Jorge Moll is Brazilian neurologist who is highly endowed in matters of human behavior study. Recently, Jorge Moll gave his view on how human beings react to giving and receive. Mr. Moll notes that human beings find more pleasure in giving out what they have, especially to people who mean a lot to them than receiving. Mr. Jorge Moll came to this conclusion after conducting numerous studies on the topic. He also revealed that most people are happy when they are in working relationships than when not attached to someone.

He has been conducting research studies at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). Mr. Moll is the president of this institution that seeks to unearth the working of the human brain regarding various matters.


These findings resulted from a study whereby volunteers were asked questions while monitoring the behavior of their brains. The monitoring was done with a magnetic resonance device that was attached to each person. The device recorded numerous sensations of pleasures when the individuals talked about giving out. Jorge Moll believes that the findings of the study can be helpful in developing a way of increasing the lifespan of human beings by the development of positive relationships.


IDOR is the brainchild of Jorge Moll. He developed this firm with the aim of incorporating technology in the provision of healthcare services. So far the institution has effectively delivered on its objectives. The firm was in the past affiliated to the D’Or São Luiz Hospital Network. This hospital was then the primary sponsor of IDOR. However, since 2010, it has been operating as an independent entity. IDOR provides services in numerous areas such as pediatrics oncology and neuroscience.


The rapid growth of IDOR can be mainly attributed to the genius of Jorge Moll who has never run short of innovative healthcare solutions. He has supported the operations of the organization tirelessly, and that is one of the key reasons why it is the reputable firm that many people adore in Brazil. However, the input of the D’Or São Luiz Hospital Network can also not be undermined. This hospital is the largest in the country, and it fully supported the research firm until it was stable enough to operate on its own.


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