The Chainsmokers Drew Taggart Wins The Award For Songwriter Of The Year And Gives Alex Pall A Shout Out

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The Chainsmokers are the duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The American DJ and pop duo had a major breakthrough in 2014 with #Selfie when it became one of the top twenty singles for several countries. Their debut EP featured Don’t Let Me Down, released in October of 2015, won the Best Dance Recording Grammy and became the duo’s first top ten single. The Chainsmokers have additionally won five awards from iHeartRadio Music Awards and won twice from the American Music Awards. The second EP Collage for the pair was released in November of 2016. This was prior to their debut studio album in April of 2017 titled Memories…Do Not Open.

The songwriter and lead singer for the dance pop duo is Drew Taggart. He just received an awards from ASCAP or the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. The award honored him as the songwriter of the year. During his acceptance speech he said this is crazy. He then spoke of the numerous people in the world he looks up to, idolizes and respects. Drew Taggart was among the four winners. He gave a special shout out to Steve Mac and Max Martin as two of the other songwriters of the year. Starrah was his co-winner and received an extra special shout from Drew Taggart. The audience cheered when he said she was the truth.

Drew Taggart said that winning this type of award meant he must know something regarding songwriting. He laughed as he added he still did not have a clue. He said every song places him a state of panic. He is never certain if he will ever have another big song. He stated his best bud is Alex Pall and they always manage to figure it out. He said this is as honest as it gets. Drew Taggart then gave his really close friend a shout out in addition to Emily Warren. This amazing songwriter was not there but helped the Chainsmokers write a lot of their hits including Everybody Hates Me, Sick Boy and Don’t Let Me Down. He said she gave them confidence in their abilities.