It is always sad whenever a competent leader is about to leave any organization. On the other side, great leaders understand that their purpose in a company is not only to make present results but a future for the company too. Lori Senecal has been the CEO of CP+B since 2015. The company has reached high heights as a result of her great marketing skills and creative mind. Unfortunately, Lori Senecal is stepping down as the Chief Executive Officer and President of CP+B this year.


Chuck Porter, the chairman of the company, says that Lori Senecal has been the perfect individual for leading CP+B. The firm has gained a stable momentum through the intelligent decisions Lori Senecal has made at her time of leadership. He went ahead to say that she has been awesome and the firm is better, thanks to her. They are ready to take the matter into their hands after Lori and see that her efforts for the company do not go to drain, but instead propel the firm to the next level. Check out huffingtonpost to know more.



In an interview, Lori said that her passion for leading others began when she was in high school. She wanted to engage in gymnastics, but her height wouldn’t allow it. She got a chance to be the leader of the gymnastics. She says that since then, she has always felt she was born to lead and others to follow, not the other way round. She says that as a coach she always aimed at excellence for her team and it is the same theory that is needed in the advertisement world. You can visit youtube to see more videos.



Lori Senecal says that in the ad world, you make money when other people make money. She says that you got to be a performer and a strong individual to earn in her line of business. She quotes a saying that is common in their business that one is only as good as his/her last advert was.

Lori Senecal has always considered herself profitable as a result of her great skills to motivate others. Lori Senecal says in term of finance; one takes time in the advertisement agency. KBS, however, rose very fast compared to other advertising agencies due to the cooperation of the support.




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