If Lauren Conrad is going to plan your next party, then you are in for a treat. By applying some of her famous entertainment rules then your guaranteed to have an awesome and stress-free event. Mrs. Conrad has made her mark in the fashion world, especially with her two collections namely Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. Let us not forget her publishing endeavors, that includes nine books, eight of which are New York Time’s best sellers, and her well-established social media presence with over ten million followers combined for her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Despite all her successful endeavors, Lauren is still settled on making her presence known in a much cozier locale- your home. She has recently launched her online fair-trade retailer, The Little Market, and also has a book out, called ‘Celebrate.’ In spite of being referred to as the millennia Martha Stewart, Lauren still maintains that those might be quite the big shoes to fill.

Nevertheless, Lauren party tips are just what you need to make you a good hostess. Her secret, as is revealed in an article from the Redbook, is not to worry yourself with perfection. (http://www.redbookmag.com/food-recipes/entertaining/news/a44678/lauren-conrad-party-planning-entertaining).

Lauren reveals that putting a party together doesn’t always have to be perfect, as something that appears to be too put together is just fussy for her, and thus people might not be comfortable. In making the right party setting, one has to ensure that the guests experience utmost comfort and feel welcomed. Lauren expresses that she reflects her ease about things from her husband who prefers her easier themes than what she has done in the past.

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The company also upholds amicable relations with top establishments and the most sought-after vendors to make the event planning process fun and worry-free for its clientele. The company offers its unbiased expertise and services in venue selection, floral design, catering, photography, entertainment, lighting, branding and production, just to mention a few. (http://twentythreelayers.com/services).

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