Norman J. Pattiz, PodcastOne Chairman’s Breakthrough in Advertising

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The Executive Chairperson of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has been the head of the company since June of 2016. Before, he was the Chief Executive Officer in the business and has a renowned company called Westwood One Inc. that was established in 1974. He is now famous due to the company recognition.


Norman Pattiz once became the president of the Broadcast Education Board. He now leads five corporations and has a substantial contribution to the decision making of the companies. Results for the five brands with various products were released, and podcast was used to advertise the merchandise. The conventional means of advertising was used to look for customers too.


According to the results that were announced by Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster who is the VP of the Edison Research Strategy, there were significant effects of the Podcast advertising. Five leading brands with their five products and services were involved. The podcast advertisements were done in the last six months of 2016, and there were sound effects on the product promotion.


The outcomes were as follows: over 60% of Podcast listeners went to look for the brand that was advertised. That was an increase from a small 7% in the research before running the adverts in the Podcast.


Individual product response also rose, and when the study was carried out, there was a 47% increase in financial products, a 37% increase for car after-market goods and an increase of 24% for garden and grass products. Learn more:


After the research, almost half of the respondents had excellent views of the car aftermarket merchandise which was a rise from 18%. There was a 6% rise in the garden and lawn products after some more people became convinced that they could use the product thanks to the podcast advertisement.


Edison Research was the firm that carried out the study in 2016 on behalf of PodcastOne to see how efficient podcast marketing was for the five brands. When starting, some names were well known, but others were just starters. The products that were not well known wanted to be established in the consumer world. Pre and post studies were carried out, and the interval of doing the studies were 4 to 6 weeks, and the people doing the research said that after the podcast adverts, more people were willing to buy those established, new and lesser-known merchandise in the market. In all these, we can see that the podcast adverts were useful in marketing.


Jason Hope Lives Up To His Optimistic Surname

Internet of Things, Jason Hope

Deep in the Arizona section of the Four Corner states, Jason Hope continues to advance philanthropic initiatives which align with his mindset as well as places optimism in various ideas and businesses which seem to be set for success. His surname seems to be a divine synchronicity which foretold his goodwill future. Jason Hope works hard within the Grand Canyon state doing things such as mentoring high school students as well as organizing grants for various entrepreneurs there and nationally.

It is there that the Arizona State University prepared him well for his role of advancing various technology initiatives in order to impact the welfare of those around him. He considers himself one of the greatest believers in the Internet of Things (IoT) which consists of the growing network of devices and items which have embedded sensors and other related electronics which allow them to communicate with each other more than ever before. The world is already seeing a myriad of new inventions and functionality that was previously unimagined, and there are surely going to be even more great things to come according to Mr. Hope.

He is giving talks and papers in regards to this IoT because it is seen by many as one of the greatest investments that the world’s larger corporations are going to take on in this generation’s lifetime. Medical organizations and healthcare companies are pushing this type of innovation with things such as “smart beds” that are able to determine when they are occupied or if someone might have gotten up unintentionally through sleepwalking or some other cause. The living spaces of many people are now becoming outfitted with even more sensors to help monitor their well-being even without the person having to sit down and perform the tests on their own. Security and ambient intelligence are a couple of other trends that the IoT is leveraging.

Jason Hope is a big believer in helping others to realize their ideas, and that is why he takes submissions via his website and chooses those which have potential that he believes in. As a well-educated and experienced futurist, he can really understand ideas which have the chance to make an impact, and some of his grants have been as small as a mere $500. Even these contributions which may seem small to many can be invaluable to those who receive them and go on to transform some area of society.


Cameron Clokie Does No Harm


Never again are people chained to the reality that once they lose body parts, those body parts are gone forever. Regenerative therapies allow for a new and better reality. A person can lose bone and still get it back, instead of having to transfer bone from elsewhere.

This is an overwhelmingly breathtaking reality that is unique to our time in recorded human history. Regenerative therapy is spoken about and done in American, but it is really swinging in motion elsewhere. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

There are too many special interests in America that collide with regenerative therapies. Some people have the opinion that there won’t be a cure for cancer anytime soon, since there are so many different types of industries and healthcare professionals that make money off of various cancer treatments that are not cures.

This opinion is very reasonable, and it makes a lot of sense when talking about why regenerative therapies are not put up first in the list of priorities in America. There are people who make philosophical arguments about why using regenerative therapies is somehow wrong or can lead to bad situations. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling and Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

Frankly, some people may have those beliefs, but it is yet again reasonable to believe that some individuals who give that argument really don’t believe in it.

Sometimes, in the United States these philosophical reasons that are debated by committees and healthcare professional result in patients not getting the treatments that they need, or not being told that they have problems. Healthcare professionals are supposed to “do no harm,” yet when they dive deep into these abstract debates, they end up making poor choices.

Cameron Clokie is a Canadian doctor who is using cutting edge technologies to improve the lives of patients who need to regrow bone tissue.

According to Bloomberg, Cameron Clokie doesn’t have some sort of ethical, or “ethical,” issue against helping people. He does not any sort of political or financial interest against helping people, either.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Provides Bradesco With Quality Leadership

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO of Bradesco and they are one of the largest private banks in Brazil. Trabuco, as he is widely known, has served as their top leader after a decades-long apprenticeship where he served in the major divisions of the bank and developed a wide range of knowledge about their business culture. His financial skills belong in the top echelon of talented executives and in one recent listing, he came in at number 24 of the 60 most powerful in Brazil. He was appointed to the position in 2009 and he succeeded another influential Bradesco CEO, Márcio Cypriano.

Trabuco began his service with the company in 1969 when he was hired as a clerk in his hometown of Marília. This happens to be the place of Bradesco’s founding by Amador Aguiar in 1943 who is considered to be a legendary figure in Brazil. His time spent as a clerk was two years and he gained significant front-line customer service skills which became a solid foundation for his later efforts in managerial positions. He was then transferred to the company’s headquarters in São Paulo, where he embarked upon a path of growth and development that saw him manage major divisions in the bank such as Marketing, Pensions, and Insurance.

The University of São Paulo was where Trabuco attended college and he received a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. This was an unusual course, as most top banking executives are educated in Finance or Business as they start their careers. However, Trabuco’s financial acumen cannot be doubted as he has built up tremendous skills at the highest levels of the bank in his remarkable history with the company.

The Marketing division is where Luiz Carlos Trabuco had a significant impact with his reform of their communications. He modernized their approach by developing for the first time in their history a relationship with the financial media in Brazil. They had gone for decades without publicity and Trabuco showed an ability for innovation and modernity with this initiative.

Another landmark for Bradesco and Trabuco in their marketing division was their long-term sponsorship of the Christmas Tree of Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro. This was one of the largest marketing campaigns during the era and it brought attention to Bradesco Seguros, their Insurance division.

Bradesco’s market-leading Insurance division was where Trabuco made his biggest impact in his various managerial posts. The performance under his leadership was extraordinarily good and they doubled in size within a few years after he assumed control. His efforts here did not go unnoticed and he was twice named as the Insurance Personality of the Year. Additionally, he became the frontrunner to serve as their next CEO on the back of this strong performance and his wide range of experience at the bank.

In 2009 Trabuco was appointed to the CEO position by the board of directors at Bradesco and he took over during a sensitive time as the world was in the grip of recession. He brought them safely through the economic softness created by the Great Recession and helped them refocus their efforts on organic growth after a wave of acquisitions by his predecessor. The number of account holders has increased substantially with his efforts going from 20 million to 27 million.

A serious effort to regain market leadership was made in 2015 when Trabuco engineered a blockbuster deal to acquire the Brazilian branch of HSBC. This deal was the equivalent of six years worth of organic growth and Trabuco was given recognition for his role by Isto É Dinheiro Magazine when he was declared to be the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance. It is an illustration of his knowledge and skills as he continues to lead Bradesco.

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Amicus Therapeutics Superintends Infrequent Medical Conditions


Amicus Therapeutics is one of the rapidly growing companies in Pharmaceutical. Its less dominated line of trade is partly the reason it has made that far. Amicus Therapeutics deals with atypical diseases and disorders more so among orphans. Their area of specialty is in lysosomal storage disorders, Fabry and Pompe disease and the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) which is a genetically inherited skin disorder.


Although rare disease remains a largely unexplored area in science, some medical companies such as Amicus Therapeutics are giving their all to comprehend this complexity (Crunchbase). Amicus Therapeutics is motivated by the vision of making a positive difference in the life and quality of life of patients and easier management by the medical personnel. Research and experiments, fortunately, have to lead to the development of a reliable product migalastat. It is for use by patients with Fabry disease after thorough diagnosis. Amicus collaborated with JCR AND GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical since Amicus Therapeutics cannot manufacture drugs in the development of migalastat.


The personalized treatment alternatives are developed in line with Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy (CHART™) and ATB200/AT2221, a program in biologics. The $ 500,000 grant from Michael J. Fox Foundation for medical studies at UCLA- School of Medicine and the $210,300 for Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery has helped bridge some clinical gaps of information.


About Amicus Therapeutics

It was established on 4th February 2002 in Cranbury, New Jersey. Amicus Therapeutics is a publicly listed biopharmaceutical company in the securities market. Its NASDAQ trading symbol is FOLD since its listing in 2007. Before publicly trading its stock, Amicus Therapeutics was being funded by a financial institution such as Raduis Ventures, Canaan Partners, and New Enterprise Associate.


In the executive leadership is John F. Crowley who succeeded Donald Hayden in 2005 as Chief Executive Officer ( Other significant personnel includes Bradley Campbell – Chief Operating Officer, William Baird – Chief Financial Officer and David Lockhart as Chief Scientific Officer.

As an expansion strategy, Amicus Therapeutics acquired Callidus Biopharma in 2013 for ERTs treatment of Pompe disease. In 2015, Scioderm was acquired for $947 million both for stock and cash. They have helped boost clinical treatment for the rare condition.


Dealing with Arthritis, and the Help that Osteo Relief Institute Offers


Many individuals deal with joint pain on a daily basis. For such people, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the morning. There are over a hundred different types of arthritis out there today, and the disorder affects many individuals and the lives that they are trying to live. There are many risk factors when it comes to arthritis, and a number of them are out of a person’s control, such as family history. There are certain ways that a person can change the way that they are living to combat arthritis pain, such as stretching before bed and carefully managing their weight.


The Osteo Relief Institute is available to those faced with arthritis, and it offers clinics to such individuals. The Osteo Relief Institute provides those who are looking for a doctor with someone who will be on their side and fight for them. The doctors at the clinics that are run by this Institute treat each of their patients as if they were family.


The first goal of Osteo Relief Institute is to help the individuals that they care for avoid surgery. This institute would like to help people go through other treatment options so that they do not have to deal with surgery and all that goes along with that.


The Osteo Relief Institute has a unique offering for each one of the individuals who turn to them. They work with those who know all about the illness that they treat and they find new offerings to give to those who turn to them for help. They provide individuals with treatment that they will not find from other sources (


The Osteo Relief Institute focuses on what is new and different; they have a goal of helping those who turn to them move on from their daily pain. They long to bring about lasting relief from pain for those who trust them (TheNewsVersion). The Osteo Relief Institute is committed to everyone who looks to them for help, and they do what they can to deal with the pain of such individuals.

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Aloha Construction a gem in the industry

Aloha Construction, Construction Business

The construction industry is now booming in the united states this was after a slowdown that was experienced due to the election period. After the elections, the new government has been very keen on infrastructure promising to pump in up to a trillion dollars into the industry. This has made construction companies such as Aloha Construction some of the biggest potential employers as well as the biggest contributors to the economy in form of tax.

The industry has continuously seen a shift towards specialization a situation where a company takes on very specific tasks enabling it to hire and train the best engineers and technicians in the industry, Aloha Construction is no different in that its one of the most specialized in the industry.

Aloha Construction is a family-owned company that is responsible for providing services in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They also provide this services in Lake McHenry, Cook, and DuPage through there conveniently located offices in Lake Zurich for those clients located in the areas around Tazewell, McClean, Washington, Peoria and Champaign the services of Aloha Construction are provided through there Bloomington office.

Aloha Construction has successfully handled over 18,000 different projects in the different areas it has offices and branches.they offer various specialized services this include roofing.When considering changing roofs Aloha has a nine-step process that it uses to verify the extent of damage and the need for change as well as advising the respective clients on what best fits as the factors such as wind speeds and snowing conditions may necessitate different roofs for different houses.

They are licensed and insured siding experts with many years of hands-on experience they are Vinyl Siding certified this archived by ensuring that all siding specialist ago through the Vinyl Siding Institute before they can be qualified as Installers.however they are also qualified in any other material a client can choose from for example Hard Board, wood, Aluminum or Fiber Cement.

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Jason Hope sees Internet of Things ushering in new era of automation

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Ever since the mathematician John Von Neumann began talking about the General Theory of Automata back in the 1940s, the ability of computational systems to create levels of automation that would transform society into something out of a science fiction novel has long captured the attention of the public. Today, that reality is on the brink of taking shape, with many different areas that were once solely in the realm of human labor being quickly automated, leading to ability of humans to largely become free of menial work.

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most prolific and highly lauded entrepreneurs. Over a career spanning 20 years, Hope has created dozens of startups, operating highly successful businesses in industries ranging from search engine optimization to b2b platforms. One of Hope’s most famous accomplishments was his early creation of the premium mobile content streaming business model. In the late 1990s, Hope saw huge potential in the ability of people to download their favorite media onto their cellular devices. At a time when barely 50 percent of the American public had a mobile device or cellular telephone, this was a remarkable example of perspicacity. Ultimately, Hope would beat the iTunes store and Apple to the mobile content provision business model by over one full decade, leading him to be the real founder of a business model that has given Steve Jobs and others like him the title of unqualified genius.

But today, Hope is humble about his past accomplishments. His main goal, over the last few years, has been to blog and write about the coming technologies that are encompassed in Internet of Things, a set of technologies that Hope believes will so radically transform the way in which everyday Americans live their lives that it will be the biggest thing since the Industrial Revolution.

Hope believes that one of the first ways that people will begin to notice the dramatic effects that internet-of-things technologies will have on the everyday lives of Americans will be through the increasingly widespread adoption of high automation to take over tasks that were once only performed by humans. Hope believes that one of these areas that will be almost completely replaced by automated processes is grocery shopping.

Hope notes that Amazon has been able to successfully displace a vast portion of all retail sales in the United States, particularly those that formerly took place at department stores and other on-site location. Hope believes a similar process will soon play out with grocery stores, with automated order fulfillment technology being able to not only fulfill orders, but to deliver those orders automatically to the homes of those who have ordered the groceries. This will be carried out through the use of self-driving vehicles.

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Eli Greshkovitch’s Achievements in Brewing Industry

Craft Beer

Today, beer empires are featured in advertisements and Superbowl commercials at sporting events across the United States. Despite the increased popularity of mass-market beer, the times are changing. While you may often scrutinize the millennial for their quirky behaviors, they may be triggering the popularity of craft beer. Unlike mass-market domestic beer, craft beers are one of the favorite beverages for the youth across America. Corporate beer companies such as Miller Brewing and Budweiser are increasingly losing popularity while micro-breweries are gaining popularity.

Eli Gershkovitch beer


Experts in the beer industry are yet to determine the driving force behind increased demand for craft beer. Perhaps assimilation into cosmopolitan culture has caused many people across the globe to start appreciating diverse flavors. It is now clear that mass-market domestic beer customers are shifting to wineries and craft breweries. By 2020, nearly 20 percent of mass-market beer customers will have shifted to craft beer. While this may not seem like a significant figure, it’s quite impressive. Currently, craft beer producers seem to operate in relatively small operations compared to mass-market manufacturers. As such, you will have to purchase from a wide variety of wineries and breweries. The leading craft breweries in the United States include Hardywood and Devil’s Backbone. The growing appreciation for craft beer and diverse brewing methods is attracting mass-market beer consumers. Today, enthusiasts are frequently trying new lagers as they search for the perfect beverage.

About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group of Companies. He believes in growing to meet demand instead of waiting for it to shrink to meet him. Since opening Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995, Gershkovitch has expanded its space, boosting its seating capacity from 184 to 754 seats. He stays focused on his concepts. Eli Gershkovitch received his pilot’s license in 1993. However, he first flew his Cessna 182 from Vancouver to Europe in 2009 (GazetteDay). Eli Greshkovitch bought out architect Soren Rasmussen, his initial Steamworks partner in 1997. Besides being the CEO of Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch seems to be an unconventional entrepreneur. Eli Gershkovitch’s desire to control his life may have prompted him to build his brewing empire.


Glen Wakeman’s Career Growth And Other Interests

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Glen Wakeman: The Man Behind Many Companies’ Growth

Glen Wakeman is one of the famous entrepreneurs today who always find time to make sure that the business they’re in thrives for the future’s demanding challenges. He is also busy in giving mentorships for different companies today. Right now he devotes much of his time doing development work for M&A’s, a guidance network for all start-up businesses that want to create new methods, programs, and products that answer the hard market challenges of the time.

Launchpad Holdings LLC is right now the central focus of all of Glen Wakeman’s attention as he runs the company as its CEO. It’s not that hard to imagine why he got into this position since some of the previous big positions he held were roles in GE Capital and Nova Four, which he founded.

Other Interests of Glen Wakeman

There is more to Glen Wakeman than being an entrepreneur with the heart for start-up development ( Right now he is concentrating a lot of his time to writing blog posts about risk management, leadership and business execution. He continues to play a prominent role in developing programs that help company board of directors, business developers, and admin staff how to execute plans that address risk and other challenges that have to do with the emerging markets.

It is the desire for a transformative business that also drives Glen Wakeman to work hard for his interests. One of the many interests external to his business that Glen focuses includes writing leadership advice for everyone wanting to get inside the start-up business. With his keen market strategy approaches and insightful executive take on market trends, he continues to offer accurate methods that help various industries get in shape.

Glen Wakeman’s Extensive Experience

The CEO position that Wakeman held also gave him the vast experience to make sure that the business accelerator programs he starts have professional credibility. Glen also had a significant experience in providing programs for companies’ diversification plans as well as teaching methods to sustain these improvements.

Mr. Wakeman also has under his name the reputation of offering 20+ years of his professional life in making GE Capital grow to what it is right now. With the operations management role he provided, he was able to make GE Capital one of the best companies today.