Glen Wakeman is a prosperous globe-trotting entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has lived in more than ten countries. His background in economics and finance from the universities of Chicago and Scranton catapulted him of the international business scene. He is the creator and CEO of Launchpad holdings, a platform he uses to help entrepreneurs structure and grow their businesses. He is also the principal of Nova four. He shares ideas about living abroad for would-be entrepreneurs and travelers.




Analyze the motive behind such a move. It will help gauge one’s readiness. If the reason for moving fails to yield results, a person can be hugely disappointed. Moving to live, work and invest in a foreign land requires diligent planning. Be prepared to deal with whatever problems that may arise


Be informed


Knowledge is power. Get all the facts. Don’t rely on second-hand information or hearsay. Gather as much information as possible about the country to our region. Such information includes the culture, taxes and customs of the people. Consider the cost of living and investment risks. Take necessary precautions against unstable market trends. Talk to someone who already lived in that country. Find out if the country’s laws allow foreigners to work or run businesses. If so, under what conditions? Once there, exercise caution and shrewdness. Unscrupulous tax-collectors may often take advantages of foreigners.


Aim To Succeed


Be determined to succeed. It may mean, observing time differently, learning some rules of etiquette or trying new ways of doing things. Don’t be judgmental if customs are different from what is familiar. Focus on the positive things that the new land and culture offer. There are opportunities for outsourcing, affordable skilled labor and new markets. Used to the original. Be willing to admit mistakes and ask for help if necessary


Glen Wakeman attests to the fact that Living and working abroad can be a rewarding experience. He uses his knowledge and expertise to educate and advise others about breaking ground on the global market.


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