The End Citizens United is a political committee based in the United States. It was founded in 2015 with the sole aim of driving money out of politics. Its goal is to elect campaign-finance reform candidates to Congress. They contribute money for the candidates and run independent expenses. End Citizens United was operating its first election in 2016.

In 2016, it raised close to 25 million dollars. It is endorsed by big names in U.S. politics. They believe in the next election cycle; they will raise close to 35 million dollars to support candidates.

In the past elections, wealthy people and special interest groups could fund the campaign money to potential candidates. It saw the rise of the political action committee to maintain the balance of democracy among the political class. End Citizens United headquarters are in Washington D.C. Tiffany Muller is the president and executive director. Matt Burgess is the executive vice president with communication director being Adam Bozzi.

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One Rick Scott found himself tangled among the webs of the organization. It came about when he tried to get funding from the New Republican Super PAC. Scott is a senator who is seeking reelection. The organization fired complaints about Scott trying to accept donations from PAC. It was illegal since the donation exceeded the contribution limits plus violation of Federal Election Commission rules. In mid-April of 2018, it was revealed that Rick Scott received gifts from private equity executives. It was after the firms of the executives benefited from Scott’s decision on ‘state pension fund investments’. However, a 2010 Securities and Exchange Commission prohibited financial firms from funding public officials as stipulated above. Scott nevertheless, received donations as he chaired PAC in May 2017. End Citizens United found a basis to charge Rick Scott for accepting money from rich sources.

After Rick announced his motive of running for Bill Nelson’s Democratic seat in Congress, the Federal Election commission charged him. It was due to a violation of election laws. Adam Bozzi, communication’s director of End Citizens United, predicted the fall of Scott’s plan. He continued to say that Scott should not expect any trust from Florida’s voters due to his shady politics. Bozzi again sheds light on both the new Republican PAC and Scott campaign used the same fundraiser, Jenny Drucker. It was so far an actionable call for investigations as there was now proof of malice on Rick Scott’s side. End Citizen United has tuned political aspirants in the United States.


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