A newly formed political action committee, End Citizens United is committed to campaign for finance reforms. The goal of this PAC is to end dirty money in the United States politics through reversing the 2010 Supreme Court’s Citizen United ruling. The committee is devoted to channeling millions of dollars to House and Senate Democratic aspirants. End Citizens United was formed in March 2016 and raised over $2 million. End Citizens United had envisioned contributing between $25 million and $30 million during the 2016 election season.


The PAC saw over 325,000 people signing its petition demanding Congress to reverse the Citizens United ruling. This number was expected to rise after the group partnered with “Ready for Hillary,” to reach out over four million people registered on the email list.


Success Strategy


Other PACs focusing on reversing the Citizens United ruling have failed in the past. However, End Citizens United is leaving no stone unturned to achieve their goal. Firstly, the group is endorsing and backing Democratic candidates who seem to be in support for finance reforms. Secondly, the group is planning to set an independent arm to financially support their preferred candidates through direct mailers, polling and television ads. With all these plans in place, End Citizens United is hoping to win consent from two-thirds of the Senate and House as well as ratification from three-fourths of states to amend the constitution.


According to financial regulation experts, groups like End Citizens United are essential in keeping the Supreme Court and other political actors on toes to prevent them from making things worse.


Why Back Democrats


Although some independent and Republican candidates concur with End Citizens United on matters concerning financial reforms, Republican leadership in Congress are against the idea. The PAC remains a force to reckon in United Citizens elections given that it received donations from 136,000 people just months after it was formed.


End Citizens United To Raise $ 35 Million


Within the first three months of 2017, End Citizens United collected over $4million and is committed to raising $35 million by next year’s midterm elections. This amount is thought to have a bigger influence in the 2018 election given that the PAC raised $25 million in 2016 elections. The group boasts over 40,000 new contributors, which means that realizing $35 million is possible. According to the PAC’s president, Tiffany Muller, the donors are angered are ready to fight back.


As a show of their devotion towards ending dirty money, End Citizens United raised over $500,000 in support of Democrat Jon Ossof, a Congress candidate in Georgia. This momentum has raised eyebrows of some campaign-finance watchdogs. So far End Citizens United has collaborated with some Republican senators who received funding from Betsy DeVos. This collaboration made the Senate vote 50-50 on Betsy confirmation.



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