Whitney Wolfe Is Not Afraid Of Taking The Risk

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Whitney Wolfe is young and creative. She has proclaimed herself to be a feminist that is trying to give women a better dating experience through apps. She has shown people that she has the desire to do something different, and this was a big step to take.

Many people that were in her shoes may not have done what Whitney Wolfe decided to do. She left Tinder, an app that she co-founded, and moved away from the technology mecca of New York. California was also a distant memory. She almost put herself completely off the radar by starting a company in Texas called Bumble.

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This was a risky thing to do because she departed from what was the norm for companies that were designed for dating apps. Geographically, Bumble was on a dating app island. Whitney Wolfe went to college in Texas, and she loved the time she spent there. She felt like this would be a natural place for her to realign herself with her goals to create the ideal dating app for women.

When she created Bumble, an app that puts women in place to start conversations, it was evident that she was someone that was not afraid to fail. This app could have gone sour if men decided that they did not want to participate. Fortunately, this was something that men took enjoyment in. Men know that when the women respond to messages that they are actually interested. It is like a rite of passage because he has made it past the screening round of the dating process.

Whitney Wolfe could have pitched this idea earlier in life, but it appears that this was a secret weapon that she held onto. She decided to take the solo route and create her own company from her own perspective.

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The Service of Helane Morrison as a SEC District Chief

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Helane Morrison is a well-known attorney in San Francisco. She has spent her entire career in the city and has served the government as well as the private sector. Morrison acquired her higher education at the Northwestern University and the University of California, where she was awarded degrees in journalism and law respectively. She spent most of her career working with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Helane joined the organization in 1996 and was posted to serve the San Francisco District. She is a confident, diligent, and brilliant individual, and therefore, she managed to hold top positions at the SEC. One of them is being San Francisco’s enforcement director. She ensured that companies were compliant and enforced the law against corrupt officials of New York’s Republic Securities, NextCard, Inc, Hewlett-Packard, and Dean Witter. Her work was outstanding, and the SEC appointed her as head of the San Francisco District.


Morrison’s positions offered her authority over the examination and enforcement actions that the SEC conducted in the North Western States. The jurisdiction of her office covered North California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Nevada, and Alaska. The San Francisco District Office is in the Pacific Region, which is headquartered in Los Angeles. Helane succeeded the office from David Bayles who moved to the Morrison & Foerster law company to serve as a partner.


Very few female attorneys can match Helane Morrison’s accomplishments. Other women who have served the SEC as chiefs of various districts are Valerie Capron, Carmen Lawrence, and Mary Keefe. Morrison had a successful tenure in office since she ensured that people were well-informed on securities and regulatory observance it San Francisco companies. She also acted as the SEC’s representative in different occasions such as business transactions, legal subjects, government institutions, and financial communities.


Morrison built an excellent career as a lawyer in the private sector. She kicked off her practice in 1986 was an attorney at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became the company’s associate in 1991 and quit in 1996. Her primary responsibilities included serving as an attorney in internal company investigation, corporate lawsuits, private securities, and representing firms that were litigated by the SEC. Helane’s services were also hired by middlemen and stock trading enterprises during arbitrations. She presently works as a compliance officer of the Hall Capital Partners. Her work has been essential in restoring trust in the United States’ finance sector.


Julie Zuckerberg Executive Career as Recruitment Lead

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Executive headhunting professionals are highly skilled persons tasked with recruiting executives and other senior personnel for various industries. The job involves performing initial screening, negotiating a salary package and preparing employment contracts. Julie Zuckerberg is a well-known Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche bank serving the Greater New York Area. According to her LinkedIn page, Julie’s current position entails coaching and headhunting recruiters that support Private Wealth and Commercial clients, Global Technology Operations and Asset Management. The process is aimed at improving recruitment and driving regional talent acquisition. She also undertakes leadership counseling, oversees best recruitment practices and provides strategic direction and coaching to recruiting teams. Julie is also charged with leading development and negotiation efforts at the Managing Director Level.


Julie Zuckerberg assumed her current position at Deutsche bank in November 2015. She previously served as the VP and Executive Recruiter at Deutsche Bank; Hire Recruitment Lead and Corporate VP at New York Life Insurance Company and VP and Executive Recruiter at Citi. During her first tenure at Deutsche Bank as VP and Executive Recruiter from April 2014 to November 2015, Julie consulted with hiring managers to establish best sourcing strategies. She was also tasked with managing contract governance and building strong business ties with other search firms to source quality candidates from diverse backgrounds. At New York Life Insurance Company, where she served from November 2013 to February 2-14, Julie was charged with partnering with senior managers to develop creative business solutions to various clients.


From October 2007 to July 2011, she served as Citi’s Global Functions Lead and Executive Recruiter before becoming the company VP and Executive Recruiter from October 2007 to November 2013. Citi is a leading bank with international outreach spanning over 160 countries and jurisdictions. The company offers a broad ranging financial products and services to millions of account holders. As the Citi Executive Recruiter, Julie offered full life-cycle recruiting for Director and Managing Directors positions. The exercise targeted Citicards and City Global Consumer Marketing and Internet Offices. Julie advised senior managers and oversaw recruitment strategies and compensation trends in the integrated financial services company. She was also charged with developing and negotiating complex job offers on immigration, equity buyouts and deferred awards in conjunction with other HR personnel.


Julie also previously served as the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson for duration of 5 years, beginning November 2002 to October 2007. She undertook several tasks including, recruiting attorneys, supporting staff and paralegals; conducting employee counseling and offering employee benefit information such as promotion opportunities and working conditions. Besides her core talent of acquisition and management, Julie’s other skills set includes human resources, talent management, behavioral interviewing, conflict resolution and employee training and coaching. She has a highly decorated academic background on law studies. According to Fingadoartgallery, Julie studied at City University of New York – Brooklyn College and later the New York Law School. Julie cares a lot about various causes in the society, including economic empowerment, science and technology, animal welfare and civil rights.