NewsWatch TV interviewed Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, a CMO (chief marketing officer) for Avanca, again; for the second time, to promote a new product: the Ockel Sirius A, a pocket sized Windows 10 PC, launched recently. She is no stranger to NewsWatch TV, and the Avanca representative seems to enjoy the time that she is being interviewed. Her first interview was during the Avanca Indiegogo campain to raise money for the technology company to produce it’s fist pocket sized Windows 10 PC. The first interview by this award winning television program, was a success for the Avanca group. It reached over 90 million households, and drew in more funds than they had expected.

The success of the first interview with the Avanca group’s CMO, was soo great that the company did not need to launch another crowd funding campaign to raise money for it’s next project. It yielded over 2,900% of the company’s goal, and not only was it viewed by millions of people on television, but millions of viewers online; as well. More recently, when NewsWatch TV caught up with Nathalie Van Wijkvliet for the second interview, it was obvious that the mini PC production company; Avanca, is dong well, and NewsWatch TV may be what it has to thank for that.

It only took one interview to raise all of the funds needed to launch a company’s product, which goes to show: you could become more of a successful Entrepreneur or conduct a successful fundraiser, if you would utilize NewsWatch TV to advertise; or promote, your company or your cause.

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