Business owners need to know the world when it comes to advertising. As a matter of fact, the idea of the business owner being out of touch is not as true as one would believe, especially when it comes to successful businesses. These days, people are starting all kinds of businesses. Many of them are very small, and yet they are some of the most successful businesses that one can be a part of. The most important aspect of their business is in the marketing, claims Bloomberg. When people market, they have to make sure that they are reaching their audience in a way that they want to be reached.


One person that can help people reach their audience is Lori Senecal. She is very much in touch with the world and what people want. Therefore, she is able to advertise effectively. She is also able to share her insights on what people respond to. For instance, she notices that people in general are interested in more of a neighborly image. For instance, they are likely to respond positively to playful images as well as spontaneous images. Therefore, she urges people who want to advertise to be a little playful.


One of the best ways to know the world is be involved with it. Lori Senecal reaches out and connects with people when it comes to business so that she can be known throughout the world. This attracts clients to her so that she can advertise to the right people for her clients. Given that people are using mobile devices and are also constantly on social media, she is able to reach people at various times during the day with her advertising campaigns. Given that she has turned one of her businesses into global enterprises, she has expanded her reach and has shown that she can make businesses grow.

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