Madison Street Capital has provided advice to Sachs Capital Group regarding the purchase of RMG Networks. The transaction was financed by Virgo Capital as well as Merion Investment Partners. RMG is a digital company, providing signage media software, hardware and service to more than half of the companies on the Fortune 100 list. Madison Street Capital CEO Charles Botchway mentioned that Barry Petersen guided the Madison Street advisory team.


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Sachs Capital Group CEO Gregory H. Sachs said they are thrilled to have completed the transaction. Madison Street Capital reptutation proved well. The company was equipped with relationships, direction and made attempts on behalf of Sachs to locate sources for capital and sticking with Sachs through the entire transaction. Madison Street was really instrumental to the success of the deal.


Assisting Sachs Capital Group

Senior managing director Barry Petersen says the experience of supporting Mr. Sachs during the transaction was great. RMG Networks is in a good position to bring capital to its owners, especially since the launch of the new communication platform Korbyt. Following the transaction, those with RMG stocks were given $1.29 per share, all cash. After the transaction, RMG’s stock was no longer trading on the stock exchange.


About RMG

RMG’s goals are to boost efficiency, engagement, and productivity for businesses via digital messaging. RMG uses a combination of updated software, business applications, hardware, and services to provide one lane of accountability for performance management and integrated data. The headquarters of RMG is Dallas Texas, but there are offices all around the world.


About Madison Capital

Madison Capital is a global investment banking company with a commitment of excellence, leadership, service and integrity when providing financial advisory services on a corporate level. The company provides expertise in mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and financial opinions to businesses. The goal of these services is to place other companies in a position to be successful in the global market.


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