Many cell phone service providers pride themselves on having the best customers, but the same companies will turn away certain customers because they don’t have good credit. Some phone companies still require a user to have good credit because they will get a phone plan that has to be paid for on a monthly basis, but the plan is paid for after the service has been used. Since the user has to have good credit or be trustworthy enough to get the service, those who have bad credit are turned away, which is why many people prefer cell phone service without a contract.

FreedomPop is very popular because of the fact that they don’t require any contracts from their customers. FreedomPop also has monthly service, which means no person is required to stay with the company if they choose to move on, even if they’ve only been a customer for a single month. Each customer must pay for their monthly service ahead of time, but the prices are so low that many have no problem prepaying for their services. Many who get contract cell phone service will sign the contract because they believe they will be saving money.

If a comparison is done to show how much money a person saves when they sign a two-year contract, compared to what they will save if they go with FreedomPop, the FreedomPop user will still come out saving more money. Anyone who joins FreedomPop for cell phone service can pay as little as $19.99 per month for an unlimited service that includes 1 GB of 4G LTE data. With unlimited 3G data being given to every unlimited service plan user, the customer will constantly have text messages, talk time, and data access, and any user may add additional 4G LTE data if they please.

No credit check is necessary to get FreedomPop service, and in fact, FreedomPop is even offering free cell phone service. The free cell phone service will give any user 500 text messages, 200 minutes of talk time, and 200 MB of data will be included with an additional 500 MB being added to the account of those who add at least 10 FreedomPop friends to their account. FreedomPop is very proud of the customers they have and want to gain more by not having contracts, charging low prices and offering great service. Try FreedomPop, the company that is contract-free.

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