Robert Ivy Knows The Benefits That Come With AIA Membership


When Robert Ivy speaks on matters pertaining to architecture, people who are in the field or who aspire to be in the field should probably pay close attention. Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and he is a decorated writer and editor with decades of experience on his side. As the CEO of the AIA, Robert Ivy is in a position to help future architects find the right path that they need to take in order to be successful. Today, we are going to talk about Ivy and his work with the AIA as well as the benefits that come to architects who end up joining a professional association. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Professional associations may be the secret lifeblood of the successful architect. Not to be confused with a union or trade organization, professional associations are membership-driven groups that coalesce around a specific topic. For Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects is his professional association and the topic that they group up around is the professional architecture industry. Robert Ivy has been working in the architectural industry for over 22 years now and the AIA may be his most important work. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

At the American Institute of Architects, architects or future architects will be able to take part in a number of different activities while enjoying a plethora of benefits that can put their career on track. The AIA gives architects of every experience level the benefit of having a loud, lobbying voice directed toward local and federal government groups. Architecture is a small industry but it is an important one and that means that architects need as much amplification to their needs as possible.

Additionally, Robert Ivy and the American Institute of Architects give architects the chance to connect with their fellow architect. There is something incredibly beneficial about being in the same room getting to know the future professionals of your industry. Architects looking to set themselves on the right track for a long and successful career would do well to consider linking up with the American Institute of Architects in order to get started down that path.


It’s Blue Skies Ahead for FinTech Company GreenSky

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Since its founding in 2006, GreenSky’s proprietary technology platform has enabled its bank partners to provide loans to nearly two million consumers nationwide, while more than 12,000 home improvement and healthcare merchants have used the platform to offer frictionless credit and payment options to their customers. The fintech company completed an Initial Public Offering in May of 2018, and its next step forward is the recent announcement of a strategic alliance with global services company American Express.

Reaching for the Sky with American Express

The partnership will result in boundless benefits for the two companies, their merchant partners and consumers nationwide.

  • U.S. merchants in the American Express network, and their customers, will now have access to GreenSky’s point-of-sale financing solutions. Merchants will be able to increase sales by offering credit options, while consumers will be able to apply to finance a large purchase via mobile app (as simple as scanning a driver’s license), online or over the phone and receive a decision within 60 seconds.
  • Existing American Express cardholders in five U.S. cities will be able to apply for direct-to-consumer home improvement loans through the GreenSky platform. At the successful conclusion of this pilot test, the capability will be rolled out nationwide and in additional categories.
  • GreenSky will gain access to American Express’s virtual payment solution, vPayment, which provides customers with virtual account numbers in order to complete faster, safer transactions. The company will also realize significant growth in a number of areas, including number of active merchants (estimated to reach 30,000 by 2020), number of customer accounts (forecasted to exceed 3.2 million, also by 2020), and stock price per share (expected to increase by 30%).

The Sky’s the Limit

GreenSky’s collaboration with American Express will take the fintech firm to the next level. According to CEO David Zalik, “Combining our industry-leading technology platform with the security and backing of American Express will allow us to continue innovating to meet evolving customer needs.” As a mobile-first company, and with more than 225 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone, the sky is indeed the limit for GreenSky.

Waiakea Water Is A Bottled Water Company That Is Doing It Right

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There are many bottled water companies in the modern world, and it has been estimated that the sector is worth more than $100 billion dollars. With water that comes out of the taps of most people’s homes, it would have been unheard of to think that the industry would be so large today. Because of this, many bottled water companies have to be creative in order to properly market what they have to offer. Some companies load their water up with extra vitamins, while others call it spring water. One bottled water company doesn’t rely on any kinds of sale’s gimmicks because its water sells itself. That company is Waiakea water, and they have really made a splash in the industry.

Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water runs down the side of a volcano in Hawaii where it gathers minerals along the way. This makes Waiakea water ph levels tilted towards the alkaline side, which is very healthy for the human body. Instead of having to pretend like their water comes from a pristine location like some bottled water companies do, the company can back up its claims. It has been in existence since 2012, and people just love the fact that they are drinking water that has been filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Volcanic water benefits are well known, and this just makes people want to drink the water even more.

Waiakea Water has taken their environmental brand a step further by bottling their water in the first biodegradable bottles to ever be used by a water company. This is amazing because more than eight million tons of plastic waste ends up in the world’s oceans every year. Unfortunately, there are a spread of Asian countries that contribute the most waste, but the United States is still at fault for a good portion of the problem. Waiakea Water has now been certified as a Carbon Neutral company because they also use low-emission vehicles to get their products to the people that love them. The company has also been donating part of its earnings to local charitable organizations and programs that help out in the communities it serves.

The Houston Chronicle deems Talos Energy Inc. Top workplace from 2013 – 2017

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The Houston Chronicle Deems Talos Energy Inc. The top workplace ranging from the year 2013 to the present 2017. For the last 6 years, Talos Energy Inc. employee count has climbed to over 266 employees. The company’s main office is in Houston Texas. However, Talos Energy Inc maintains offices in five states. The offices are in Texas, Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi. Other locations exist in countries such as Venezuela South America.

The company provides employees with special perks like fun Fridays, On-site daycare for mothers and fathers who must work. Talos offers competitive hourly pay rates and competitive monthly salaries to the corporate office employees. Benefits such as health care, insurance, and shareholdings in the company are also valued perks of working for Talos Energy Inc. The company offers schedules that allow its employees time for family and other activities. There are also opportunities for the employees to advance to greater positions throughout the company.

Each office owned by Talos Energy Inc. uses the same staff and positions. Here are examples of the positions held within the company. The President and CEO of Talos Energy Inc. are Tim Duncan. The president rules all decisions for the overall company.

Next, the Vice President of the company’s’ duty is. In case the President is unavailable or unable to make critical decisions the task falls to the Vice President. The Executive Vice President decides over an assigned or specific area of the company. Like someone appoints him or her to exploration, health, safety or environmental departments of the company.

Managers are important to a company like Talos. For instance, managers control the HR Department (Human Resources), This part of management hires new staff, integrates the employees into the company.

HR managers also deal with employee compensation, salaries, bonuses or benefits for the employees. From the management inside the company to the geologists, drilling crew, maintenance, IT Department even the receptionist who answers the phones when someone calls. Talos Energy Inc is considered the top company to work for. As long as the employees preform his or her job without constant supervision Talos does not interfere. Having to interfere cost precious time and delays productivity.

Stream energy’s Philanthropic Activities

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Despite the looming number of companies in the country, a few of them are willing to provide philanthropic activities. One such company that has defied all the odds and set up an example among its peers for having a helping hand is Stream Energy. As the old saying goes, “Today at my place and tomorrow at your,” I believe that Stream Energy is a big fan of the proverb.

Article Recap

Recently, there was the Hurricane Harvey that caused havoc among the residents of Dallas. Most of them were rendered homeless as well as lacking the basic needs. But as the old saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” Stream Energy indeed decided to be the friend in need for many who were the victims of the harsh times.

The company opted to use their hard earned cash to help rescue the lives of men, women, and children as other organizations watched helplessly.

The support that came quickly and faster showed how caring is part of the company policy. They recently launched a philanthropic platform for helping during disasters, and already the fruits of the effort and dedication towards supporting humanity under various capacities are being witnessed even after about a dozen years since its launch.

The Dallas based corporation, “Stream Energy” is an excellent example of how organizations ought to behave during disasters. The business venture showed that there is more than just money that a company should give out to the society. Therefore, as a company, it is very advantageous to have two arms, the philanthropic arm as well as the business arm. It helps the venture to not only give back to the community when the need arises without affecting the normal operation of the business. It helps the company to earn the much-needed respect from the community as well as the government.

Boraie Development’s: What is and What is to Come

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Boraie Development’s The Aspire is a new development in the heart of New Brunswick, New Jersey. This new development boasts 238 studio, one bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The purpose behind this complex was to provide a modern design that also offers the convince that the younger generation is looking for. There are many amenities that the complex offers such as a 24/7 doorman and private parking that has direct access to the building, which is not always easy to find in a city center type location. The location is also set within feet of the New Brunswick train station, making transportation easy and convenient by car or train. Check out Bloomberg to now more.


There was no thought or expense spared in these luxury apartments as they come equipped with an assortment of designer finishes and 9 to 10-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, frameless glass showers, and much more making it a home worth coming home too. Not to mention that the gourmet kitchens come stocked with custom cabinets, quartz counters, glass-tiled backsplashes, and stainless-steel appliances. Not to forget the bathrooms which feature designer fixtures, tiled floors, and accent walls. Plus, every unit comes wired for cable, high-speed internet, and gas-powered heating units that were specifically designed to reduce heating bills during the cold winters. There is so much the The Aspire has to offer you must see it to believe it. For more details visit



Not only does this luxury apartment offer so many amazing amenities and modern design for the younger generation, but the development itself was partnered with former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal. This is not the first apartment tower that Shaquille O’Neal has partnered with in New Jersey. O’Neal is looking at this partnership as the house that he built. O’Neal has partnered with others in New Jersey such as governor Phil Murphy, Lt. governor Sheila Oliver, and Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. When asked why he has invested in apartment towers in New Jersey, O’Neal has stated that it is where Omar Boraie is from and he is looking to make it a little more beautiful. Also, he said that he only invests in things that are going to make a difference. This is a positive statement and something that the people of Newark and New Brunswick, and other surrounding towns can look forward to as their city advances in a positive direction. Thanks to Shaq, investors, and developers these cities are becoming a more beautiful place for people to live.



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Sheldon Lavin, The man behind the success of OSI Group

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Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and the chairman of OSI group. He is highly ranked in the food processing and meat industry. Moreover, he is the president of OSI International Food Ltd whereby he is actively involved in the day- to- day company activities. Sheldon has industry knowledge for decades whereby he financed Otto and Sons, which later led to the birth of OSI group. Since Sheldon Lavin was visionary, and uphold good leadership skills, his company “OSI Group” developed faster and ended up becoming an international industry leader. OIS Group has now widened up and has got 60 locations in 60 different countries.

Sheldon Lavin great work of coming up with OIS Group and enhancing job growth all over the universe was highly honored since he was awarded ” Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy on February 20, 2016.” Lavin was humbled to receive the award, and appreciate his work of making the OSI Group become an international industry leader. He was so committed to the company day to day activities. Furthermore, he was much concerned with the well-being of his employees.

Upon the expansion of OSI Group activities and operations around the world the global Visionary Award was not the end, the OSI group has also received many sustainability and environmental awards under Sheldon Lavin leadership. His success is an inspiration to other leaders all over the globe. He says that leaders should dedicate their work and effort to the growth of their companies to open up new opportunities to the employees and enhance growth in commerce all over the universe. Sheldon Lavin is not only involved in growing company, but he also takes part in charitable activities such as “Ronald McDonald House Charities.” In conclusion, he is a man of wisdom, always thinks about the future and the well-being of others.

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Sahm Adrangi is a successful entrepreneur ,and investor of modern times

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Like the visionary stock investor, it is always important to rely on expert advice that will guarantee a return on your investment. Kerrisdale Capital Management is a company that supplies investment information on what matters most to you. Under the able leadership of Sahm Adrangi, the firm’s objective is to give well-researched, and correct information in the stock market. He provides an objective view of the market, to ensure that investors make decisions that are rational, and rewarding.

Sahm Adrangi is a successful entrepreneur and investor of modern times. He founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in the year 2009 and is the current Chief Investment Officer. Sahm previously worked at Chanin Capital Partners where he advised several companies on Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and restructuring.

From humble beginnings, the Kerrisdale has outgrown from a mere, less than $1 to over $150 million portfolios as of 2017. Kerrisdale Capital Management relies on research from reliable sources to come up with concrete advice on stocks, and investments for companies. Sahm Adrangi has been at the helm of the research company, the spearheaded analysis that has seen several investors get a return on their investment. Kerrisdale has developed expertise in a specific sector such as biotechnology, telecommunications, and mining. Sahm has focused on prospects of the companies operating in the said sectors as well as their valuations. With that, he can advise potential investors on the investments that bring value to their money.

About Sahm Adrangi Successful career

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University where he studied economics. He later joined Longacre Fund Management LLC, where he managed over $2 billion in investment. That experience earned him the reputation in investment banking, debt management, restructuring, investment advisory. Sahm Adrangi is also a motivational speaker, who has participated in several conferences, and forums on investment, debt investment management. He has, appeared on interviews in mainstream media, in business programs, and also featured on major publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Michel Terpin the Racer.


Michel Terpin is a famous car racer. He began car racing in 2002 through his hard work and endurance as well as aid from his brother, Rodrigo, Michael became a successful car racer. Before joining car racing, he used to compete in motorbike racing until he finally quitted joining car racing. His brother advised him to try the T1 car racing category.


In his early days in the car racing, it was never easy for him as he had gotten used to bike racing, training for long hours is something he did not find pleasing, alongside driving on rough terrain with a poor car shape.


Finally, Michel joined the Bull Sertoes Team, a car racing team where he teamed with Swem Von Borrier, who became his co-driver. Their partnership was a successful one as they won several racing awards for finishing in the top flight. In 2014, they won the Rallies Dos Sections. This was the longest race had ever taken place in. with poor conditions and a bad terrain which got their racing car break down, it took them hours to repair it and pick up their journey back. Despite the challenges, they finished fifth, and guaranteed them a slot in the next Brazilian Cross Country Championship. For more details visit



Rodrigo Terpins is a creative and innovative dude; he always invented new driving methods and worked hard to perfect them. Being a businessman, he used his carrier to help attract attention to the racing industry. He strived to make car racing and independent industry which gave drivers a chance to participate in. Michael incorporated his driving skills to meet the industry changes.


Besides, Rodrigo Terpins developed a mobile web in Brazil, using php and mobile building applications. He is known for designing websites for businesses, both big and small.


Michael has built broad fan base in his racing occupation and through his outstanding skills. His target is to appear as one of the Brazilian rally legends on the road. Michael finally teamed up with his brother, Rodrigo and together won many awards including the T1Prototype, T-Rex and the Sertoes Rally 22nd Edition among other championships.


Guilherme Paulus Success Story

Business Executives, Hospitality Industry

Guilherme Paulus is a highly respected individual in the world of tourism. Apart from being the winner of the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the renowned investor has co-founded so many companies, and they are all performing well. One of the most popular institutions founded by the Brazilian is known as CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens. This investor started his journey from scratch, and he has grown to become a great personality in the country.

Working at IBM

When Guilherme Paulus completed his studies, he had the opportunity to work with several companies. IBM was one of the organizations. The young man worked at IBM immediately after leaving school, and he managed to show the company that he was responsible in all the roles given. With his help, IBM managed to become one of the most recognized tour operators based in Latin America. The global entrepreneur is very passionate about his jobs, and this is why he is always thriving in everything. Guilherme Paulus is also very passionate about serving the community.

Read more: Guilherme Paulus É Eleito Empreendedor Do Ano

Paulus Commitment to Establish New Stores Every Year

When the Brazilian investor decided to venture into business, he chose to start by establishing a company in his hometown, Sao Paulo. Several years later, after his business had grown, Guilherme Paulus decided to sell part of the investment to the prestigious Carlyle Group. The investment fund he established in 2013 has been doing well in the international arena, giving him revenues of more than five billion every year. Every year, the serial entrepreneur starts a store so that his businesses can keep on growing, despite the competition that is taking place.

Recognition in the USA and Other Foreign Countries

CVC has been operational for a long time, and it has already been established in many countries. The organization has partnered with many companies from many parts of the world, especially those dealing with tourism business, airlines and hotels. The organization has given employment opportunities to many people too. Guilherme Paulus has received so many awards because of the success his companies have achieved. He has also tried his best to assist the communities who are close to him.