IAP Worldwide Services is a contracting firm established in 1990 and located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The company offers a spectrum of services and solutions through four of its divisions. The first division provides engineering, administrative, scientific, and health solutions to private and public healthcare institution in the United States.

The second division provides power services, which entail both permanent and temporary power sources and operations, renewable energy, and power plant operations and management services.

The third division oversees the provision of professional and technical services, facilities management, disaster management, and logistics to commercial clients and governments in the United States and across the world.

The last division provides services for government sectors including emergency responses, network and communication, aviation support services, facilities engineering operations, expeditionary infrastructure services, and logistics and supply chain.

Under the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer Douglas Kitani, and the Chief Financial Officer Terrence DeRosa, IAP Worldwide has been a major defense and aerospace contract partner.

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The terms of the contract include operations to support the Naval Air Station located in Patuxent River, Md. The operations to be involved entail training, management supervision, supplying of equipment and machinery necessary to perform base operation support services such as facility investment, waste water management, construction of utilities such as swimming pools, solid waste management, and environmental conservation.

This contract has a June 2017 closing date and is expected to expand up to $45 million. The contract will see hundreds if not thousands of people hired as project managers, medical personnel, engineers, IT specialists, property specialists, and disaster management professionals.

News about the contract was released a year after the United States Veteran Magazine (USVM) recognized IAP Worldwide Services as a member of the top Veteran-Friendly Companies and Top Suppliers Diversity Programs in the United States. The company was honored as part of a list of companies with a track record of hiring employees with military backgrounds.

IAP Worldwide has offices in the United Kingdom, Oklahoma City, Panama City, the Middle East, and Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md, among other locations. The company’s mission is to solve extremely challenging and sophisticated problems using ingenuity, proven technology and expertise to meet the needs of its diverse customers.

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    Orlando Business Journal reports that the company has acquired a big military contract early June this year. The contract is worth $15.6 million according to the United States Department of Defense. It would have made it proper for http://www.rushmyessays.org/ to better understand everything that has risen from the start to the finish.

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