carried out through the use of self-driving vehicles.

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