Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur in the transportation industry. Being the establisher and CEO of Custom Cares Charity, he knows the importance of assisting other people. He is dedicated to his family and the church he so devotedly go to. Moreover, he likes sports, and he is an active affiliate of the marine corps reserve which he enlisted after graduating from high school. He was in charge of transporting troops and other marine supplies, a responsibility he held dearly. It was after he was discharged honorably from the marines that Perry Mandera acquires his the idea of starting a transportation company in 1985. Also, he joined politics and served as the youngest 26th Ward’s Republican committeeman in Chicago.

Perry Mandera’s Custom Companies, Inc is one of the most successful business having been founded in 1986. The company services numerous startups as well as those in the Fortune 100 conglomerates. He has a workforce of over a hundred individuals making sales of more than $200 million. Perry Mandera is actively involved in the management of the business because he believes in sharing his vision of availing different types of transportation for his clientele. The nerve center of Customs Companies, Inc is in Chicago with an additional office in Los Angeles.

He is customer oriented and ensures the services offered are satisfying. Perry Mandera advocates confidentiality and integrity innovative ideas. In addition to the company, Perry provides warehousing and distribution services located in thirty-three centers all of which cater for more than five thousand logistics associates. He was named in 2000 as the top 100 American Transportation executive of the millennium by the Illinois Transportation Association.

Perry Mandera is also a philanthropist who is keen on helping young people and ex-military people. He is associated with the Jesse White Tumbler and Walter and Connie Payton. In 2013, his company played a crucial role in helping tornado victims by transporting essential supplies to the affected regions. He also donates money to needy families during important holidays as well as sponsor children in different categories. Moreover, he is a coach of various teams and endeavors to conserve the environment.

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